Can A Lincoln Nautilus Tow A Trailer?

The 2022 Lincoln Nautilus is a 5-seater mid-size luxury crossover SUV from the Ford automotive group. It's known for its ample cargo space, but can a Lincoln Nautilus tow a trailer? We've compiled our research for your reading pleasure.

When properly equipped, all 2022 Lincoln Nautilus trims have a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. With this tow rating, the Nautilus can safely pull many great lightweight trailers.

Read on and we'll help you understand more about the Nautilus' towing capacity as well as some types of trailers it can tow. We will also throw in some useful towing tips for you.

Lincoln Nautilus display in front of a ford dealership building, Can A Lincoln Nautilus Tow A Trailer?

How Much Can A Lincoln Nautilus Tow?

Towing capacity refers to the maximum weight of a trailer that your vehicle can tow safely. There are different towing capacity ratings for braked trailers and unbraked trailers. What are these ratings?

  • Braked Towing Capacity
    • This is the maximum weight of the trailer that your vehicle can pull, assuming that the towed trailer has its own braking system. Oftentimes, vehicle brochures and catalogs base the vehicle's listed towing capacity on this rating.
  • Unbraked Towing Capacity
    • As its name suggests, the unbraked towing capacity is the maximum trailer weight that a vehicle can pull if the towed trailer has no independent braking system. This rating is often much lower compared to the braked towing capacity.

The 2022 Lincoln Nautilus has two different engine options for its three available trims.

Using the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline 4 gasoline engine, the stock Standard and Reserve trims can tow a maximum braked trailer weight of 1,500 lbs.

With the proper towing package equipped, these 2-liter trims can raise their braked towing capacities to 3,500 lbs.

On the other hand, the Reserve trim can also upgrade to the 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that comes standard with the top Black Label trim.

While stock, the 2.7-liter Reserve and Black Label trims can pull 2,000 lbs. of braked trailer weight.  With the towing package equipped, both trims also increase their braked towing capacities to 3,500 pounds.

Nautilus Unbraked Towing Capacity

Unfortunately, both the Lincoln website and the Lincoln Nautilus owner's manual do not specify the crossover's unbraked towing capacity.

However, the Nautilus uses the same engines and platform as its mass-market cousin, the Ford Edge. With the proper towing package, the Ford Edge can tow a maximum unbraked trailer weight of 750 kg (1,653 lbs.).

All trims of the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus had their towing capacities rated using the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2807 standard.

This international body's tests evaluate vehicles' performance in very specific scenarios to determine the following ratings.

  • The Tow Vehicle's Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) - This refers to the maximum weight of the loaded truck pulling the trailer plus the loaded trailer's weight.
  • Trailer Weight Rating (TWR) - the maximum weight of a loaded trailer that can be towed safely using a specific tow vehicle and type of hitch.

Lincoln Nautilus Towing Package

The 2022 Lincoln Nautilus comes with an optional trailer towing package, and this package includes the following items.

  • 4-pin trailer wiring harness
  • Hitch receiver
  • Trailer Sway Control technology

Lincoln's towing guide, however, reminds us that the hitch receiver in this towing package does not include a ball hitch or a ball mounting.

You may need to purchase an appropriate aftermarket hitch for your specific trailer.  Luckily, there are plenty of good towing products out there.

Check out this best-selling tri-ball mount on Amazon!

What Can You Tow With A Lincoln Nautilus?

A new Lincoln Nautilus SUV in front of Surprise Stadium

With a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 lbs., the Lincoln Nautilus can tow some lightweight trailers or campers. If you ever want to take a Lincoln Nautilus for a trailer adventure, then we have a treat for you.

We listed some good small campers and trailers as well as their dry weights below. Dry weight refers to the trailer's or camper's weight after it leaves the manufacturer's factory.

Moreover, this dry weight includes the weight of standard equipment. Finally, for clarification, dry weight measurement excludes any cargo, passengers, fuel, fluids, or any optional equipment that a dealer may offer.

What Can I Tow With 1,500-lb Capacity?

Without a towing package installed, we know that the Nautilus has either a 1,500-lb or a 2,000-lb braked towing capacity depending on the engine.

However, before you go and buy your trailer, you need to consider the extra weight that you will load onto the trailer. During camping trips, you will need drinking water, camping equipment, food, and other tools.

Therefore, we chose campers and trailers that have dry weights below 1,000 lbs. With this limit, the trailer can still take on an extra 500 to 1,000 lbs of cargo before it maximizes Nautilus' stock towing capacity.

Sylvansport GO

The 840-lb. Sylvansport GO has a three-in-one trailer design. First, the Sylvansport GO can function as a utility trailer to carry extra luggage and gear.

Second, the GO can also haul not-so-small toys like mountain bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), small kayaks, and others.

Finally, the Sylvansport GO can also transform into a 4-bed camper for you and your camping group.

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0 and Quicksilver 8.0

The 635-lb. aluminum-body Quicksilver 6.0 is among the lightest pop-up trailers available today.

This light camper has enough bed space for three people, yet it still has a very small frame. Some campers even tow it using small passenger cars!

The 6.0's bigger brother, the Quicksilver 8.0, also has an aluminum body. Although the 8.0 is much bigger, it only weighs 865 lbs.  In fact, despite being a lightweight trailer, the 8.0 has enough sleeping capacity for 6 people.

Polydrop Camper

This unique teardrop camper uses an aluminum body design to trim its dry weight down to only 820 lbs.

Instead of the smooth curves of the usual teardrop campers, the Polydrop uses a polygonal exterior design which gives it its flare and modern sophistication.

Moreover, the polygonal design allows the Polydrop to have flat solar panels for a system that can power its airconditioner, heater, and induction stove.

Finally, the Polydrop Camper has better insulation than some regular houses. The Polydrop promises to give campers a good night's sleep in the camper's luxurious two-person bed even during sub-zero outdoor temperatures.

What Can I Tow With 3,500 lbs. Capacity?

Naturally, a Nautilus equipped with a towing package can pull all the campers and trailers above. However, the towing package also allows the Nautilus to pull even bigger and more comfortable ones.

Lincoln automobiles displayed at the L.A. Auto Show

For the Nautilus' maximum 3,500-lb. braked towing capacity, we prepared for at least 1,500-lbs. of fuel, cargo, and equipment weight. Hence, we chose additional campers and trailers with dry weights not exceeding 2,000 lbs.

Safari Condo Alto R1723

The Safari Condo Alto R1723 is a luxury lightweight travel trailer. Although it has a higher price than its competitors, this teardrop camper also provides a more luxurious camping experience.  Some of its features include:

  • A well-designed kitchen with a microwave oven, refrigerator, cooking stove, and sink
  • A king-size (60″ X 76″) bed
  • A third bed space that converts to a dining area
  • Layout for two dinettes, with a total seating capacity of seven
  • Shower area with a fixed flush toilet
  • Lithium Bluetooth batteries

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E-15TB

Trailer manufacturer Forest River offers the Flagstaff E-Pro E-15TB to campers with limited towing capacity.

This camper has enough bed space for two adults as well as a toilet and a kitchen. The furnished kitchen, in turn, has a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a small sink.

Despite the trailer's features and amenities, its dry weight only comes to 1,983 lbs.

NuCamp RV TaB 320 CS-S

nuCamp RV TAB 320 Boondock Teardrop Trailer.

The Tab 320 competes with the Flagstaff E-15TB in size and amenities. Inside this trailer is a king-size sleeping area that can convert into a dinette. Furthermore, the Tab 320 also offers a wet bath with a shower, sink, and toilet.

Outside, the Tab 320's rear hatch has an integrated kitchen with a cooking stove and a sink. Even with all these features, the Tab 320 only weighs an amazing 1,791 lbs.

Tips For Safe Trailering And Towing

Travel on car with caravan trailer by highway

Towing a camper, a trailer or another vehicle is like driving a semi-trailer truck. Here are some tips that can help you tow safely and smartly.

  1. Drive slower than you normally would.
  2. Try to avoid hard launching as well as hard braking.
  3. Increase awareness of your vehicle, your trailer, and all your surroundings.  You should always be mindful of how your vehicle and trailer set-up behaves in corners as well as in straights.
  4. Avoid sudden turns or sharp changes in direction.
  5. Bring the emergency repair tools and spare parts for both your vehicle and your trailer.
  6. When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask.  Always consult with trailering experts and professionals.

How Much Is A Lincoln Nautilus?

Lincoln Nautilus display at a Ford dealership

Here are the starting prices of the different trims of the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus. Prices are accurate as of May 2022.

  • Standard trim (2.0-liter I4) - $43,560
  • Reserve trim (2.0-liter I4 or optional 2.7-liter V6) - $49,970
  • Black Label trim (2.7-liter V6) - $66,170

Wrapping Up

Without the towing package, the Lincoln Nautilus can tow braked trailers with up to 2,000 lbs. of gross weight.

With the towing package, the Nautilus has a maximum braked towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. Of course, even if you don't maximize these capacities, we always recommend smart and safe towing.

Thank you very much for reading. We hope we were able to help you understand more about the Lincoln Nautilus' towing capacity.

We also hope that you enjoyed the list of campers and trailers that you can use when you want to take your Nautilus out for some outdoor adventure.

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