How Much Weight Can A Toy Hauler Ramp Hold?

Toy haulers make it easier to bring your off-road vehicles with you on outings. However, you may wonder how much weight the ramp can support, as this will determine which of your vehicles you bring. Well, we have researched this question and have answers for you.

A typical toy hauler ramp has a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds. Some larger toy haulers have a ramp with a weight capacity of 3,000 pounds. There are also toy haulers that use the ramp as a patio. These toy haulers typically have a ramp capacity of 1,500 pounds when in patio mode.

This article will discuss how much weight a toy hauler ramp can hold, depending on the toy hauler's size. We will also look into how to adjust a toy hauler door and other toy hauler-related questions. Keep reading to learn more.

A blue car on the flats in toy hauler, How Much Weight Can A Toy Hauler Ramp Hold?

How Much Weight Can A Toy Hauler's Ramp Hold?

A toy hauler's ramp can hold a different amount of weight depending on the size and purpose of the ramp. Typically a toy hauler's ramp has a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds. This should be enough weight capacity to load even a large UTV.

There are some larger toy haulers with stronger ramps that can hold more. A large toy hauler can have a ramp that can support 3,000 pounds.

Some toy hauler ramps can be used as a patio. If your toy hauler is designed to use the ramp as a patio, it probably has separate weight limits for that mode. The weight limit typically associated with patio toy hauler ramps is 1,500 pounds. This is less than a standard ramp on a toy hauler, but using the ramp as a patio makes up for its lack of weight capacity.

How To Adjust A Toy Hauler Door

To adjust a toy hauler's door, find the latches on both sides of the door. Then, unlatch the latch and slide the bar away from the door. Do this on each side, and the door will be ready to open. Now gently pull the door towards you while backing up. Keep your hands pressed to the door as you slowly lower it. As you're lowering the door, be sure to keep it balanced to avoid being injured by its weight.

If you would like to see a video on how to do it, La Mesa RV has a great Youtube video on adjusting a toy hauler door.


How Much Cargo Can A Toy Hauler Hold?

Toy haulers have varied weight limits because they come in many different shapes and sizes. Most toy haulers have an average carrying capacity of 2,500 pounds.

While some can go as high as 5,000 pounds, it's not always the largest toy hauler that can carry the most. Giant toy haulers have to haul themselves as well, lowering their overall carry capacity. Let's look at several different toy haulers and see how they compare.

Keystone Raptor

The Keystone Raptor toy hauler has a cargo capacity of 3,775 pounds and is 39 feet long. As far as toy haulers go, this one has a high carrying capacity. You can find it on its manufacturer's website here.

Keystone Fuzion

The Keystone Fuzion has a cargo capacity of 3,144 pounds and is 39 feet long. Not too bad for a cargo capacity, but not as much as the Keystone Raptor. You can find the Keystone Fuzion on its manufacturer's website here.

Forest River Sandstorm

The Forest River Sandstorm is a toy hauler with a cargo capacity of 3,983 pounds and a length of 39 feet and three inches. This has quite a high cargo capacity and is slightly longer than the toy haulers from Keystone. You can find the Forest River Sandstorm on its manufacturer's website here.

Forest River Shockwave

The Forest River Shockwave has a cargo capacity of 4,149 pounds and a total length of 25 feet and ten inches. That makes this toy hauler a leader in its class for cargo capacity, despite its small wheelbase. You can find the Forest River Shockwave on its manufacturer's website here.

Heartland Trail Runner 3250DK

The Heartland Trail Runner 3250DK toy hauler has a cargo capacity of 1,588 pounds and a length of 36 feet. While it still has room for an ATV or even some UTVs, there is something left to be desired regarding this toy hauler's total cargo capacity.

Even though it can sleep up to eight people, it is also a perfect example of how giant toy haulers sometimes have a relatively low cargo capacity. You can find the Heartland Trail Runner 3250DK on its manufacturer's website here.

Heartland Elkridge 37BBH

The Heartland Elkridge 37BBH is a toy hauler with a cargo capacity of 3,812 pounds and an external length of 42 feet. This is an example of a large toy hauler that still has the power to have a large cargo capacity.

While cargo capacity and size are trade-offs for some toy haulers, this toy hauler has it all. You can find this sizeable toy hauler with a high cargo capacity on its manufacturer's website here.

As you can see, there is a wide range of cargo capacity limits and sizes of a toy hauler. Finding one that works for your needs will involve doing research, learning what you need, and learning what is available. Once you know what you are looking for, you can make an informed decision on a toy hauler.

How Long Do Toy Haulers Last?

A Ford F-150 towing a toy hauler photographed on the highway

How long your toy hauler will last depends significantly on how well you take care of it. If you properly maintain your toy hauler, it can last at least ten years, all the way up to twenty years.

While different models and brands of toy haulers will have a wide range of life expectancies, we have found that the most common trait of toy haulers that have lasted a long time is how well they are maintained.

This doesn't just mean cleaning chairs and floors but also taking care of them mechanically as well. Perhaps the most critical care tip to extend your trailer's lifespan is to avoid overloading it.

If your toy hauler is often loaded to its maximum capacity, it is under a lot of pressure. As a result, its lifespan will be shorter because of the extra wear on critical components. Because of this, take care to avoid overloading your toy hauler to experience the most extended lifespan.

Do Toy Haulers Need Insurance?

Since a toy hauler isn't a motorized vehicle, it doesn't require insurance to be legal. With that being said, they can be costly to replace, and it could be a good idea to get insurance for it. 

While a toy hauler will be covered by standard vehicle insurance, most policies won't cover the contents of the toy hauler. This can sometimes be worth thousands of dollars. That is why most people recommend insuring your toy hauler and its cargo.

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Toy Hauler?

Insuring your toy hauler should cost between $250 to $500 a year, depending on how much your toy hauler is worth and the specific insurance company you choose.

While the numbers above give you a general idea of the cost, an exact price will be generated at the insurance company at the time of insuring. If you have a large, expensive toy hauler, it may be closer to $500 a year. If your toy hauler is smaller, then insurance may only cost $250 a year. You will also need to factor in things like the age of the toy hauler and its condition.

3 Great Long Lasting Toy Haulers With Ramps

Let's talk about three toy haulers that are known for having a long lifespan if properly maintained.

Forest River Wolf Pack

The Forest River Wolf Pack comes with a patio ramp. It also comes with a full bathroom and kitchen. With many amenities from the bedroom to the living area, you will enjoy a Forest River Wolf Pack for many years.

These toy haulers are built with high-quality materials. As a result of that, many owners report having them for many years. You can find it here on the manufacturer's website.

Dutchman Atlas

The Dutchman Atlas is a toy hauler with an outstanding record of longevity. People enjoy these toy haulers because they are well worth the price because of how long they last.

If you want to get yourself a long-lasting Dutchman Atlas, you can find it here on the manufacturer's website.

Grand Design Momentum

The Grand Design Momentum toy hauler has a long record of being well-built and lasting a long time. When Grand Design builds the Momentum toy haulers, they use sturdy materials to make them more durable. If you would like to learn more about Grand Design's Momentum, feel free to explore its manufacturer's website.

Final Thoughts

We learned that a toy hauler ramp can typically hold between 1,500 pounds to 3,000 pounds. Larger models are usually capable of holding more. Unlike ramp capacity, cargo capacity doesn't always increase in larger toy haulers. As a result, some large toy haulers have low cargo capacities when compared with smaller trailers. 

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