6 Great Toy Haulers With Bunk Beds

Toy haulers represent an easy way to bring fun amenities like ATVs or dirt bikes on your RVing trips. But some toy haulers also optimize sleeping space by having bunk beds for traveling with families or friends. We've identified six toy haulers with bunks that'll ensure your trips remain a relaxing, fun experience.

RVs don't get much more comfortable than high-quality toy haulers. Each of these following six options are excellent examples of what makes haulers standout from the rest: 

  • Dutchmen Voltage Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler 4225 
  • Forest River Wolf Pack 23PACK15 Toy Hauler
  • KZ Sportsmen Classic 180DB Toy Hauler
  • Alliance Valor 40V13 Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler
  • Northwest Desert Fox 21SW Toy Hauler
  • Yetti Traxx Edition T816-DK Toy Hauler

Of course, listing them out doesn't provide a complete picture of what each one offers. Please continue reading as we dive deeper into these toy haulers to help determine what one suits your needs. So let's take a look at what makes these six options such excellent choices for RV travelers.

A travel trailer with bunk beds, 6 Great Toy Haulers With Bunk Beds

6 Great Toy Haulers With Bunk Beds

1. Dutchmen Voltage Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler 4225 

The Dutchman Voltege Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler 4225 is a much larger option than you expect. It can handle a maximum cargo or payload capacity of 3,718 pounds without issue. As a result, RVers can bring their snow machines, ATVs, and UTVs without sacrificing their camping gear.

You won't find a more comfortable toy hauler around, either. With its various bunk beds, sofas, and a king bed, this monster fifth-wheel can comfortably sleep seven to nine people. In particular, the bunk beds are pretty impressive as they're much larger and cozier than regular ones.

Parents will also find this option much more convenient for their needs. The master bedroom (king bed included) is far away from their kid's potential bunk area. Traveling with family or friends is a less stressful experience as everyone gets their own space and privacy.

Click here to see more of the Dutchmen Voltage Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler 4225. 

2. Forest River Wolf Pack 23PACK15 Toy Hauler

Forest River managed to combine the best of both worlds with this toy hauler. It provides a sizable amount of cargo space that's usually only seen with fifth-wheel options. But it's also fixed with a standard travel trailer hitch for a smoother towing experience. 

It ends up being a perfect option for medium-sized families with a lot of camping gear and toys. You won't need to sacrifice anything when traveling inside this toy hauler. Plus, the rear ramp allows for a much simpler way of packing your rig and setting up a camp. 

The rear ramp even converts into a comfortable outdoor patio to offer another relaxing area. Buyers also often point to its the rear area's sofa beds as another highlight inclusion. After all, these sofa beds can convert into overhead bunk spaces for additional sleeping areas.

Click here to see more of the Forest River Wolf Pack 23PACK15 Toy Hauler.

3. KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH Toy Hauler

Lightweight toy haulers don't usually come as equipped as KZ's Sportsmen Classic 180TH Toy Hauler. It only weighs 3,260 pounds while still having enough room to sleep four people comfortably. Its 21.8" build length contains two bunk beds and a flip-out sofa to fulfill those accommodations.

Meanwhile, it still has enough room for a full-equipped bathroom and large kitchen area. You'll benefit significantly from the included fridge and microwave to help keep things convenient. RVers won't have to worry about finding space for their food and drinks with this lightweight trailer.

Users will also look at the sizable ramp door (78" x 73 1/2") as another winning attribute. It should allow for easy transport of ATVs, dirt bikes, and similar traveling toys. Lastly, there's plenty of floor space to fit those items when you're traveling. 

Click here to see more of the KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH Toy Hauler.

4. Alliance Valor 40V13 Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler

Luxury fifth-wheel toy haulers aren't always designed to handle every RVing adventure. But Alliance's Valor 40V13 Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler isn't one of them as it can go anywhere you want. It also provides this traveling versatility without removing any high valued, comfortable furnishings.  

This 44-foot long rig contains three slide-outs and can sleep up to nine people with ease. One of the main reasons for its large sleeping capacity is its queen-sized bunk beds. No family member will be left without a cozy place to sleep within this fully-equipped toy hauler. 

As for its storage capacity, this toy hauler has a fully insulated 13-foot separate garage. So it shouldn't have any problems storing whatever a person might need on their trip. You'll benefit from the garage having a fully ducted AC and heat source, too, as it'll help protect your gear.

Click here to see more of the Alliance Valor 40V13 Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler.

5. Northwest Desert Fox 21SW Toy Hauler

Northwest's Desert Fox 21SW Toy Hauler is one of the more comfortable smaller options. It offers several relaxing areas with its bunk beds, comfortable double living room chairs, and dinette. In other words, Northwest did an excellent job maximizing the floor plan to ensure a delightful traveling experience.

But it also does a solid job concerning its cargo capabilities. For instance, it has a 90" x 90" fold-down cargo door when someone needs to load something onto the rig. You can even add on a ramp door patio kit for more comfort during your RVing adventures. 

The interior decor isn't anything to overlook, either. It's known for its cathedral ceiling, which allows for a much roomier feel inside the rig. You won't ever find yourself feeling unreasonably cramped inside this Northwest toy hauler. 

Click here to see more of the Northwest Desert Fox 21SW Toy Hauler.

6. Yetti Traxx Edition T816-DK Toy Hauler

Our final option, Yetti Traxx Edition T816-DK Toy Hauler, is more suited for a person traveling alone or a few friends but remains a high-quality choice. This toy hauler is a godsend for RVers who want a simple, straightforward way to bring their toys on trips. It offers 175" x 70" of cargo space and a carrying capacity of 1,880 pounds, perfect for hauling a UTV or ATV. 

As for the bunk situation, it has a dinette with a bunk overhead. You shouldn't have any issues sleeping two to three people on a fishing trip without any comfort issues. It's a perfect setup for a guy's trip away from the grind of everyday life when it gets a little too stressful. 

We should also mention the fully-functioning microwave, TV hookups, and various cabinets. As a result, it's a valuable bargain option for someone who doesn't need all the amenities provided in a luxury toy hauler.

Click here to see more of the Yetti Traxx Edition T816-DK.

What size beds are in toy haulers?

It'll depend on your particular toy hauler, but there's typically enough space for bunk beds and a master bed. The master bed will usually be an RV king (72×80) or an RV queen size (72x76). In either case, it's easy to see why traveling RV families often choose a toy hauler.

Are toy haulers cheaper than travel trailers?

In general, toy haulers aren't cheaper than travel trailers. Buyers can expect to spend anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 more on these RVs. The difference will vary depending on its amenities and size, but it tends to be a costly endeavor. However, standard toy haulers (non-fifth-wheel variety) are often less expensive than regular fifth-wheel RVs.

Are toy haulers built better than travel trailers?

RV manufacturers build toy haulers on heavier frames, making them more durable. It allows toy haulers to handle going off-road a lot easier than your typical travel trailer. Furthermore, toy haulers also have stronger suspensions and axles that offer a better, sturdier overall build.

How long does a toy hauler last?

A toy hauler should last 5 to 10 years without much issue. But these vehicles can last a lot longer with an owner who puts time and money into their maintenance. If you stay up-to-date, there's no reason your toy hauler couldn't last multiple decades with proper repairs. 

What is the best toy hauler for the money?

If you're looking for a bargain buy option, Yetti Traxx Edition T816-DK Toy Hauler would be the best bet. Its stripped-back approach to amenities keeps the cost down while providing every essential. RVers who need a camper for short fishing trips with their friends have to consider this option seriously.

But if money isn't an issue, luxury fifth-wheel options would provide the best travel quality. The Dutchman Voltage Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler 4225 or Alliance Valor 40V13 Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler should perfectly suit those needs. Toy haulers don't get more tricked out than them. 

Can you be in a toy hauler while driving?

It isn't legal for people to be inside a toy while it's being towed or moved. This entire experience would be hazardous as these RVs weren't built for it. The only RVs with these capabilities would be Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhomes. 

We hope our discussions about toy haulers answered all your questions. But if you have a few more, don't hesitate to leave us a post in the comment section. We'd love to help!

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