How Wide Is A Class A Motorhome [Including 11 Examples]

If camping trips with family and friends are in your future, you might consider owning or leasing a Class A motorhome. But, if a recreational vehicle is an upgrade to your travel style, you probably wonder how wide are Class A motorhomes, to assess how difficult these RV's might be to drive or park. We've researched the dimensions of several Class A motorhomes to get the answer for you.

Our research shows that Class A motorhomes are typically 8 feet (or 102 inches) wide. When equipped with a slide-out feature, a Class A can get to the width of 12 feet with the slide-out extended. 

How does the width of a Class A measure up when it comes to living and sleeping space? To help give you an idea, we've looked at 11 examples of Class A models. Keep reading as we discuss exterior dimensions, floorplan options, and whether slide-outs are featured to broaden the living space even farther. We will also answer some of your other questions, like how wide a typical RV parking space is and whether you need additional room to extend an awning. Let's get to it.

A class a motorhome parked on a dirt surfaced parking lot with a panoramic view of mountains, How Wide Is A Class A Motorhome [Including 11 Examples]

11 Class A Motorhomes; Dimensions & Layout Options

Tiffin Allegro Breeze

  • Length: 31' 6"
  • Width: 95"
  • Height: 78"

Tiffin equips the Allegro Breeze with everything you need, so when you hit the road, there is no holding back. This Class A features every amenity to make you feel at home, like a residential fridge and optional washer/dryer combo. Adorned with little luxuries like solid wood cabinet doors, vinyl flooring, and LED lighting, you will travel in style. Allegro Breeze has three slide-outs so that you can maximize your living space. Choose from either the king-sized or queen-sized bed, paired with a standard sleeper-sofa.

Fleetwood Pace Arrow

  • Length: 33' 11"
  • Width: 102"
  • Height: 12' 2"

Have fun with the entire group when you load up Fleetwood's Pace Arrow for your next trip. Choose from five different floorplans, including either two or three slide-out options to extend bedroom and living space. Gather 'round comfortable seating arrangements to rehash an adventurous day, your choice of either a booth dinette or entertainment center/sofa combo. Or, linger outdoors beneath an electric retractable awning. Sleep up to seven in either a king-sized or queen-sized bed paired with a sleeper sofa.

Prevost H3-45 VIP Coach

  • Length: 45'
  • Width 102"
  • Height: 12' 5

The striking exterior style of Prevost's H-Series convertible coaches will get recognized on the road, but the interior features are what owners and guests notice. Never miss a good view through frameless windows, seating provided for 22-24 passengers, with a spacious interior layout that welcomes guests for entertaining. Enjoy dining in the front lounge with a booth dinette, or conversing in the rear conference-style lounge that converts to a bedroom. The center bath and kitchen bring all the comforts of home, and two slide-outs maximize your living space.

Coachman Miranda

  • Length: 30' 7"
  • Width: 102"
  • Height: 12' 5"

The Miranda entails every detail for comfort, neatly packaged into seven different floorplans, including either two segmented slide-outs or one lengthwise side slide-out for extended living space. The interior is adorned with hardwood cabinetry and premium linoleum floors. Relax in reclining, swivel pilot seats, or retire to the theatre seating area to enjoy family and friends. Freshen up beneath the shower skylight in a full bath, and get settled to sleep in either the king size, queen size, or hide-a-bed sofa.

Thor Challenger

  • Length: 38.25'
  • Width: 101"
  • Height: 12.92'

Four floorplans with the slide-out feature are available for Challenger to allow you to choose the right fit for your traveling lifestyle, whether you prefer lounging on a sofa or snuggling into a dinette. Of course, you could always opt for luxuries like full-reclining theater seating and electric fireplace. Entertain from the residential kitchen. Bask in the master bathroom after a long day, and never have to worry about splashes with a convenient shower door to keep the surrounding area dry. King size bed, bunk beds, and sleeper sofa provide overnight accommodations.

Monaco Signature

  • Length: 43.75'
  • Width: 102"
  • Height: 12.83'

Monaco's Class A diesel, Signature model, features luxurious interior details like embroidered driver and passenger seats, solid wood cabinetry, and a full tile shower. So, if you want to travel in luxury, you will appreciate four floorplan designs, including either two or three slide-out features for optimal living space. A residential kitchen is complimented with spacious seating areas, either booth dinette or double sofas. Sleep soundly in a king-sized bed, with bunk beds and sleeper sofa for extended family and guests.

Holiday Rambler Navigator

  • Length: 38' 3"
  • Width: 102"
  • Height: 12' 10"

Spacious layouts and high-quality fabrics make the Navigator a Class A to call home. Choose from four roomy floor plans, with either three or four slide-out options depending on layout. King size bed and fireplace are standard in every model. Seating arrangements are ideal for your style, either freestanding recliner with sofa, sofa paired with a u-shaped dinette, or sofa paired with freestanding dinette. A stackable washer/dryer is optional, depending on layout. Diverse sleeper sofas (queen or full) or sofa with drawers are available.

Jayco Alante

  • Length: 28' 5"
  • Width: 102"
  • Height:

Jayco's shortest Class A illustrates just how roomy a smaller version can be for you and your family. The Alante features farmhouse style decor, making you feel at home on the open road. Select your ideal living space from five floorplans, including either two or three slide-out options. Lounge in dinette with sofa combination. Sleep everyone comfortably on either a king-size bed or queen size bed, paired with bunk beds and a sleeper sofa. Galley and bathroom layouts are diverse, including lengthwise or corner orientations for kitchen and stall or corner shower for the bathroom.

Jayco Embark

  • Length: 39'
  • Width: 101"
  • Height: 7'

Jayco's premium Class A is the diesel-powered Embark, offering three floorplan options for 2020 models to include three slide-out features for maximized living space. Rear bathroom orientation features a spacious shower stall, linen closet, and washer/dryer, versus rear wardrobe orientation with a centrally located bathroom area. Seating accommodated with a hide-a-bed sofa and cozy dinette. Sleep comfortably after an adventurous day in a king-size bed with a power-adjust head lift.

Winnebago Forza

  • Length: 35.6' (varies by model)
  • Width: 12'
  • Height: 8' 5.5"

Get comfy in Winnebago's diesel Class A Forza, with dinette and sleeper sofa or optional theater seating. Wood cabinetry, earth tones, plank floors, and an optional fireplace give a homey, yet bright design to the interior. Three slide-outs maximize your living space. Sleep soundly on a queen size bed in the master bedroom, with wardrobe storage and optional washer/dry combo or additional closet.

Forest River Georgetown Series

  • Length: ranges from 34.7' (min) to 40.1' (max) depending on model
  • Width: ranges from 100" (min) to 102" (max) depending on model
  • Height:  12.8' (all models)

Forest River's Georgetown Series features four Class A models with three floorplan designs (two floorplans for 7-series) and either two or three slide-out features. Each model offers more luxurious features, as you progress trim level from 3-series to 5-series, to 7-series, and finally, the Georgetown XL-DSO. Bathroom layouts feature either a shower in the bathroom or a separate shower area. Sleeping accommodations include a king-size master bed paired with a sleeper sofa and/or bunk.

How Wide Is A Motorhome With Slide-outs?

Motorhomes unique, slide-out feature gives you an additional 2 to 3 feet of space when pulled out. Slide-outs extend the living spaces such as the dining area, seating area, or bedroom of a recreational vehicle and can be located either on one or both sides of the vehicle. Class A motorhomes measure approximately 12 feet wide with slide-out outstretched.

A Class A motorhome equipped with slide-outs remains the standard width with retracted slide-outs, so you can still drive along standard width roadways and park in standard parking spaces and RV campsites.

A camping ground filled with motorhomes parked near trees

How Wide Is A Typical RV Parking Space?

RV parking lots are spacious enough to accommodate diverse sizes of motorhomes, with a typical site measuring 20 feet wide and 40 feet long. According to Recreational Vehicle Parks laws, to accommodate both RV and tow vehicle, the parking space for an RV should include a minimum of:

  • five-foot-wide setback on each side,
  • 15-foot front yard,
  • 15-foot side yard, and
  • 10-foot rear yard.

Given that a Class A motorhome is typically 8 feet wide, if your vehicle is equipped with slide-outs or if you want to set up an outdoor table and chairs, you will have ample space provided.

Secure A Parking Space Before You Hit The Road

Familiarize yourself with the dimensions of your motorhome before arriving at your destination. This way, you can plan ahead to reserve a parking space or campsite with ample room for your vehicle. Most parks specify the maximum length and width of RVs they allow in their grounds and the number of parking lots available. Some RV parks offer online bookings, so you know you will have a parking space when you arrive. 

What Is The Maximum RV Size For National Parks?

Due to size restrictions, not all RVs are allowed in all national parks. Some national parks limit RVs up to 12 feet long while others allow RVs up to 50 feet long or longer. National parks must accommodate large numbers of travelers, within protected land areas, so size limits are put into place to minimize congestion.

Please do your research before arriving at a national park to be sure it can accommodate your Class A motorhome. For starters, here are the lengths allowed by several popular national parks:

  • Denali National Park - 40 feet 
  • Gates of the Arctic National Park - no restrictions
  • North Cascades National Park - 122 feet 
  • Kings Canyon National Park - 35 feet 
  • Rocky Mountain National Park - 40 feet

What Is The Maximum RV Size For State Parks?

Similarly to national parks, every state park has size restrictions for RVs. On average, most state parks allow motorhomes up to 30 feet long. We'd advise, here again, to do your research before rolling up at a state park with your Class A motorhome because you want to be sure there is a parking space available that can accommodate your RV. For example, these state parks have relatively small size restrictions:

  • Anza - Borrego Desert State Park - 35 feet 
  • Calaveras Big Trees State Park - 30 feet 
  • Big Basin Redwoods State Park - 27 feet

Some state parks have the flexibility to accommodate motorhomes up to 40 feet, so checking ahead will help you to find an appropriate park for your motorhome. 

How Wide Is An RV Awning?

RV awnings are great to provide shade, so you can enjoy the outdoors and keep the interior of your motorhome cooler in hot climates. On a dreary day, an awning will also protect you from rain or fog. When extended from the vehicle, an awning increases the width of the motorhome to 14 feet or wider.

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Now that you've seen what the width of a Class A motorhome can offer for living space and learned how using slide-outs and awnings can extend your camping experience - just sit tight! You will want to check out our other blog to get prepared for your Class A venture before you load up and hit the road:

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  1. A Class A motorhome is typically 8 feet and 4 inches wide. Furthermore, the width range is very narrow, with many Class A campers falling within the 95- to 101-inch width range.

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