My Kia Carnival Won’t Go Into Park – Why? What To Do?

If your Kia Carnival fails to go into park, you may be wondering what's causing the problem and how to fix it. Luckily, we have done some research for you on this topic, and here is what we found.

A stretched or broken transmission cable, blocked shifter mechanism, faulty ignition key tumbler, or bad transmission solenoid can prevent a Kia Carnival from going into park.

Here is what you can do to fix the issue:

  • Press the brake pedal
  • Remove the shifter cover
  • Manually move the shifter
  • Call a mechanic

If your vehicle won't go into park, make sure to address the issue as soon as possible. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to fix a Kia Carnival that won't go into park and related topics.

Why Is My Kia Carnival Not Going Into Park?

A gray colored Kia Carnival at the parking lot

When a Kia Carnival won't go into park, it's usually due to the following:

Stretched Or Broken Transmission Cable

Your car's transmission cable, like all other mechanical devices, can develop faults. It tends to stretch over time. When this occurs, you might have trouble putting your Kia into park.

Stretched transmission cables usually cause shifter issues. As a result of this, the car may be in the wrong gear. For instance, when the shifter is in reverse, the transmission may be in drive.

Furthermore, it is possible for a stretched transmission cable to break if it is not handled appropriately. If this cable breaks, the shifter won't work, and the car will fail to go into park.

Transmission cables usually break as a result of stretching, speed shifting, or forcefully putting the vehicle into gear.

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Defective Or Obstructed Shifter Mechanism

An inability to easily change into park or any other gear could be a sign that the shifter mechanism is faulty or blocked. 

Small objects can get into the shifter channel as you use your car. Depending on where the obstruction is located, the car may be unable to shift into park or another gear. 

The shifting mechanism in many vehicles can be inspected by removing the boot covering the shifter. Inspecting and fixing your Kia Carnival as soon as possible is essential if any of its parts seem broken or loosened. 

Faulty Ignition Key Tumbler

With frequent usage of your Kia Carnival, the tumblers in the ignition key may eventually become worn out, necessitating a replacement.

This issue is most commonly connected with the driver being unable to move their car out of park. But it can also make it challenging to get the vehicle into park.

If you have difficulties turning the ignition or shifting gears, the key tumbler may need replacing.

Bad Transmission Solenoid

The transmission system is extremely complex and has a large number of moving elements. When any part of the transmission develops wear and tear or sustains damage, shifting into park might become difficult.

Transmission solenoids are electronic components that help regulate the transmission fluid within a transmission. In the event that this does not work, it could cause problems in moving the gears.

Transmission repairs can get very pricey very quickly, which is why you should have your Kia Carnival inspected and diagnosed as soon as possible.

What To Do If Kia Carnival Won't Go Into Park?

A white Kia Carnival displayed at a car show, My Kia Carnival Won't Go Into Park - Why? What To Do?

Repairing an automobile that won't shift into park can be a challenging and complicated endeavor. If your Kia Carnival fails to go into park, perform the following steps to resolve the problem:

Press The Brake Pedal

You'll need help to perform this step, so you should seek assistance from another person. The next step is to instruct that person to press down firmly on the brake pedal.

Remove The Shifter Cover

Next, you will need to take apart the shifter cover. Most automobile shifters have a shifter bezel cover that conceals the cable.

The cover is secured by screws that you'll need to remove. If you can't find the screws, check your owner's handbook.

Manually Move The Shifter

Once the shifter cover has been removed, you need to locate the shifter cable. There will be a tab on the cable. Once you have located the tab, lift it up and then adjust the shifter to the park position.

After pulling it, you'll need to let go of the tab, and then instruct the other person who is helping you to let go of the brake. 

Call A Mechanic

If you performed the steps above and your Kia Carnival still won't go into park, you should get in touch with an expert, so they can help solve the problem.

Where Is The Shifter Cable Located On The Transmission?

The transmission is connected to the shifter, which can be found on the steering column or on a console on the floor.

The transmission is put into the correct gear by the shift selector cable, and the driver may tell if the shift selector has been changed by looking at how it responds after it is moved.

The shifter cable is composed of steel, and it has an outer layer of plastic that acts as a jacket to protect it from the weather.

A black colored Kia Carnival photographed on the street

In some configurations, the cable can be adjusted in case it gets stretched out while it is used. Bushings are commonly used at each end of the shifter cable. These allow for movement and vibration of the cable.

In most vehicles with automatic transmissions, there is only one shifter cable that connects the transmission to the shifter assembly. In vehicles with manual transmissions, there are normally two cables.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Kia Carnival Shifter Cable?

A red Kia Carnival parked near a lake

The cause of the problem will determine how much it will cost to repair the shifter cable on your Kia Carnival.

If it turns out that the problem is caused by a slack shifter linkage, you have the option of either doing it yourself or paying a repair shop between $50 and $75 to do it for you.

If the problem is caused by a broken shifter cable, you may be charged between $305 and $340 to replace it.

How Do You Reset A Kia Carnival Transmission Control Module? 

To reset the transmission control module of your vehicle, you should put the key in the ignition and then turn it two times. Make sure that the dashboard lights up, but don't start the engine

Press the gas pedal until you trigger the car's kick-down switch. At this point, you should hear a click. Keep pressing down on the gas pedal. Do this for 10 to 15 seconds.

While keeping your foot on the gas pedal, switch the key to the off position, then let go of the gas pedal and wait. Do not open the door or disrupt any of the electrical components in the car.

Wait for two to five minutes for the reset to take place.

Can You Replace A Shift Solenoid Yourself?

A gray colored Kia Carnival at the parking lot

With the aid of a repair manual, replacing a shift solenoid requires the removal of the transmission and valve body. The task can be simple to accomplish. 

However, replacing a shift solenoid isn't that easy in all vehicles. It can difficult in some vehicle models and may necessitate the use of a computer for subsequent adjustments.

To Wrap Up

If your Kia Carnival fails to go into park, this could be a result of a stretched or broken transmission cable, blocked shifter mechanism, faulty ignition key tumbler, or bad transmission solenoid.

To deal with the issue, you should press the brake pedal, remove the shifter cover, and manually move the shifter. Don't hesitate to call a professional if you can't solve the problem.

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