What’s the Best RV for a Tall Person?

What's the best RV for a tall person? Here's how to choose the best motorhome, travel trailer or 5th wheel if you're taller than average.If you're taller than average and thinking of buying an RV, we're pretty sure the question of interior height is on your mind. After all, vehicles have lower ceilings than homes - and no one wants to experience cramped living conditions. So how will your RV feel for you as a tall person?

When choosing an RV for a taller person, you need to check the following - 

  • The height of the ceiling across the rig.
  • Length of bed.
  • An interior design where important appliances are higher up.

Based on these considerations, the following RVs might be a good choice for tall people -

  1. Newmar’s 2020 King Aire
  2. Entegra Coach’s 2020 Vision 31R
  3. Monaco’s 2020 Marquis 44M
  4. Jayco’s 2020 Embark 37MB
  5. Fleetwood RV’s 2020 Flair 35R

Keep reading to learn more about what you should be looking for when choosing a tall person's RV - and why these models made it into our list.

On a personal note, at the age of 16, our eldest son is 6'6". His 14 year-0ld brother is already 6"1' and growing. So yeah, you could say the topic is close to my heart! We want our kids to be able to go RVing with us so the question of finding one that's suitable for extra tall people is definitely on my mind!

Why Do Taller People Need a Taller RV?

If you stand over six feet, then you’d be considered a tall person. At your height, if you’ve ever tried to ride in a trailer or even some RVs, you may have had some problems getting comfortable. The ceilings and walls are often not tall or spacious enough for you, making you feel constricted. After a while, the whole experience becomes claustrophobic.

There are plenty of other reasons tall people need a taller RV. If the ceilings are too low, then you risk banging your head every time you need to navigate across the vehicle. To avoid the headaches, you might hunch over as you walk. This leads to back pain and potentially postural issues if you do it long-term.

You also need a bed of a decent length. Otherwise, your feet poke out, almost comically, from the edge of the bed. To keep your toes covered, you might curl up in the fetal position, which is not very conducive to a good night’s sleep. Luckily, RV dealerships may be able to extend or otherwise customize RV beds for your comfort.

Using appliances and items in the RV can also be tough when you’re taller. If the microwave and fridge are at a lower height, then you’re left always having to bend over to reach them. This can again cause back pain. Just like with RV beds, it’s possible to get the placement of RV appliances customized so they’re a little higher up. That’s much more convenient for you.

Which Types of RVs Have the Highest Ceilings?

While many elements of an RV can be customized or readjusted to accommodate your height and comfort, certain parts cannot. One of them? The ceilings.

Once an RV is built, it’s built. Redoing the ceilings, if it’s even possible, would not be cheap by any means. According to Coach Specialists, an RV repair company, you’d pay more than $12,000 for the job. Ouch.

That total includes sales tax, detailing, bodywork, labor, and parts like side moldings, rear cap moldings, roof vents, fridge vents, skylights, plumbing vents, and solar panels. While Coach Specialists isn’t specific on whether the $12k is the price for a new roof on a Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhome, that’s still an astronomical amount of money to have to shell out.

It’s better to buy a motorhome that’s taller from the get-go. You need an RV with a ceiling that’s at least 75 inches high. That should accommodate passengers who are six-foot-two. Class A motorhomes with fifth-wheels are your best bet, as these are the largest RVs on the market. Class B motorhomes are not ideal due to their smaller size. You can potentially comfortably fit in some Class C motorhomes and even certain travel trailers, but they must be tall and wide.

Examples of RVs Made for Taller Passengers

The following RVs all have ceilings that are 75 inches or more so you’ll be able to easily move and live in your vehicle without any risk of bumping your head or hurting your back.

Newmar’s 2020 King Aire

The 2020 King Aire is one of the most popular RVs from Newmar Corp. Not only is this motorhome tall, but it’s long, too. It features a Spartan K3 chassis with an included tag axle. Other cool features are an integrated gutter rail, walkable decking, and a fiberglass roof.

Here are some specs for this RV for all floor plans:

  • Exterior length: 44 feet, 11 inches
  • Exterior height: 13 feet, four inches
  • Interior height: 83 inches
  • Interior width: 95.5 inches

Entegra Coach’s 2020 Vision 31R

The Class A Entegra Coach 2020 Vision 31R is a gas coach that runs on diesel fuel. The 31R floorplan includes a drop-down overhead bunk option in the front driver’s cockpit, a cockpit table, a dinette with a 39-inch TV lift, a full kitchen with a pull-out C-top and microwave, and an eight-cubic-foot refrigerator with pantry.

You also get a pull-out sofa with storage space, an outdoor entertainment center, a 13-foot awning, bunk beds with a TV for each bunk, and a full bathroom with a 30x36 shower and included a pantry. The single bedroom comes equipped with a 60x75 queen bed with enough room for even taller people to stretch out. There’s also a dresser with space for a TV.

These are the rest of the specs for the 31R:

  • Exterior length: 34 feet, five inches
  • Exterior width: 101 feet
  • Interior height: 84 inches

Monaco’s 2019 Marquis 44M

Practically as lengthy as it is tall, you’ll never feel squished in the Monaco 2020 Marquis 44M. This hefty floorplan has a 40-inch LED TV hookup in the driver’s cockpit. Beyond that cockpit are three generous couches with room for yet another 40-inch LED TV.

The full kitchen has a large microwave, an induction cooktop, and a residential refrigerator. There are two bathrooms, one with a tile shower. The sink is in a separate area of the RV so you never feel cramped. Lastly, there’s the king-sized bed with a 72x80 mattress, 40-inch LED TV hookup, and separate wardrobes and walk-in closets.

The rest of the specs are:

  • Exterior length: 43 feet, nine inches
  • Exterior width: 102 inches
  • Exterior height: 12 feet, 10 inches
  • Interior height: 84 inches
  • Interior width: 96 inches

Jayco’s 2019 Embark 37MB

The renowned RV brand Jayco and its 2019 Embark 37MB is another great RV for tall people. The generously huge floorplan of the 37MB includes a 40x70 dinette for comfortable seating and a 74-inch hide-a-bed that’s long enough that you don’t have to curl up at night.

The kitchen has a tall microwave, residential fridge, and pantry with overhead storage. The bathroom is admittedly a little tight, as the shower is only 30x36, but the bedroom more than makes up for it. The 72x80 king-sized bed with three wardrobes and a dresser (with the capacity for a 32-inch TV) even has a washer/dryer option.

The rest of the specs are as follows:

  • Exterior length: 37 feet, 10 inches
  • Exterior width: 101 inches
  • Interior height: 84 inches

Fleetwood RV’s 2019 Flair 35R

People of any height should be able to stretch their legs in Fleetwood RV’s 2019 Flair. Their 35R floorplan has everything you need for enjoyable living. There’s a Hide-a-Loft drop-down queen bed in the driver’s cockpit as well as a pedestal table.

You also get a 68-inch jackknife sofa with its own 50-inch LED TV hookup, 68-inch theater seating, and a 70-inch booth dinette with yet another 39-inch LED TV. The kitchen has a microwave, residential refrigerator, and pantry. The full bathroom includes a roomy shower that’s comfortable for taller people like yourself. Then there’s the bedroom, with a Serenity Series king-sized 72x74 bed, a 32-inch LED TV hookup, a dresser, and a wardrobe.

Let’s dive into the rest of the specs for this vehicle:

  • Exterior length: 36 feet
  • Exterior width: 100 inches
  • Exterior height: 12 feet, six inches
  • Interior height: 82 inches
  • Interior width: 96 inches

Thor Motor Coach’s 2019 Palazzo 37.4

The 2020 Palazzo 37.4 from Thor Motor Coach is one of the manufacturer’s heftiest Class A diesel motorhomes to date. There’s plenty of sitting room for tall drivers or passengers, such as the driver’s cockpit seating, dual 68-inch reclining theater seating couches with footrests, a 72-inch dream dinette, and a 68-inch sofa bed.

When it comes to sleeping, that sofa bed is one of many options. There’s also a 54x74 overhead sleeping bunk in the driver’s cockpit and a 72x80 Tilt-a-View inclining king bed in the bedroom nook.

The kitchen is oversized, with an included residential refrigerator, pantry, pull-out C-top, and microwave. The full bathroom has pantry space as well and a shower that’s 36x30. That’s semi-roomy for tall riders like yourself.

The rest of the specs for Thor Motor Coach’s 2019 Palazzo are:

  • Exterior length: 34 feet, nine inches
  • Exterior height: 12 feet, one inch
  • Exterior width: 101 inches
  • Interior height: 82 inches

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  1. If you are a family all above 6′-4″ and need 4 beds, there is no RV out there for you. Sitting up in the bed would be a nice option. Bending over on the toilet without kissing the wall would be nice. Having the shower-head above the nipples would be nice. Walking out the entry door without bashing your head on the top would be nice too.

  2. Yes. I’m 6’3″ 250-280 lbs, 15EEE boot and im wide. 32×32 shower don’t cut it. Just looking for a 1 person or 1 couple RV for traveling work. I go from job to job. Travel trailer not 5th wheel would be nice. I might have to just shower outside. What else am I gonna do. Bed kitchen bathroom love seat and or recliner. 55 in 4k I already own… maybe a small rear area for dirtbike like a toyhauler.

  3. Are there any trailers or motorhomes with interior height that’s at least 86″ ??
    My brother is 6’8″ or 80″ having at least 6″ headroom would be minimum for comfort.

    • We have a Vanleigh Vilano. Several different models. Main area has 8’9” ceilings. Slideouts are 8’ high. Bedroom and bathroom up front are much lower, but some models have a reversed floor plan with the higher ceilings in the bedroom.

      These are fifth wheel trailers. MSRP all at or above $100k. Plus you’re going to need a 350/3500 series truck, diesel, preferably dually, as a tow vehicle. The combination with common accessories is easily a $200k investment. But it’s the only thing I’ve found with decent ceiling height

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