10 Best Pickup Truck Bed Organizers

As pickup truck drivers, we're all too familiar with the fact that our beds easily become disorganized and messy with clutter. A pickup truck bed organizer is a great accessory that allows you to optimize the space in your bed and ensure easy access to your cargo or equipment.

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  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Variety of pockets
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Attaches to tie-down hooks
  • Divided compartments
  • Easy to remove
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  • Lightweight
  • Three compartments
  • Cost-effective
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There are a lot of product options on the market, so in order to help guide you through the process of selecting the right one for you, we've compiled a list of the best truck bed organizers.

1. Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar

As its name suggests, the unique thing about this product is that it operates with a ratcheting system. This cargo bar is adjustable from 40 inches to 70 inches, making this a one size fits all solution for any truck on the road. Its ratchet system guarantees a snug fit in any truck bed. This bed organizer is ideal for keeping relatively light cargo in place. It might be best to avoid using this product to restrain heavier cargo, as heavier objects might be too much for the bar to support.

Reviewers like this bed organizer because it's so quick and easy to set up in any part of the truck bed. With just a few cranks of the ratchet, it's in place and good to go. What's more, when not in use, it can simply be placed at the floor of the truck bed and it takes up virtually no space.

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2. Load Handler CargoHatch Truck Bed Organizer

This product has 4 large mesh pockets that are supported by a strong rail system. Between these 4 pockets, the overall storage capacity is quite substantial. If your truck has a toolbox or tonneau cover, don't worry - this organizer is still compatible with it, as it can be placed anywhere in the bed and below a bed cover. This product's ability to be placed anywhere in the bed opens up numerous creative storage options.

Reviewers like the fact that, for such a sturdy organizer, it's a breeze to install. The best part about the installation process is that no drilling is required. If you're in need of a fairly simple system that doesn't take up excessive space, this is one you should consider.

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3. TrunkCratePro Premium Multi Compartments Collapsible Portable Trunk Organizer

This versatile cargo organizer has a lot going for it. Made with Oxford polyester fabric, it's both durable and water resistant. It has several storage compartments and divider pockets that can be uniquely customized. This unit is great for keeping tools, automotive accessories, or emergency equipment consolidated and organized during transport. This product has enough pockets to fit virtually any small to medium sized objects you need to organize.

Reviewers like that this product can be tied down to prevent it from moving around and falling over. The anti-slip bottom also helps the organizer stay in place. What's more, it even comes in 6 different colors. It even folds up so it can be stowed away and out of sight when it's not being used.

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4. Zento Deals Black Mesh Three Pocket Trunk Cargo Organizer Storage Net

Sometimes there's beauty in simplicity. This mesh cargo net takes the elements of a time tested concept and builds on it, and the result is a basic but effective truck bed organizer. It actually has 3 different pockets that can help you better organize groceries, sports equipment, gear, or any other truck bed clutter.

Reviewers of this product say that it's very useful and that it lives up to its intended purpose. This robust, proven design is a cost-effective way to organize your bed. The only downside is that you'll have to purchase attachment hooks separately, a small price to pay for such a simple but effective method of organizing your truck bed.

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5. DECKED Truck Bed Storage System

This truck bed storage system by DECKED is the ultimate storage and organization rig. The price tag isn't cheap, but the system you're getting is sturdy and sure to pass the test of time. In this case, you get what you pay for.

Reviewers rave about how well this drawer system allows them to keep their tools, sports gear, and other equipment neat and organized. They also like how there's no drilling required to install it. This product is also custom made for your truck's year, make, and model, which means it'll fit your vehicle perfectly.

Since this truck bed organizer is flat, you can also put other cargo on top of it, allowing you to further maximize your bed space.

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6. LastBoks Truck Cargo Box Organizer

Made with high molecular weight polyurethane, this storage box is a durable solution to your storage needs. This product essentially acts as a tray and divider that neatly contains your cargo to prevent it from moving around in the bed.

The storage box simply attaches to the tie down hooks at either end of the truck bed, so up to 2 of these containers can be used in a truck bed at a time if the truck has 4 tie-down hooks. This is an especially helpful solution for keeping things like groceries, golf clubs, gas cans, or other relatively small cargo in one place during transport.

Reviewers claim that this product is a simple but effective pickup truck bed organizer. They particularly like how easy it is to remove when it's not being used.

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7. Plano 1919 Sportsman's Trunk

This product is a sturdy, weather resistant storage box that's available in 3 different sizes. These size options and the tie down extensions mounted to the end of the box make it a great truck bed organizer. What's more, the box is lockable, which adds security and deters for theft. What's more, the boxes can be easily removed from the truck bed and transported using its roller wheels if need be.

Reviewers say that this product stands the test of time and is an overall great value. They claim the box is extremely sturdy and that it's an ideal way to store and organize a variety of tools and other equipment.

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8. UnderCover SwingCase

UnderCover has created a weatherproof, lockable storage solution that conveniently mounts close to the tailgate. It swings on a hinge to neatly stow away, and it allows easy access to your tools and equipment from the end of the bed when you need them - no leaning or climbing necessary. The pull handle design makes this organizer easily accessible to anyone. If you install 2 of these boxes (one on either side of the truck bed), the total volume would roughly equate to that of a traditional toolbox. The best part is, you don't have to sacrifice your bed cover like you would with a normal toolbox.

This product utilizes the largely unused truck bed space behind the wheel wells, which means you'll still have plenty of other storage space, making an even stronger case to utilize this kind of bed organizer rather than a traditional toolbox.

Reviewers claim that this product is an excellent storage and organization solution.

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9. Bedslide Bedbin Complete Kit

This product is a tray system that slides in and out of the truck bed, giving you easy access to your cargo without having to lean over the side of the bed or over the tailgate. With this product, regardless of how big and tall your truck is, you'll be able to easily access your cargo. On the periphery of the trays are small storage bins, providing you with supplemental storage space for smaller items.

The Bedslide Bedbin is a great way to make sure the things in your truck bed are highly organized yet still easily accessible. The installation process is slightly more involved than the other products we've discussed, but the level of organization this product can achieve makes it well worth the time and effort to install it.

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10. AMP Research BedXTender

This product is just a basic bed extender that flips, but it can also be used as a truck bed organizer that separates your bed into 2 different sections when flipped inward. Although this isn't its intended use per se, when it's in this orientation, it serves as a simple divider that can keep your cargo neat and organized.

In this way, this product can double as a simple organizer and a bed extender when you need it. If you're looking for a simple solution with a dual purpose, this might just be the product for you.

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