Can You Fit a Dog in a Mini Clubman?

Are you looking to find out if you can fit your dog in a Mini Cooper Clubman for traveling? Before you take your dog anywhere, it can be significant to know if your vehicle is safe for your animal.

In this article, we will be revealing what a vehicle needs to be animal-safe and if a Mini Cooper Clubman can fit your dog.

You can fit a dog in a Mini Cooper Clubman. A dog needs enough room for them to be secure, either in a dog crate or in a harness. The back of the Mini Cooper Clubman can fit a dog crate, so it should have no problem fitting a dog.

This article will look into whether you can fit a dog in a Mini Cooper Clubman and some other interesting questions.

Like, which is bigger, a Mini Cooper Clubman or Countryman, or whether the Mini Cooper Clubman has been discontinued. Keep reading to learn more.

The Mini John Cooper Works Clubman is the perfect recreational vehicle, beside a cliff near the ocean and a dog. Can You Fit A Dog In A Mini Clubman

Can You Fit a Dog in a Mini Clubman?

You can fit a dog in a Mini Cooper Clubman. To legally carry your dog in the vehicle, they need to be secured so that they aren't a distraction to the driver. You can accomplish this in one of two ways.

The first way people secure their dogs is with a dog crate. A dog crate is a small cage for your dog that can fit in the back seats or cargo space.

The Mini Cooper Clubman can fit a dog crate in the back seats and the cargo. This means that the Mini Cooper Clubman would work fine for securing your pet.

The other way people secure their dogs is with seatbelts and harnesses. There is a new kind of dog harness that attaches to the seat belt in your car so you can have your dogs in the back seat without having to set up a dog crate.

This can save time and energy. It can be cumbersome to move a dog crate in and out of a vehicle.

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Can You Fit a Cat in a Mini Clubman?

Now that we know you've got ample seating and cargo space for a dog, you'll be happy to hear that means you can also transport your cat using a cat crate in the Mini Clubman

Cats can become very nervous when in a moving vehicle. For your protection and the cat’s protection, be sure to keep your cat in the cat crate the entire time the car is in motion.

It might be helpful to also cover the crate with a blanket to help your cat stay calm.

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How Big is the Trunk in a Mini Clubman?

The trunk of a Mini Cooper Clubman is large for a subcompact car. It also has 17.5 cubic feet of cargo space if you put down the seat, which expands to 47.9 cubic feet of cargo space.

While the volume of cargo space is displayed for the Mini Cooper Clubman in cubic feet, we have converted it to liters.

The cargo space in liters is 495 liters with the seats up, 1,356 liters with the seats down. The interior of vehicles and fridges all use liters when comparing volumetric spaces.

So the trunk of a Mini Cooper Clubman is ready to hold everything you could want to bring on that next trip.

What Can You Fit in a Mini Clubman Trunk?

With such ample cargo space, you may be wondering what you can bring. Well, if you want to bring dogs, you could bring a few! The back cargo has enough room to carry two dog crates.

Then you could have two more dog crates in the back seat. If you only put one dog in a crate, you could safely bring four dogs in a Mini Cooper Clubman.

Then you can think about camping. If you go camping, you would have room for an ice chest and all your folding chairs. There would be room for snacks and also fishing gear. If you wanted to bring an inflatable raft, you could fit that too!

With so much room, it is also an excellent vehicle to go on road trips. People in the back seat will be much more comfortable with legroom and more open-air around them.

This can be good for long car trips when it can get uncomfortable to sit down.

With such a spacious vehicle, the possibilities are nearly endless!

MINI countryman car in racing green color side view in sea beach coast

Which is Bigger: Mini Clubman or Countryman?

Many people want to know which vehicle is bigger, a Mini Cooper Clubman or a Mini Cooper Countryman. It may be your gut feeling to say that the Mini Cooper Countryman is bigger, but it is nearly the same size.

Both of these vehicles have almost identical vehicle lengths. The only numerical difference is that the Mini Cooper Countryman is 4.6 inches taller than the Mini Cooper Clubman.

This difference in height doesn't add up to a significant change in the cargo room. While this means that you have more cargo room in the Mini Cooper Countryman, the extra 4.6 inches only add a negligible cargo room increase.

It is unlikely you would notice a difference buying groceries in one versus the other.

Overall, these vehicles are similar not only in features but even in price. These vehicles will both come with everything you have come to expect from a Mini Cooper.

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Is the Mini Clubman a Good Car?

Can You Fit A Dog In A Mini Clubman

While a lot of what makes a car good is an opinion, there are some things we can state about the quality of a vehicle. Many people who own a Mini Cooper Clubman enjoy owning it.

Many owners noted that it has good handling when on the road. Lots of other owners like how powerful the stock engine is.

This vehicle also has the classic Mini Cooper look that has made the brand so famous. This is something that many owners of the car have come to expect.

Also, there is a lot of cargo room. With so many perks to the vehicle, it was hard to find a con. We did, however, find some aspects that consistently let people down.

The Mileage

The Mini Cooper Clubman ranks so high on so many of our categories it is hard to imagine that there could be something less than perfect about it. Alas, there is one drawback to this vehicle. It doesn't get great gas mileage.

You can expect to get around 25 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. For a subcompact car, that isn't great. So while there are many great reasons to own this vehicle, its gas mileage isn't one.

The Over-Complicated Electronic System

There is one other thing that Mini Cooper Clubman owners have found that they don't care for. The electronic system for controlling the entertainment system is a bit too complicated.

If you need to figure out the entertainment system in a Mini Cooper Clubman, you may need to lookup an online tutorial.

This is because the system that they installed is less than user-friendly. It can take a while to understand all of the settings.

The good news is once you understand how it works, you will find that it does have a wide selection of entertainment settings. This is the bright side of one of the few downsides to a Mini Cooper Clubman.

Is the Mini Clubman Discontinued?

The answer to whether the Mini Cooper Clubman is discontinued is complicated. Technically no, Mini Cooper Clubman is not discontinued.

They are still making on a new one this year. The issue is that they have stopped a large section of models of Mini Coopers except for the most luxurious high-class Mini Cooper Clubmans. 

There are several reasons that Mini Cooper may have decided to do this. There have been rumors that Mini Cooper Clubman wasn't selling as they felt they should and that the company may start losing money.

They thought they needed to do something to improve profits. Their solution was to trim the lineup down and only sell the highest quality Mini Coopers they make.

Whether their business move was a smart one, time will tell. You can know that the Mini Cooper Clubman isn't discontinued, but there may be less for sale this year than in the previous years.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we learned that you could fit a dog in a Mini Cooper Clubman. We also learned some interesting facts about the size of the Mini Cooper Clubman's trunk.

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