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6 Small And Lightweight Toy Hauler RVs Under 5,000 Lbs

If you want to bring that motorcycle along with you while you take your RV across the country, you might be looking into a toy hauler RV.

While toy haulers are convenient, they tend to be bulky and heavy. In fact, it's a challenge to find RVs like this that leave room to carry something extra without becoming overweight.

Luckily, we have researched all the popular lightweight toy haulers on the market and have them on a list for you here. 

There are a few lightweight toy hauler RVs available to choose from, and each of them is a pull-behind camper.

These RVs are travel trailers that require another vehicle to pull them. The lack of an engine or other mechanical parts cuts the weight of the RV significantly. Here is a list of six lightweight and small toy hauler RVs:

  1. Forest River Explore Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH
  2. Forest River Explore No Boundaries NB10.6
  3. inTech Flyer Explore
  4. KZ Sportsman Classic
  5. KZ Escape
  6. Jayco Octane Super Lite

There is a list of options you can explore the next time you go RV shopping, but there's more you should know about each model. In the remainder of this post, we will examine each of the six toy haulers to better understand their features and capabilities.

Additionally, we will touch more on toy haulers in general, covering areas from cost to carrying capacity. Stay with us!

A truck towing a RV trailer, 6 Small And Lightweight Toy Hauler RVs Under 5,000 Lbs

6 Lightweight Toy Hauler RVs

The toy hauler RV allows you to get the most recreation out of a recreational vehicle. You can use the garage-like storage area of toy haulers to house gear like surfboards or kayaks or something even bigger like a dirtbike.

The thing is, adding extra equipment into an RV could cause weight concerns, particularly if you have a truck with a lower towing capacity. 

Each of the following toy hauler RVs is considered lightweight because they fall below the empty weight of 5,000 lbs. The only toy haulers that fit into such a low-weight class are the pull-behind models.

Other full RV models, with engine and all included, weigh far too much ever to be considered lightweight. For example, the Outlaw Toy Hauler from Thor Motor Coach has a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 lbs. 

So, as we finish with some general discussion, here are the examples of the actual lightweight toy haulers:

1. Forest River Explore Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH

The Forest River Explore Flagstaff E-Pro is a lightweight toy hauler that weighs 3,433 lbs unloaded and has a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,498 lbs.

The cargo area of the Flagstaff E-Pro is 6.92 feet long, and it has a kitchenette along the length of one wall. On the other wall, there is a bench-style couch that folds up to allow for cargo space. 

The back of the Flagstaff E-Pro is complete with a door that folds down into a loading ramp. The doorway measures 60 by 68 inches. In addition to the kitchenette, complete with a medium-sized fridge, there is a bathroom with a shower and a full-size bed. 

2. Forest River Explore No Boundaries NB10.6

Forest River also makes the second toy hauler RV on our list, the Explore No Boundaries. The No Boundaries has an unloaded vehicle weight of 1,763 lbs and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,973 lbs.

The interior space is smaller than the Flagstaff, as the No Boundaries is more trailer than RV, while the Flagstaff is the inverse. 

Consequently, the No Boundaries has fewer overall features than the Flagstaff.

The No Boundaries features an interior that is mainly dedicated to storage space, outside of a fold-out queen-size bed, side tables, and a pantry. There is an exterior pull-out kitchen as well as a rooftop tent. 

3. inTech Flyer Explore 

The lightest toy hauler on the list is the inTech Flyer Explore RV. The Flyer Explore has a dry weight of 1,440 lbs but can increase up to 2,020 lbs with the addition of optional features.

The rear ramp opening of the Explore measures 61 inches by 59 inches, and there is an interior length of 97 inches. 

The interior of the Flyer Explorer is pretty basic, with open space for storing gear and a bed that pops out to one side of the RV to maximize floor space.

One high point of this RV trailer is that it is built for off-road performance and has upgradable features like off-road tires. 

4. KZ Sportman's Classic

Next on the list is the KZ Sportman's Classic toy hauler RV. This RV has an unloaded vehicle weight of 3,120 lbs and a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,000 lbs.

That means you can add 1,880 lbs to this toy hauler, including passengers and all gear. There is nine feet of length in the cargo area and a ramp door that measures 78 by 73.5 inches. 

The Sportsman's Classic is a return to luxury compared to the most recent two RVs on the list. This KZ comes complete with a full bathroom, bunk beds, a kitchenette, and a pull-out sofa.

On top of that, there is pass-through storage underneath the front section of the Sportman's Classic for even more cargo on the road. 

5. KZ Escape

Also from KZ is the Escape lightweight toy hauler RV. All floorplans of the KZ Escape weigh under 5,000 lbs, the lightest model being 2,770 lbs. That same model has a cargo-carrying capacity of 730 pounds, making the Escape more suitable for lighter cargo.

One drawback of the Escape is that it doesn't have a ramp into the storage area, so dirtbikes may not be the best cargo to bring along with this toy hauler.

The hatch door does double as a second awning to the 10-14-foot awning you'll find on the passenger side. The Escape features a U-shaped dinette that converts into a bed and an optional solar panel for use in off-grid camping. 

6. Jayco Octane Super Lite

Last on the list is the Jayco Octane Super Lite toy hauler. The RV has an unloaded vehicle weight of 4,570 lbs and a cargo-carrying capacity of 2,930 lbs.

The Octane Super Lite has a seven-foot spring-assisted ramp that opens up into an eight-foot-long cargo area. This RV is more suited to heavier and larger equipment, like motorcycles, than a few others on this list. 

The interior of the Octane Super Lite has a seating area that converts two sofas and an indoor/outdoor table into a queen bed. There is also a full bathroom and kitchenette towards the front of the RV. 

Who Makes the Lightest Weight Toy Hauler?

The lightest weight toy hauler RV currently on the market is the Flyer Explore model from the manufacturer inTech.

inTech RV Flyer Explore Off-Road RV

On the product page for the Flyer Explore RV, inTech lists the weight range as being between 1,440 to 2,020 lbs. That, of course, is a dry weight without any additional gear or supplies loaded into the RV trailer. 

The reason the manufacturer gives a weight range is that several optional base features alter the weight of the RV. For example, you can add a slide-out kitchen or a rooftop A/C unit onto the Flyer Explore.

Each of those features will add a significant amount of weight. But, that being said, the base model that weighs 1,440 lbs is the lightest toy hauler on the market. 

Can you put a Car in a Toy Hauler?

What Is a Toy Hauler (Including 6 Detailed Examples)

Since toy hauler RVs are often equipped with a loading ramp, can you drive a car into one? If so, will the RV even be able to support the weight of the vehicle?

With most toy haulers, space and weight become an issue very quickly when it comes to attempting to haul a car. 

But some toy haulers are designed to accommodate car hauling. For example, the Explore Work and Play from Forest River RVs have a ramp door and storage area large enough to fit a car inside.

On the contrary, all of the lightweight toy haulers discussed in this post will never be able to carry a vehicle. 

To put this into perspective, let's go back to the lightest of the lightweight toy haulers, the inTech Flyer Explore.

According to its specs page, this toy hauler trailer has a maximum net carrying capacity of 1,540 lbs. That is far too low to support any type of car outside of maybe a Smart Car, which wouldn't fit in the cargo area anyway. 

What Size Car fits in a Toy Hauler?

So, if we look at one of the toy haulers that actually can fit a car, the Explore Work and Play, we will be able to tell what size car will work. According to the RV's specs page, the Work and Play has a cargo-carrying capacity of 3,985 lbs.

Vehicles that fall within this weight range include small sedans and coupes. Even the Ford Mustang has several trims that weigh under 3,985 lbs. 

The other measurement that is important to examine is the actual size of the cargo area on the toy hauler. The garage area on the Work and Play 29SS model is 15 feet, 7 inches long.

There is plenty of space in that garage to fit most cars, meaning that weight is the primary concern with toy haulers. 

How Much do Toy Haulers Cost?

Motorhome on a large commercial truck chassis, Do Toy Haulers Have AC? [And How To Keep Them Cool]


As with all RVs and vehicles, the cost of toy haulers largely depends on factors like additions and capabilities. Small, lightweight toy haulers like we covered in this post cost $9,000 to $40,000.

Once you move away from pull-behind RV trailers and get into fifth-wheels and other types of toy haulers, it gets much more expensive—upwards of $80,000. 

Why are Toy Haulers so Expensive?

Stryker toy hauler by Cruiser RV

Toy haulers are often more expensive than regular travel trailers because they come with ready-to-use extra features.

The main feature is the ability to carry large amounts of oversized gear in the back garage area of the RV. Additionally, many of them have excellent, big rear doors that double as ramps. 

In Closing

If you are looking for a toy hauler RV but have a limited towing capacity on your truck or SUV, you'll want to focus on the lightweight class. There are numerous options for small toy haulers that weigh under 5,000 lbs.

Take a look at any of the six toy haulers on this list for ideas and inspiration for your next purchase. Don't be put off by the slightly higher price point of the toy hauler travel trailer; you're simply paying for extra functionality that will be worth it in the long run. 

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