How Tall Is A Nissan NV And Will It Fit In My Garage?

The Nissan NV has plenty of interior space and features that make it an asset for life and work. By appearance, it looks like one of the tallest cargo vans you can find on the market. Understanding that height and how it will affect the daily use of the Nissan NV is hard to visualize. We researched the height on all trims of the NV and want to explain how the cargo van will do with everyday things like housing it in a garage. 

The Nissan NV has two different types of roofs available, the standard and the high. The standard roof measures 6.99 feet tall, while the high roof measures 8.83 feet tall. Since the average garage door opening is approximately seven or eight feet tall, the standard roof NV should fit in an eight-foot garage. Unfortunately, the high roof version of the NV will not fit into most standard garages. 

That's the basic info on the potential heights of the Nissan NV cargo van, but there's more you should know. In the remainder of this post, we will discuss which roof type is available on which trim and provide a breakdown of each trim/roof combination's height. We will also discuss what the resulting interior height is from each of the roof types.

A Nissan NV Cargo Trucks at a parking lot, How Tall Is A Nissan NV And Will It Fit In My Garage?

Heights of the Nissan NV Cargo Van

Broadly put, the Nissan NV cargo van comes in one of two different roofing styles. The choice of roofing style alone determines the total height of the vehicle. The options are either standard or high roof, and they are not available on every trim type. 

Any other options that you may have when purchasing or building your own Nissan NV will not affect the overall height. For example, there are three trim levels; NV 1500, NV 2500, and Nv 3500. Each of these represents a different level of power and capability for the cargo van. That being said, these numbers have no meaning for the size or height of the vans. You will see below that both height options are available within most of the trim levels. 

From tallest to shortest, here are the heights of all of the available trim and feature combinations of the Nissan NV according to their specs page:

  • NV 3500 HD SL with a high roof - 8.83 feet tall
  • NV 3500 HD SV with a high roof - 8.83 feet tall 
  • NV 2500 HD SV with a high roof - 8.83 feet tall 
  • NV 2500 HD S with a high roof - 8.83 feet tall
  • NV 3500 HD SV with the standard roof - 6.99 feet tall
  • NV 2500 HD SV with the standard roof - 6.99 feet tall 
  • NV 2500 HD S with the standard roof - 6.99 feet tall
  • NV 1500 SV with the standard roof - 6.99 feet tall
  • NV 1500 S with the standard roof - 6.99 feet tall

How Tall is the Nissan NV 1500?

Fleet of Nissan NV Cargo Trucks

The Nissan NV 1500 is the base model of the cargo van and the lowest of the three tiers. Consequently, it is only available with the standard roof. It is the only one of the three trim types that do not have the option of a high roof. So, all types of Nissan NV 1500 (S and SV specs) are 83.9 inches or 6.99 feet tall. To give you an idea of what that roofing height looks like, you can see it pictured above. 

How Tall is the Nissan NV 2500?

Unlike the NV 1500, the NV 25oo has two different roof height options, standard and high. The NV 2500 HD S and the NV 2500 HD SV trims come in both standard and high roof options, meaning you have the choice of how tall you want the van to be. The NV 2500s with the standard roof are 6.99 feet tall, while the high roof versions are 8.83 feet tall. 

How Tall is the NV 3500 High Roof?

So, how tall is the high roof option on the 3500? The biggest version of the Nissan NV is the 3500 HD SL, and it only comes in the high roof option. Therefore, its total height measures 8.83 feet tall. The other NV 3500 is the HD SV, and it is available in both the standard and high roof versions. The standard version of the NV 3500 HD SV is 6.99 feet tall, and the high roof version is 8.83 feet tall, just like the premium HD SL. 

So, all in all, the trim difference (as in 1500 vs. 2500 vs. 3500) doesn't determine the height on the NV at all. What determines the height is the roof style option available within each of those trim levels. 

Does Nissan NV fit in a garage?

Let's put the heights of the various NV models into more concrete terms by discussing if any of them can fit in a garage. S0, the average height of either a one or two-car garage is seven or eight feet tall. Residential garages of these sizes typically cause taller cars, and unfortunately, the Nissan NV is no exception. 

The standard roof Nissan NV measures 6.99 feet tall, just under the standard garage door height of seven feet. If you have a garage that measures seven feet high, you probably won't be able to get the standard roof NV in safely. However, if you have a two-car garage that measures eight feet in height, the standard roof NV should fit without issue. 

Real problems come from the high roof version of the Nissan NV cargo van. Measuring at 8.83 feet tall, no standard residential garage will be able to house it. You'll need an industrial or custom-made garage (more common in detached garages) to stow away your high roof Nissan NV. 

What is the Height in Inches of the Cargo Area in the 2020 NV Cargo High Roof?

Another helpful aspect is to discuss the interior height of one of the NV cargo vans. First, let's take a closer look at the inside of the high roof option on the NV. According to the Nissan specs page, the high roof version has 76.9 inches or 6.4 feet of maximum cargo height. That interior height is high enough for most people to stand up. The space makes moving about in the cargo area effortless compared to other vans. 

In contrast, the interior maximum cargo height in the NV vans with standard sizes roofs is 55.8 inches or 4.65 feet. That's just under two feet of interior height difference between the two roof types. You may be able to fit the standard roof version into a garage, but standing up inside is impossible for most people. 

What's the Difference Between NV 1500 and 2500?

We've spoken a lot on the different Nissan NV trims noted by their number: 1500, 2500, or 3500. Of course, there are various height differences between and among each of these trims. But there are also other differences between them that you should know about. 

Traditionally, the numbers behind vans and trucks symbolized the differences in power and payload capacity. Today, this isn't always the case, and there isn't always a considerable difference between trims. The major difference is that the NV 1500 only comes with a V6 engine, whereas the NV 2500 gives you the option to upgrade to a V8.

The NV 1500 also only has the option of a 5-speed automatic transmission, while the NV 2500 can have either a 5-speed or a 7-speed automatic transmission. The differences come down to performance and payload capacity. But, you can get an NV 2500 version built to near the same specs available on an NV 1500. 

When comparing the 3500 to the other two trim levels, the NV 3500s are only available with a V8 engine. The 3500 marker on the NV notes a cargo van that is much more powerful than the others below. In all, there are no size differences between the trim levels that the numbers display. 

In Closing

The cargo van isn't the most garage-friendly after studying the garage potential of all the NV trims and roof heights. If you need a cargo van but keeping it in the garage is required, you must choose one of the standard roof models like the NV 1500. But if you can live without the option to keep the NV in a garage, the high roof models offer plenty of standing room. This room will make loading and working out of the back of your van infinitely easier. 

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