Can You Get A Volvo Oil Change Anywhere?

The common notion about luxury cars is that they are selective when it comes to maintenance and repairs. You can only get the parts and services from authorized dealers. Does this apply to Volvo vehicles as well? In particular, where can you get your engine oil and filter changed when it's time for this routine maintenance? We've asked Volvo experts and enthusiasts, and here's what we found out.

You can get your Volvo oil change anywhere. Of course, the manufacturers would prefer that you get this service at their authorized retailers, but this is a relatively simple task. Your trusted mechanic can do this just as efficiently and effectively.

Continue reading so we can tell you more about the maintenance of Volvo cars, particularly when it comes to oil changing. We'll share with you how much it'll cost, what kind of oil is best to use, and where to have the oil changed. We'll also discuss if Volvo vehicles are expensive to maintain. Let's begin!

View of the new Volvo S60 T6 coupe parked on the road with the Badlands National Park in the background, Can You Get A Volvo Oil Change Anywhere?

Where can I get my oil changed for my Volvo? 

Volvo is one of the safest and most reliable luxury vehicles in the market. It promises a smooth driving experience to anyone who's fortunate enough to afford one.

But no matter how reliable its performance is, owners won't be able to maximize a Volvo's performance without the proper TLC. Volvo engines, just like other vehicles, rely on the owner's compliance to a routine maintenance schedule so that these vehicles are always in great condition.

One of the most important maintenance procedures that a Volvo car requires is an oil change. Engine oil is essential in lubricating different moving components of the engine and assists in its smooth operation.

Volvo owners can have this procedure done at authorized Volvo dealers. They can also go to their trusted auto shops like Firestone Complete Auto Care. Or if they're comfortable with tools, they can also do it on their own since this task is quite simple to do.

When do I need a Volvo oil change?

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The frequency of oil changes would depend on the distance covered by your vehicle and the type of oil used. Volvo recommends changing the oil and filters in their vehicles every 10,000 miles for those using synthetic oil and up to 5,000 miles when conventional oil is used. 

Now, let's briefly discuss the different types of engine oils to help you determine what is used in your Volvo:

  • Conventional oil: This is made from crude oil and then refined in the factory. With the use of various additives and technologies, its engine protective properties and its viscosity are enhanced.
  • Full-synthetic oil: This is entirely made in the controlled setting of a lab or factory. It is more refined, offers better engine protection, and lasts longer than standard engine oil.
  • Synthetic blend oil: It is a combination of conventional and full-synthetic oil. It is made of both natural and artificial ingredients. When it comes to performance, it's also midway between the 2 types of oil.
  • High-mileage oil: As the name implies, this type of oil is recommended for those with accrued high mileage. Cars with over 75,000 miles would benefit from this unique blend of oil. Its additives are specially formulated to help protect engines, prevent oil evaporation, and improve the engine's overall performance.

Standard engine oil breaks down a lot sooner than full-synthetic oil; that's why it needs to be replaced sooner. You don't want a bad oil quality in your engine as it can affect its performance and damage its parts.

Does Volvo recommend synthetic oil?

Volvo V60 test drive day march 29 2021 in Hong Kong

Volvo recommends the use of synthetic oil for their recent models. The engine oil should not contain any additives. SAE 5W-30 is a good choice for regular driving. But for those who drive under extreme conditions, it's best to use SAE 0W-20. 

The ACEA specification is A5/B5, which indicates that the oil should have a lower viscosity. This makes for better fuel economy, engine protection, and overall performance. 

Full-synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, but it'll give Volvo engines the protection that they need. This type of engine oil will last longer, too. This means it won't break down easily, and you don't have to change your oil frequently --so that's more value for your money.

However, it's still best to check the owner's manual for the recommended schedule and specifications for engine fluids and lubricants. Using the wrong oil grade and viscosity can damage the engine and won't provide the protection that it needs. As such, you can't expect the Volvo vehicle to perform at its best on the road. 

What brand of oil does Volvo recommend?

It is said that Volvo and Castrol have formed a partnership. Every Volvo vehicle is filled with Castrol EDGE oil before it is shipped out to dealers and buyers. This type of engine oil can bring out the best in a Volvo's engine aside from optimizing its fuel consumption.

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However, under the Volvo VCC RBS0-2AE specification, Valvoline is also one of the approved engine oils for their vehicles. Their full-synthetic engine oil uses high-quality ingredients to guarantee the best protection for Volvo engines.

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Volvo owners in one forum also say that they're not particular about the brand of engine oil as long as it is synthetic. The choice of oil brand is subjective. Owners are more concerned about the amount of oil you pour in there because apparently, Volvo engines need a lot. Some need 5.9 quarts, while it can take up to 7.6 quarts for other models.

How much does a Volvo oil change cost?

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The price of an oil change for a Volvo vehicle would depend on the model, type of oil, and where you're going to have it changed. In general, the cost of changing oil for newer models is more expensive than older ones.

Conventional oil is significantly cheaper than full-synthetic oil. It also costs more to have this maintenance service done in authorized dealers than local mechanic shops.

For example, the price range for changing the oil and filter of a 2021 Volvo XC40 is between $280.54 and $398.25 when it's done in an automotive shop or at a Volvo dealer. Meanwhile, it'll cost between $229.31 and $325.27 for a 2019 Volvo XC40. 

However, if you can change the oil and filter or know someone who can do this for you, then you'll be able to save on the cost of labor. The average work rate is $71 so that's a big savings. You can put this money toward future maintenance services.

Are Volvos expensive to maintain?

As they always say, when you're buying a car, one of the special considerations you have to take note of is the maintenance cost. Your expenses don't stop with the purchase of the vehicle. Prepare yourself and your wallet for the fuel costs for its operation and the regular maintenance procedures to keep your car in top shape.

The average cost of maintenance of a Volvo vehicle is around $800 per year. This is way below the expenses for other luxury cars such as a Mercedes Benz, BMW, or a Cadillac that can cost you more than $1,000 annually. You will also see that this amount is at par with the average amount of $792 for the maintenance of regular vehicles.

Plus, you can even save up on costs when you avail of service specials at authorized Volvo dealers. There are packages and pre-paid maintenance plans that'll help you save a lot of money in the future. Or you can do some of the scheduled maintenance on your own. Some procedures are simple enough for any car owner to perform. 

Volvo cars are very reliable and owners don't have to spend much on repairs, either. These vehicles are only brought in for repairs 0.06 times in a year and most of these issues aren't even severe that'll require owners to spend a lot.

Volvo also offers a lifetime warranty for selected parts and services. That's why all things considered, Volvo cars aren't expensive to maintain.

Final Thoughts

View of the new Volvo S60 T6 coupe parked on the road with the Badlands National Park in the background, Can You Get A Volvo Oil Change Anywhere?

You can get your Volvo oil change anywhere although the manufacturers would certainly recommend that you go to their authorized dealers. But your trusted mechanic can also get the job done just as well. Just remember, don't miss out on your schedule for an oil change so that you can keep your engine going at its top performance.

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