Does The Lincoln Nautilus Have Heads Up Display?

Trying to identify all of the available tech features of newer model vehicles can seem a bit overwhelming when you're looking for a new SUV. If you're interested in one with a heads-up display and wonder if the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus has it, we can help you. We researched the Lincoln Nautilus from multiple professional sources so that you'll know for sure what is on board.

The 2022 Lincoln Nautilus does not have a heads-up display onboard. However, it has plenty of other tech features that set it apart from many other mid-sized SUVs on the market.

Now that we know that the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus doesn't come with a heads-up display, we'll take a look at some of the tech features that it does offer in this year's model. You might also want to know if the Nautilus is a reliable vehicle or if it is bigger than the Lincoln Navigator. You can find out all of these answers and more by reading ahead in this post and seeing what our research has uncovered.

A white Lincoln Nautilus, Does The Lincoln Nautilus Have Heads Up Display?

What are the interior features the Lincoln Nautilus has to offer?

Though the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus is without a heads-up display, this mid-sized SUV still packs plenty of tech to make the drive safe, comfortable, and entertaining. The large 13.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system pairs well with your Bluetooth. It also will cast Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Lincoln Nautilus emblem photographed up close

The 10-speaker stereo system gives a full and spectacular sound on board. Upgrades can be added to this year's model, including high definition radio and a rear-seat entertainment system.

The 2022 Nautilus is equipped with blind-spot monitors, lane departure warnings, and lane-keeping assist technology for safety features. Daytime running lamps are also a standard feature, as are brake assist and electronic stability control.

Lincoln Nautilus Heads up display

What Lincoln vehicles have a heads-up display?

If your heart is set on a model of Lincoln but wants a heads-up display, you won't find the Nautilus equipped with this feature. But there are other models from this automaker with this technology on board. Let's take a brief look at the three Lincoln vehicles equipped with it.

Lincoln Navigator

Huge white Lincoln Navigator

The 2022 Navigator has been rated #1 in the class of large luxury SUVs. Equipped with a heads-up display, this Lincoln vehicle also packs a lot of great tech and safety features into this year's model.

The seats for the first two rows are genuine leather and are both heated and ventilated as a standard feature. The standard power-adjustable seats are 10-way, but you can opt to upgrade to 30-way. A massager is also an upgrade option.

Additional upgrades include rear-seating entertainment compatible with an Amazon firestick, a 28-speaker audio system, and a panoramic sunroof.

Lincoln Corsair

A 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show

The compact luxury SUV branded as the Corsair is a roomy and comfortable 5-seater with ample cargo room. The standard heated seats are a great selling point for this model, as are the power-adjustable seats and the SYNC-3 infotainment system.

The eight-inch touch screen is Bluetooth compatible. It will also cast Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Upgrades can be made to the Corsair, including a 14-speaker audio system and a panoramic sunroof.

Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Aviator at the 2018 New York International Auto Show

This luxury mid-size SUV from Lincoln has a spacious two rows of seating, followed by a smaller third row. The Aviator lives up to its luxury brand with the standard onboard features its equipped with. Heated and powered front seats are part of this standard, as are push buttons and remote starts.

The Aviator already has a great stereo system on board, but it can be upgraded to include high definition radio and 14 or 28 speakers. A rear seating dual-screen entertainment system is also optional, providing 10-inch screens to the back.

Is the Lincoln Nautilus reliable?

Front grill of a blue Lincoln Nautilus

Many consumers don't wish to hand over their hard-earned money for a vehicle only to have it not be dependable. Whether hauling around family members or coworkers, most SUV owners need a vehicle they can usually rely on.

The good news for Nautilus owners is that this model has a solid record for reliability. The 2021 and 2022 model year Nautilus has zero recalls. Though the 2020 and 2019 editions have had some minor issues that created recalls, they are overall still considered to be dependable vehicles.

The Nautilus also has a life expectancy of between 200,000 and 250,000 miles. You could see your Nautilus on the road for 15 years or longer with proper care and maintenance.

What is the Lincoln Nautilus compared to?

The Lincoln Nautilus belongs to a specialized class of mid-sized SUVs known as the luxury class. The luxury class of any vehicle type will typically have more powerful engines, improved safety features, and standard onboard tech and comfort offerings.

The Lincoln Nautilus is not alone in this class of luxury mid-sized SUVs. There are 20 others that the Nautilus is compared to here.

This is a list of the remaining 20 luxury mid-sized SUVs for the 2022 model year:

  • Mercedes Benz GLE Class
  • Genesis GV80
  • BMW X5
  • Audi Q8
  • Lincoln Aviator
  • Audi Q7
  • Lexus RX 350
  • Volvo XC90
  • Cadillac XT5
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Cadillac XT6
  • Acura MDX
  • BMW X6
  • Infiniti QX60
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport
  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar
  • Lexus GX
  • Maserati Levante
  • Porsche Cayenne

Is the Lincoln Nautilus bigger than the Lincoln Aviator?

Though both the Nautilus and Aviator are mid-sized SUVs, one is a bit larger than the other. Being a three-row SUV, it only makes sense that the Aviator is the larger of the two.

Overall, the Nautilus is 190.0 inches long, 78.7 inches wide, and 66.2 inches tall. This compares to the Aviator's length of 199.3 inches, the width of 79.6 inches, and height of 69.6 inches.

Onboard, both are quite roomy and comfortable in the first two rows. The third row of the Aviator is a bit cramped, however, making it more suitable seating for smaller children.

What are the major differences between the Lincoln Nautilus and the Lincoln Aviator?

White Lincoln Nautilus parked outside a Lincoln dealership

Two luxury SUVs aren't necessarily the same. Comparing these two models will find some pretty stark differences. Although in the same class, many things set them apart. 

The Nautilus only seats five, while the three-row Aviator can seat six to seven. The Nautilus has two gasoline engine options, but you can opt for a hybrid with the Aviator. 

The cargo room is also different between the two vehicles. The Nautilus has more behind its rear row than the Aviator. But when all the seats are folded down, the Aviator edges out its counterpart in cubic volume.

What is the biggest Lincoln SUV?

The grand daddy of the Corsair - The Lincoln Navigator

By far, the largest SUV from Lincoln is the Navigator. This full-size SUV has three full rows of seating. A total rider occupancy is between seven and eight. 

On the exterior, the Navigator is 210 inches long. It is 83.6 inches wide and 76.4 inches tall. These dimensions are far greater than the other Lincoln SUVs.

Final thoughts

A white Lincoln Nautilus

While the Lincoln Nautilus does not have a heads-up display, it is still equipped with many standard tech, comfort, and safety features that place it well into the luxury class of SUVs. The Nautilus has a reputation for dependability and will last upwards of 250,000 miles if properly cared for. It compares to the BMW X6, Audi Q8, and numerous other mid-sized luxury SUVs. Drive safe!

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