Why Is My Kia Carnival Touch Screen Not Working? [& How Do I Fix It?]

Turning on your Kia Carnival’s engine also greeted you with a dead display. Now, you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, thinking why this problem appeared. You’re also thinking about what you can do to fix it. We researched these concerns for your convenience, and here’s what we found.

A Kia Carnival’s touch screen may fail because of reasons ranging from a blown fuse to a complete infotainment system failure. It’s important to troubleshoot the cause of the problem before attempting repairs. That way, you can use the appropriate solution based on your findings.

So continue reading as we discuss the possible suspects to your Kia Carnival minivan’s head unit display failing to work. Don’t forget to read through each section as we also tackle the potential solution to each highlighted underlying issue.

3 Reasons Why Kia Carnival Screen Isn’t Working (And Their Possible Fixes)

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Blown Fuse

Like many vehicles, a Kia Carnival has a collection of fuses that help prevent harm from electrical issues like overloads and short circuits. But the connected electronics may malfunction or fail to respond if their fuses blow.

How To Fix

Replacing the offending fuse may restore the Kia Carnival's touch screen's normal functions. You can find the minivan’s fuse boxes under its hood. One should be in the driver’s side panel bolster. The other fuse box is often near the battery in the engine block.

Also, don’t forget to disconnect the negative cable from its battery terminal before replacing the fuse. That way, you can prevent additional harm to the vehicle.

Now, open the fuse boxes and search for the offending fuse. Remove the old fuse and replace it with a new unit. Then, reconnect the negative battery cable to its terminal. Turn on the Carnival’s engine, and check if the touch screen head display is now working.

Check out these replacement automotive fuses on Amazon.

Loose Wiring

The frequent vibrations in the Kia Carnival as you drive the minivan may loosen the wiring connected to the touch screen display. If so, you might only see a black screen as you turn on the vehicle’s engine.

How To Fix

Inspect the vehicle’s electrical wiring diagram. Then, trace the wires connected to the head unit. Reconnect any loose or detached wires. Check the head unit to see if reattaching the wires solved the problem.

Note: You may need to remove some components in the Kia Carnival’s cabin to expose the wires.

Complete Infotainment System Failure

Some other Kia Carnival owners report that their minivans’ head units went dark and became unresponsive without prior warning. If so, the touch screen encountered a complete system failure.

How To Fix

Perhaps the best fix for a complete touch screen failure in a Kia Carnival is to replace the entire infotainment system with a new unit.

Make sure that you purchase a compatible replacement touch screen display for the minivan. Once you have the new model, you can start swapping out the broken unit with the one you bought by following these steps:

What You’ll Need
  • Panel remover
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Replacement head unit kit
Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Turn off the Kia Carnival’s engine and engage its hand, parking, or emergency brake.
  2. Use the panel remover to pry the cover on top of the steering wheel.
  3. Continue using the panel remover to take out the plastic trim surrounding the head unit.
  4. Disconnect the ignition button cable attached to the plastic trim.
  5. Unthread the screws securing the old touch screen display.
  6. Pull out the head unit assembly carefully. Then, disconnect its wires before you can remove them from their mounting positions.
  7. Connect the cables to the new head unit display.
  8. Secure the new touch screen in the same location as the old unit.
  9. Return the plastic trim surrounding the screen, along with the cover on top of the steering wheel.
  10. Turn on the Kia Carnival’s engine to check if the replacement touch screen is working as intended.

Check out this replacement touch screen display for Kia Carnival on Amazon.

Note: Some steps may not apply to your specific Kia Carnival model. Also, check your new head unit's instruction manual to identify any additional steps you might need to do to achieve a proper installation.

You can also watch this video if you need a visual guide for this procedure:

Take note that other Kia Carnival models may have different head unit removal procedures. For example, look at the following clip to see a stereo head unit removal process for a 2007 Kia Carnival:

At this point, you might also be curious to know the solution to fix a Subaru touch screen that’s not responding. If so, you can follow that link to know the steps you need to follow.

How Do I Troubleshoot An Unresponsive Kia Carnival Touch Screen?

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The steps to troubleshoot a Kia Carnival’s touch screen that doesn’t respond to your commands are generally similar across many other vehicles. Here’s a quick guide to help you go through the potential culprits for the issue:

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Reset the infotainment system (Note: Read the next section to learn the resetting steps).
  2. Check for burnt, loose, or frayed wiring.
  3. Wipe off dirt, grease, and debris from the head unit’s buttons and screen.
  4. Look at the fuse box to check for a blown fuse.

Why Is My Kia Carnival’s Touch Screen Unresponsive After Cleaning?

Kia with a black screen brand new installed

Using water or heavily moist products to clean the touch screen may let moisture into the infotainment display’s internals. If so, the moisture may ruin certain components, which might also become the reason for the head unit display’s failure.

If you accidentally splashed water onto your Kia Carnival’s touch screen, here are some ways to help remove the excess moisture:

  • Remove the wet parts as fast as possible.
  • Pat the wet areas dry. Don’t use a wiping motion as it can spread the moisture to other areas.
  • Use an electric fan or hair dryer set to a low setting to help dry the excess moisture.
  • Open the Kia Carnival's doors and windows as the head unit are drying for the added ventilation.

Check the touch screen stereo or infotainment system if it works after it dries. If it doesn’t function, it might be time to swap out the broken head unit with a new model.

How Do You Reset The Screen On A Kia Carnival?

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Resetting the touch screen infotainment on your Kia Carnival may recover it from a critical software failure. To reset the infotainment system, look for a small depression near the head unit.

Stick the head of a pen or a small pin into the depression, and hold it in that location for a few seconds. Wait for the Kia Carnival’s touch screen to reboot. If the screen turns on, test its features to check if it now works properly.

You can also watch this video if you need a visual representation of this procedure:

How Do I Update My Kia Touch Screen?

Private MPV Car, Kia Grand Carnival

Once you have your Kia Carnival touch screen operational, you may decide to update its firmware. The upgrade may reduce serious software risks that might otherwise render the head unit useless.

But before you initiate the update, make sure you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Never update the head unit display’s firmware while you’re driving the Kia Carnival.
  • Ensure that the navigation system is on and working properly.
  • Don’t turn off the vehicle’s engine while the update is running.

Follow these steps once you’re ready to proceed:

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to the “Setup” menu on the Kia Carnival’s infotainment system.
  2. In the “Setup” screen, select “General.”
  3. Select “SW Info/Update,” then choose the “Update” menu item.
  4. Confirm the selection and wait for the update to complete.

Note: The touch screen display’s operating system may reboot after the update’s completion. You should be able to use the head unit as intended afterward. If not, contact the vehicle manufacturer’s customer service hotline for assistance.

Final Thoughts

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Use the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this post to find the main reason why your Kia Carnival’s touch screen failed. Then, you can try to fix the problem by using the appropriate DIY solution. If the initial attempts don’t work, you may need to replace the broken display with a new model.

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