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3 Class A Toy Hauler Motorhomes You Should Consider

It would be cool to enjoy the luxuries of a Class A motorhome and toy haulers rolled into one, right? But wait, are there even Class A toy haulers in the RV market? We asked our RV experts for the best Class A toy hauler motorhomes and here are their recommendations.
Here are the best Class A motorhome toy haulers for you to consider:
  • 2022 Thor Outlaw 38KB
  • 2022 Thor Outlaw 38MB
  • 2022 Newmar Canyon Star 3927

In this article, we'll tell you more about each model and the things that you should consider before purchasing a Class A toy hauler. This article would also answer if you could load a car into your motorhome's garage. Let's get this started!

Luxury Motorhome recreational vehicle RV parked on dirt lot at sunset with reflections of trees - 3 Class A Toy Hauler Motorhomes You Should Consider

Who makes a Class A motorhome toy hauler?

Luxury motorhome recreational vehicle RV camping in Montana meadow

Who wouldn't want to enjoy all the comforts and luxury of a Class A motorhome and be able to bring all your man toys with you? Sounds like a great adventure, right?

But is it too good to be true? You might be surprised to learn that manufacturers have leveled up the RV industry by offering these hybrid recreational vehicles.

For those who might be confused with the term, just think of it this way. Class A motorhomes are luxury coaches.

It's like traveling in a first-class suite on wheels. You have top accommodation right in the smack of your chosen destination, wherever that may be.

Now, add to that the opportunity to bring all your outdoor sports adventure gear to complete the recipe for a perfect vacation. That's what toy haulers allow you to do. They have a spacious garage where you can put your man toys.

Before, you have to carefully prioritize what you can bring with you because of the limited space in any given RV. But with Class A motorhome toy haulers, you have a garage or dedicated space for your outdoor sports adventure equipment.

Do we have your complete undivided attention already? Since all of us are now on the same page, it's time to get to know the RV manufacturers that produce these so-called Class A toy hauler motorhomes.

We'll also inform you of the best models in their lineup to give you an idea regarding their specific specs and features.

Best Class A Toy Hauler Motorhomes

Thor Motor Coach and Newmar are two of the most respected RV manufacturers who specialize in this niche. Let's take a look at some of their Class A toy hauler motorhomes to show you what you can expect from this type of RV.

2022 Thor Outlaw 38KB


  • Exterior Length (without ladder): 39'-10"
  • Exterior Height (with A/C): 13'-3"
  • Exterior Width (w/o mirrors): 8'
  • Chassis: Ford
  • Engine:7.3L Triton® V8
  • GVWR: 26,000 lbs
  • Garage Capacity: 1,350 lbs


The 2022 Thor Outlaw 38KB has a sleeping capacity of nine people. It has an inclining King bed, SkyBunk, drop-down overhead bunk, and a sofa bed.

Its living area features a 39" LED TV, Blu-Ray DVD player, digital and cable TV connections, and multiple USB charging ports for your gadgets and devices.

It has a huge kitchen that'll allow you to prepare and cook delicious meals while on the road.

It has a 2-burner high-output gas range top with a single induction cooktop, 30" stainless steel over-the-range convection microwave oven, residential refrigerator, and a stainless-steel double bowl sink and single handle faucet with pull-down sprayer. 

The spacious bathroom has an enclosed shower area with a skylight on top to allow natural light to enter. It also has a foot-flush porcelain toilet, sink, and fan. 

Its carpeted garage has a drop-down Zero-G® ramp door to make it easier to load your man toys.

It also features a snap-in patio system, power patio awning, and a 39" LED TV so you can turn this space into a party deck or simply an extension of your living area once you're settled in your chosen destination.

2022 Thor Outlaw 38MB


  • Exterior Length (without ladder): 39'-10"
  • Exterior Height (with A/C): 13'-3"
  • Exterior Width (w/o mirrors): 8'
  • Chassis: Ford
  • Engine:7.3L Triton® V8
  • GVWR: 26,000 lbs
  • Garage Capacity: 1,450 lbs


If you need extra garage capacity, you can opt for the 2022 Thor Outlaw 38MB instead. It has almost the same features as the 38KB floorplan but its garage allows you to load another 100 lbs of your man toys.
This way, you don't have to choose which one you'll have to bring. Why not bring all your outdoor sports adventure gear and enjoy your trip to the fullest, right?
The 38MB floorplan also features a Queen-sized drop-down bunk and TV for entertainment in the garage area.
The sleeping capacity is reduced to eight but you still get to enjoy complete and luxurious amenities that are the trademark of Thor Outlaw toy hauler motorhomes.
The layouts of their interior space are also different so you have the option to choose which one will work best for you.

2022 Newmar Canyon Star 3927


  • Exterior Length: 39'-11"
  • Exterior Height: 12'11"
  • Exterior Width: 101.5"
  • Chassis: Freightliner MC
  • Engine: 340 hp Cummins “B” diesel engine
  • GVWR: 30,000 lbs


The 2022 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 floorplan shows us that it has a 95.5" x 120" garage. The garage flooring is made of diamond tread rubber and has a tie-down tracks system to keep your sports gears in place while in transit.

There's also an AM/FM/DVD radio with two speakers for your entertainment. You also have the option to put seats, a table, and electric lift bunk beds to optimize the use of this space.

Its bedroom has a queen-sized bed and the sofa and dinette booth in the living area can also be converted into sleeping areas at night.

This Class A toy hauler motorhome also boasts of having Samsung LED TVs in the living area and bedrooms with an outstanding sound system from Bose® and JBL.

Other amenities include a bathroom, a full kitchen, and spacious storage areas inside the motorhome.  

What are the benefits of a toy hauler motorhome?

Stryker toy hauler by Cruiser RV. Cruiser RV is a division of Heartland Recreational Vehicles and Thor Industries.

Here are the best things about having a toy hauler motorhome. 

Garage Space

This is the main reason why you're choosing a toy hauler motorhome. Sure, other motorhomes have large storage spaces but this RV offers you a garage.

This means you have a place for your outdoor sports gear such as an ATV, motorcycle, mountain bike, kayaks, canoes, and whatever adventure amenities that you'd like to take with you.


Being a Class A motorhome, you can expect luxurious comfort while onboard this RV.

It's got everything you need and a lot more from the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, theater and entertainment, and other features depending on your chosen model.

Larger amenities

Because they are built on a bigger chassis, these motorhomes offer larger amenities. You also have a lot of space to move around. You can definitely enjoy the luxury of space inside the RV.


What if you don't plan to go on a sports adventure quest and won't need to bring your man toys with you? Well, you can use that garage space for anything you want. You can turn it into an office, party deck, or extra living space.

A garage space, luxurious comfort, larger amenities, and versatility of function are the best things about a Class A motorhome toy hauler.

What are the drawbacks of a toy hauler motorhome?

Motorhome/Camper on a large commercial truck chassis

Yes, Class A motorhome toy haulers do have some drawbacks. We want you to know about this as well to come up with an informed choice.

Fuel Consumption

These motorhome toy haulers would require more fuel. The heavier the load, the more fuel the engine needs to be able to get you from point to point.


You can also expect to have a more challenging time driving these RVs. Since they are huge, they would be harder to maneuver especially along sharp curves and tight roads. You also need a bigger parking and storage space.


This luxury and space come with a higher upfront cost. Class A motorhome toy haulers are more expensive than regular motorhomes, trailers, and 5th wheels.

Their operation and maintenance are also more expensive. For example, larger parking and storage spaces are charged with higher fees.

Take note of these drawbacks and check if the benefits outweigh the costs to see if this RV is worth it for you.

Can you put a car in a Class A toy hauler?

Several new large Class A rv motorhomes are parked together in a line

We understand that bringing a car can be more convenient when you go around town instead of taking your motorhome with you. And when you hear the word garage, you would immediately think that you could fit a car in there.

But in general, Class A toy haulers cannot accommodate regular-sized vehicles. Some can allow you to bring a small lightweight car depending on the model's weight capacity.

But it would mean that you can't bring your other man toys. That's why it's important to consider this if you're planning to bring your car with you.

Final Thoughts

Take your vacations to the highest level with these RVs on the road. Make sure to study the specs and features of each Class A motorhome toy hauler so that you can come up with the perfect choice.

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