6 Pickup Storage Solutions For A Well-Organized Ride

Your daily usage of the pickup truck may deny you the opportunity of having a clean, well-organized pickup truck. Usually, something is always left cluttered on your pickup truck every time you make a trip to the farm or have an adventure with your kids. To have a well-organized pickup truck, you’ll need to get the best pickup storage solutions. We scoured the internet to find the best solutions for your truck. 

In a nutshell, the best pickup storage solutions that you can try include:

  • Bed Extenders
  • Truck Bed Cases
  • Cargo bars
  • Cargo bags
  • Cab organizer
  • Under-seat Storage

In this article, you’ll learn more about the pickup storage solutions as well as tips on how to secure your stuff in the truck, make your truck bed expandable and organize your tools in the pickup.

Collage of pickup truck storage with cargo bed of Ford Ranger pickup truck on the background, 6 Pickup Storage Solutions For A Well-Organized Ride

The Best Pickup Storage Solutions

While the pickup is considered the most versatile truck on the road, their massive truck bed isn’t the best in managing cargo. And that isn’t all. You may also have to store well your stuff in the interior of the truck! To get your stuff organized and secure inside the truck and on the truck bed, you will need the best storage solutions available on the market.

Exterior Solutions

Bed Extenders

Wondering how you can add that extra space on your truck bed? Or even secure your cargo firmly on the truck bed? Bed extenders will offer you that solution by adding you the space that allows you to carry extra cargo without the fear of sliding off the truck.

Apart from extra space, bed extenders also help you to secure your cargo inside the truck bed. With this security, your fear of losing cargo as you drive through rocky paths is allayed.

With a good bed extender such as the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Extender, you will be able to utilize space well because it can fold down when in use and fold up when not in use. 

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Truck Bed Cases

These cases are popular storage tools that can help you to be orderly and securely keep your stuff on the pickup truck. For instance, the Undercover Swing Case toolbox offers you easy access to your tools and other things from the tailgate by allowing you to swing it almost 180° back into its lockable position.

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If you’re worried that your truck has a tonneau cover, then the undercover swing case is your must-have storage tool. With a lockable lid and organizational tray, this storage solution gives you the assurance that you won’t just have an organized truck bed but also secured and dry contents at all times.

You can also consider having the Du-Ha Humpstor storage unit with rubber seals to keep the contents dust-free and dry. This storage unit best takes advantage of the unused space above the wheel while leaving enough room for tonneau covers and toppers. Its brackets clamp to the bed rail and are adjustable, and this allows you to manipulate its height and easily install without technical assistance.

Cargo Bars

These bars secure large items in one corner of the pickup truck bed. Cargo bars such as the Keeper Telescoping Cargo Bar have rubber pads that provide a secure and firm grip on the truck bed. With such grip, it stops the items from sliding and cluttering around and damaging your truck bed. Again, you don’t need to worry about the size of your cargo, because the bars can be adjusted between 45” and 70”, depending on your cargo size. But because the bars are not permanently clamped on your truck bed, you can use and remove them at will.

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Cargo Bags

Suppose your daily activities include carrying groceries, sporting equipment, or visiting worksites with your gear. In that case, you need a cargo bag that will help you keep these items organized and secure.

A cargo bag such as the Load Handler CargoCatch comes with four compartments to help you organize your cargo and avoid mixing it up. This bag can be mounted anywhere in the truck bed with ease providing you with the best storage solution.

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Optionally, the Core Cargo Sports Bag Net offers you a solution that puts all your stuff in one compartment without scattering around or sliding. With your pickup truck, the Core Cargo Sports Bag allows you enough room to store your gear, uniforms, groceries or anything you want to remain in the truck bed. You can mount it on the truck bed using the mounting hoops that will keep it in position.

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Interior Storage Solutions

Cab Organizer

When you talk of a pickup, you are likely only to see the truck bed. However, you may also have smaller items that you can’t put on the truck bed. On this line comes the cab organizer.

A multi-pocketed cab organizer such as the Highland Truck Cab Organizer has pockets that separate your items, making them orderly and easy to access. Small items such as phone chargers, notebooks, and pens can be kept safe and out of sight to avoid distractions as you drive your pickup.  

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Under-Seat Storage

Under-seat storage solutions are helpful, especially when storing small items such as laptops or emergency safety kits. There’s room under or behind the seats that you can take advantage of by using storage devices such as the Husky Liners GearBox Storage Box. This bin comes in 15 different colors to suit your truck interior while enhancing your truck’s aesthetic looks.

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How Do You Secure Things in a Pickup Truck?

While the pickup is the most versatile truck, keeping your items on its bed needs a skillful and experienced driver. You need to bear in mind that falling objects from vehicles won’t just damage them BUT can also cause accidents.

To avoid these losses, damages, and accidents, you need to employ tactics of securing the items on your pickup truck bed.

Let us now look at different ways of securing your items on the pickup truck bed.

Load Heavier Items to the Front

Before you strap your items on the pickup truck, organize them first. To keep your truck’s center of gravity balanced, start by loading the heaviest items to the front of the truck’s bed, followed by lighter ones.  

By maintaining the truck’s center of gravity in check, you’ll easily manage its steering, stability, and general handling.

Secure Your Items Using Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are strong, versatile, and latch easily on your truck. With these qualities, these straps are the best for strapping your items on the pickup truck bed compared to plain ropes or bungee cords. Apart from just being strong, these straps are a must-have should you carry heavy or wide items.

Ratchet straps are versatile, strong, and latch to your truck bed better than any other strap solution. You can buy reliable ratchet straps like these online or at your local home improvement store.

Yellow ratchet truck cargo tie downs on white background

Use Bungee Cords to Bundle the Items

Bungee cords are not only flexible but also easily complement the ratchet straps. While these cords may not be as strong as ratchet straps, they come in handy when bundling items such as wood boards, pipes. Besides, you can use these cords to keep drawers in place while they are in transit.  

How Do You Make a Truck Bed Extendable?

The best way to extend your truck bed is by using truck bed extenders. But before we go far, let us know what a bed extender is.

A bed extender is a piece of equipment added to the truck bed tailgate to lengthen the bed space for carrying loads that would typically not fit in the standard truck bed size.

There are many bed extenders that you can sample, but the best ones can be found on Amazon.

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How Do You Organize Tools in a Pickup?

Freeing up more space on your truck is the best motivation for organizing items. Besides, it saves you more time scrounging through the back of your truck to get one tool or another.

Before you start, categorize your items by placing them into different trays. For ease of access, place the frequently utilized tools into the most convenient spots. This means that you get a toolbox that addresses your storage needs all the time.

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