11 Best Ford F-150 Mud Flaps That Will Keep You Covered on Rainy Days

11 Best Ford F-150 Mud Flaps That Will Keep You Covered on Rainy DaysMud flaps add both aesthetic value and utility to your pickup truck. They help deflect things like mud, dirt, and rocks, and they can also prevent road salt from accumulating on the body of your truck and causing it to rust. A lot of trucks don't come equipped with them from the factory, but don't worry, there's a strong aftermarket for them, so there are plenty of unique designs to choose from.

To save you some time and trouble, we've put together a list of the best mud flaps you can buy for your Ford F-150.

1. Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps

These mud flaps are custom molded to fit your F-150 perfectly. They're made of thick, heavy duty polymer that can withstand heavy abuse. These particular flaps are plain black, so if you're looking for a low profile look, you should consider these.

Reviewers of this product say that installing these mud flaps is a breeze.

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2. OWNSUN 4-Piece Mud Flaps

These mud flaps are designed to perfectly protect your F-150 from all kinds of debris that gets kicked up from the road. The four pieces cover both the front and back of your truck. They're easy to install with screws and a special screwdriver. The package comes with all the mounting hardware necessary.

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3. Husky Liners Black Custom Mud Guards

These mud flaps by Husky are custom made for your particular truck. They're made out of a durable, impact-resistant all-weather thermoplastic. In layman's terms, this means that these flaps will be able to handle anything they encounter on the road.

Reviewers say to be prepared to drill one hole for installation, but aside from that, the installation process is painless. Reviewers particularly like the aesthetic appeal and functionality this product offers.

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4. Tecoom Molded Front And Rear Mud Flaps

These top-grade mud flaps work well in all kinds of harsh environments. The thick design is perfect for all terrains and off-roading. Each flap is perfectly tested for a perfect fit. The package comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, these flaps have unique contours that make them particularly sleek looking. The reviewers of this product have reported that they love the fit and price. 

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5. Ford F150 Mud Guard Splash Flaps Kit

These mud flaps by Auto Dynasty are made of high quality molded plastic with a matte finish. These particular mud flaps have a more plain, low profile look without lacking quality and durability.

The holes for installation are pre-drilled, which will speed up the installation process. If you're looking for the most basic, plain mud flaps that still offer a significant amount of utility, you might consider these.

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6. Plasticolor Blue Oval Easy Fit Mud Guard

These mud flaps by Plasticolor are made of specially formulated PVC and backed by fiberglass for added support and durability. They're guaranteed to endure subzero temperatures and extreme heat.

Reviewers say these mud flaps aren't stiff but rather rubbery and somewhat flexible. They say that this quality makes them more durable. Reviewers are also particularly proud to be sporting these Ford mud flaps on their trucks.

Of all the mud flaps on the market, these that are stamped with the Ford logo are sure to add the most character to your F150.

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7. Husky Liners Kick Back Mud Flaps

The Kick Back Mud Flaps by Husky are some of the wider and longer mud flaps on the market. These mud flaps are a great option for any F-150, especially one that's lifted and has bigger tires.

Reviewers say that this product looks great once installed and that the durable, high quality is evident. This is a product that's sure to withstand the test of time.

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8. WeatherTech Ford F150 Mudflaps

These mud flaps by WeatherTech are a sturdy, weather-resistant solution that's backed by the company's stellar reputation for rugged, long-lasting automotive accessories.

WeatherTech uses a laser to measure the flaps to make sure they fit your vehicle perfectly. They're easy to install, and no drilling is required. Instead, these flaps are installed using the QuickTurn fastening system.

Reviewers say that the installation process was a breeze and that the overall product quality is exceptional.

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9. Husky Liners Universal Mud Flaps

These universal mud flaps by Husky are a great low profile option. These mud flaps are different than most because they have a stainless steel anchor weight at the bottom of the flaps. This makes the flaps look great and it ensures that they stay in place and helps better deflect dirt, mud, and rocks.

The width of these flaps makes them great for an F-150 with wider tires.

Reviewers say that this product has the right balance of rigidity and flexibility and that they're very easy to install.

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10. Luverne Universal Textured Rubber Mud Guards

These universal rubber mudguards by Luverne also have a steel anchor weight that makes them particularly effective. These splash guard plates also prolong the life of the mudguards and add a unique aesthetic appeal.

This product also has a textured surface that helps hide scuffs and scratches, helping the mud flaps look like new regardless of the conditions on the road.

Reviewers say that this product is easy to install, looks great, and is very durable.

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11. REK-GEN Off-Road Mud Flaps

These mud flaps by REK-GEN are perhaps the most unique looking mud flaps on the market. This product is made of robust stainless steel, and it's available in several different finishes. With its aggressive styling, these mud flaps definitely cater to the F-150 owner that likes to go off-road.

These flaps are slightly offset to provide maximum protection from mud, rocks, and other road debris.

These flaps utilize the factory mounting locations which makes the installation process very easy and convenient.

Reviewers that have used these mud flaps for years rave about their quality and long-lasting durability.

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In Closing

Mud flaps are designed to guard your tire and the wheel well from debris that can get kicked up from the road. With these excellent options, you're sure to find the perfect mud flaps for your Ford F-150! 

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