What Are the Typical Dinette Booth Dimensions in an RV?

You want to make some renovations to your RV, so it’s a more comfortable vehicle for long-term lodging. One such addition you’ve had on your to-do list is to get dinette booths installed. The only issue is you’re not sure if your RV kitchen is spacious enough for booth seating. What are the average dimensions of RV dinette booth seating?

A typical RV dinette booth is about 30 inches tall (or taller) and 24 inches long. For a dual set of booths with a small dining table between them, you’d need at least 80 inches of space lengthwise.

Ahead, we’ll talk more about RV dinette booth dimensions so you can decide whether you can fit this kitchen addition in your vehicle. We’ll also discuss how to convert an RV dinette into a bed and some average table bed sizes.

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What Are the Standard Dinette Booth Dimensions in an RV?

When determining whether an RV dinette booth is a viable project for your vehicle’s kitchen, you need to know both the height and the length of the dinette booth.

How tall will the booths themselves stand? That’s at least 30 inches, but sometimes more. For instance, this Qualitex Frontier SL RV blueprint shows that their booths are 32.5 inches tall, with the seat part 12 inches and the rest of the booth about 20 inches. Here’s another blueprint for an unknown RV model with a booth that’s 31 inches tall.

You want a tabletop that’s about in line with that height. For example, the Qualitex RV tabletop is 32 inches tall.

The length of each booth seat included with the Qualitex RV model is 24 inches. That’s the same length of the booths in the second blueprint.

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Measuring both RV dinettes straight across, you get a length of 80 inches overall.

According to the information from those two RV dinette booth blueprints, your dinette will be at least 30 inches high at its tallest point and 80 inches long. If you don’t have that much room in your RV kitchen, you don’t have to forego kitchen seating entirely, thankfully. You can always try a small table and chair set or a half-booth rather than a full booth with a small dining table between it.

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How Do You Turn an RV Dinette into a Bed?

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What many RV owners do when shopping for a dinette is look for one that can convert into a bed at night. This way, although the dinette takes up more space than some other kitchen options, it’s justifiable considering it’s a bed as well.

If you just bought an RV dinette that converts into a bed, you may wonder how to transform it from one piece of furniture to another. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1

Look for a table lever, which should be front and center. When this lever is set, the table cannot move. As soon as you pull the lever, you can begin the conversion process into a bed.

Step 2

Raise your tabletop, which should be removable from the pedestal. It will come off all the way, so if you need a second set of hands to lift the tabletop without dropping it, that’s okay. Put it somewhere safe for now.

Step 3

The pedestal should remain beneath the tabletop. It is detachable, but you’ll have to unscrew its floor collar first. Then, the pedestal should come right up and off. Keep it somewhere safe as well.

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Step 4

It’s time to grab your tabletop again, as you need it for this next step. Nestle it in the middle of your dinette seats, specifically angling the tabletop on a lip it’s supposed to settle against. Then, set up your bed, using a sleeping bag or cushions to get it comfy enough for sleeping.

It’s then sweet dreams for you! If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a handy YouTube video you can check out for quick conversion from an RV dinette into a cozy bed.

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What Size Is a Table Bed in a Camper?

If your RV dinette does indeed convert into a bed, also known as a table bed, what kind of dimensions are standard?

For the spaciousness, the average person expects when sleeping, a slide-out dinette is typical for conversion into a bed. These table beds, so to speak, may have a length of 62 to 72 inches. That’s not as long as a dinette booth with a dining table, so you might be able to make this setup work even if your RV kitchen is a bit tiny.

If you have an end bed in your RV, going smaller on the size of the table bed is advisable. This way, it’s not such a struggle for you or your fellow family members to reach the end bed by having to navigate over the table bed first.

This is just a suggestion, though, so make sure you don’t sacrifice your comfort!


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A dinette booth is a perfect breakfast nook in your RV as well as a great place to enjoy dinner with the family, making unforgettable memories. You’ll need at least 80 inches lengthwise and 30 inches height-wise in your RV kitchen to make a dinette booth set work. Of course, you have plenty of other seating options if you lack the space.

For example, you might opt to get a table bed, which is a dinette that converts into a bed so that you can kill two birds with one stone. Now that you have the measurements you need, you’re ready to upgrade your RV interior. Best of luck!

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