8 Class A Motorhomes With King Beds

A king bed is the ultimate symbol of luxury in a motorhome. Class A motorhomes may have other supplementary beds for guests and children, but that king-size bed is the crowning feature.

Unfortunately, since not all Class A size RVs have a king bed, knowing which models to focus on during your search can be difficult. Luckily, we researched the Class A models from some of the top camper manufacturers and have some examples of campers with king beds for you here. 

Class A motorhomes are the best RVs for housing a feature like a king-size bed. Here are eight Class A motorhome models with king-size beds for 2021:

  1. American Coach American Eagle
  2. Coachmen Mirada
  3. Entegra Emblem
  4. Fleetwood Bounder
  5. Jayco Precept
  6. Newmar Mountian Aire
  7. Holiday Rambler Vacationer
  8. Forest River Berkshire XLT

There is more that you need to know about each of the RVs on that list. Please continue reading to get more details on each of the Class A campers with king beds. We will also discuss the dimensions and characteristics of the king-size mattress and how long these mattresses last. 

Class A Campers and King-Size Beds

You can easily recognize a Class A motorhome by its shape, which resembles a bus. These large campers have the most space possible for a recreational vehicle and typically have the most onboard features.

Onboard features like large televisions and sofas make your house on wheels feel more like a regular home. So why are king-size beds the perfect size mattresses to have in a motorhome? 

Campers can often feel cramped or confined, especially if you live out of one for months at a time. Having a king-size bed in the back of your RV gives you a place to go where you can escape the cramped lifestyle by stretching out in an almost oversized bed.

When you have a king-size bed in the rear portion of your camper, it feels more like a real bedroom than a place on a bus-sized moving cabin. 

There are plenty of options on the market for RVs with king-size beds. Here are some details on the eight models from the above list that we selected to examine for this post:

1. American Coach American Eagle

The 2021 American Eagle is the flagship RV model that American Coach manufactures. A king-size bed comes standard on the American Eagle and is located towards the back of the camper, just before the bathroom.

The way the bedroom separates the rest of the RV from the large bathroom makes it feel more like an apartment than an RV. This camper also has a pull-out queen-size sleeper sofa that allows space for four total people to sleep when you add it to the king bed. 

If you would like more information on the American Eagle, please visit the American Coach website

2. Coachmen Mirada

The Mirada by Coachman RVs provides enough space and luxury features to make you feel at home in this camper. A king-size bed is standard on all five possible trims of the Mirada.

You will find the king bed in the Mirada in the very back of the camper, among features like his and hers closet and layered cabinets. In addition to the king-size bed, the Mirada has a queen-size sofa bed, a dinette table that converts into a bed, and a drop-down bunk bed above the cab. Altogether, the Mirada can sleep up to eight people. 

Please visit the Coachman website for more information about the Mirada. 

3. Entegra Emblem 

The 2021 Entegra Emblem is a class-A motorhome with a standard king-size bed in all three available trims. You can find the Emblem's king bed toward the rear end of the RV, either before the bathroom or just after the bathroom, depending on the trim you choose.

The Emblem can sleep up to six people with the additional sofa hide-a-bed and a bunk bed over the cab. You have the option to exchange the hide-a-bed for either a 120-inch reclining sofa or a sofa with theater seats. 

For more information about the Emblem, please visit Entegra's website

4. Fleetwood Bounder

All four trims on the 2021 Fleetwood Bounder have a king-size bed. On two of the four trims, the king bed is at the very back of the RV. On the other two, a small bathroom and washer/dryer combo are at the back, with the king bed being just before it.

So with each of those two trims, there are two full bathrooms, a shower and all aboard the Bounder. In addition to the king bed, the Bounder has a set of bunk beds, a sofa bed, and a dinette booth that converts into a bed. Altogether, those sleeping locations can fit eight passengers. 

You can visit the Fleetwood website for more information about their Bounder RV. 

5. Jayco Precept

The Jayco Precept has a king-size bed in the bedroom that takes up the entire back of the RV. In this bedroom, you will find wooden TVs and storage cabinets, as well as overhead storage.

There is only one trim, the 36A, with a full-size bathroom further back than the bedroom. Some trims of the Precept, like the compact 29V, only sleep four people. But the massive 36A that we just mentioned sleeps up to eight with its additional bunkbeds, pull-out sofa, convertible dinette, and over-cab bunk. 

If you'd like more info on the Precept, please visit the Jayco website

6. Newmar Mountain Aire

Out of the seven different floor plans that Newmar offers for their Mountain Aire model, all seven have king-size beds. Not only that, but they are also all located near the back of the RV, with only either a bathroom or closet and laundry area behind them.

The king bed is in its own bedroom with a dresser, TV, and overhead compartments. The Mountain Aire can sleep up to five people with the additional sofa and hide-a-bed. 

Please visit the Newmar website for more information about the Moutain Aire. 

7. Holiday Rambler Vacationer

The Vacationer by Holiday Rambler is a mix of a resort on wheels and an off-the-grid rolling cabin. It mixes high-tech, functional features like solar panels with luxury features like a king-size bed.

The Vacationer has four available trims that all come with a king bed. In two of those trims, the king bed is located at the very back of the RV with nothing behind it. There is an additional bathroom just behind that back bedroom where you'll find the king bed in the other two trims.

This motorhome also has a pull-out sofa, a dinette that converts into a bed, and an above-the-cab bunk that lowers down to offer more sleeping space. All of these beds allow the Vacationer to sleep up to eight people comfortably. 

For more information, visit the Vacationer Page on the Holiday Rambler website

8. Forest River Berkshire XLT 

The Forest River Berkshire XLT is a great mixture of luxury and value. In all four trims of the Berkshire XLT, the king-size bed is located toward the rear of the RV, just before the bathroom.

This gives the bathroom an extra feeling of privacy, which is nice in a motorhome. There are plenty of places to sleep in this RV, with space for up to 10 people. 

Please visit the Forest River website for more information on the Berkshire XLT. 

What is an RV King Mattress?

Brand New RV Mattress Covered by Vinyl Bag. Replacing Used Travel Trailer Elements

After discussing king-size mattresses in large RVs, you might wonder about their actual dimensions. Are RV king beds the same dimensions as a regular household king-size mattress? The size of a regular household king-size mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Compared to household king-size mattresses, RV king-size mattresses are slightly smaller. For example, the king mattress in the American Coach Eagle measures 72 inches by 80 inches, which is four inches narrower than a standard king mattress.

Other models have even smaller mattresses, like the Fleetwood Bounder, which has a king mattress measuring 72 inches by 75 inches. This size is a bit smaller than a standard king mattress but still much larger than a queen-size mattress.

How Long do RV Mattresses Last?

If you're investing in a luxury motorhome that has such a grand feature as a king bed, you'll want it to last as long as possible. A few factors, like material and usage, go into determining how long an RV mattress will last.

The best part about RV mattresses is that they are usually not used year-round like regular mattresses. This fact can extend their life by a few years, depending on care and level of usage. 

But at the end of the day, RV mattresses are just like household mattresses in that they become worn out over time. After years of use, they gain body-sized impressions where people sleep in them and lose their fluff and comfort.

They also begin to accumulate dust, which can cause several health problems. Because of these factors, an RV mattress will last a maximum of eight years before it needs to be replaced. 

In Closing

If you want the most luxurious or spacious motorhome possible, make sure you find a Class A camper with a king-size bed. Although we only detailed eight Class A motorhomes on this list, more models are available with king-size beds.

The base model will have a queen-size bed in some cases, but a king-size upgrade is sometimes available. If you doubt whether a type of RV has a king-size bed, the best thing to do is visit the manufacturer's website. Hopefully, this list will help you find the motorhome of your dreams!

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