Does GMC Sierra Have Cooled Seats?

The amount of time the average US consumer spends inside their vehicle has led to numerous technological innovations that have significantly increased safety and the overall sense of comfortability for drivers and passengers. Auto manufacturers have improved the heating and cooling systems in their vehicles and have begun offering better climate control elements to their products' interiors. GMC offers many standard and optional features to their cars and trucks that fit the modern driver's comfort needs, and the GMC Sierra is no exception. We've invested time into researching the GMC Sierra and it's various trim types so that many of your questions can be answered by continuing to read this post.

The GMC Sierra does not come with cooled seats. For 2021 model Sierra trucks, ventilated seats are an available option for certain trim styles.  Below are the available trim types for the GMC Sierra in 2021, and whether or not ventilated seats are available:

  • GMC Sierra SLE- not available
  • GMC Sierra Elevation-not available
  • GMC Sierra SLT-available as an upgrade option
  • GMC Sierra AT4- standard availability
  • GMC Sierra Denali- standard availability

Narrowing down your buying options before visiting the dealership helps save a lot of time and hassle. We've researched the GMC Sierra extensively, hope to help you begin the process of selecting which GMC Sierra is right for you. This post will also give you a better understanding of the differences between ventilated seats and cooled seats. It will also provide you with aftermarket options you can purchase should your selected vehicle not come equipped with these desired features.  We also discuss "automatic climate control" and which model GMC Sierras have this new technology available.

An up close photo of a GMC Sierra 1500 HD at a parking lot, Does GMC Sierra Have Cooled Seats?

Does GMC Sierra have cooled seats?

As we discussed above, none of the GMC Sierra models come equipped with cooled seats, either as a standard feature or as a package upgrade. However, several of the available GMC Sierra 2021 models have ventilated seats for the driver and front passengers. While the intentions behind ventilated seats and cooled seats are similar, they are not precisely the same. While researching the difference between the two, we made several discoveries that we believe will help you.

What is the difference between ventilated seats and cooled seats?

Both features utilize a series of internal fans that blow air throughout the seats, aided by perforations in the upholstery that the driver or passenger's bodies come in direct contact with. A ventilated seat is just that; rapidly circulating air that cools the body and greatly reduces discomfort and perspiration on the hottest days. 

An up close photo of a GMC Sierra's cooled seat

Cooled seats add refrigerant to the equation. Between the interior seat fans, cooling elements have been installed. These elements act in the way an air conditioning unit in a home would, in that they use a refrigerant and a compressor to rapidly cool the air that blows out through the perforations in the seat. 

Keep in mind that neither ventilated nor cooled seats work immediately upon activation. Just like the air conditioner in your car or truck's dash, they take a short amount of time after the engine begins to run at their optimum levels. The warmer the vehicle's interior before starting it, the longer the wait time will be. To reduce the wait time on the hottest days, parking in a shaded area or using a sunshade is recommended.

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Can you install aftermarket cooled seats?

If the car or truck you choose has everything you want in a vehicle except cooled seats, you needn't worry. Demand for this technology has created a sizable and very competitive aftermarket industry for this very feature. 

Most of the aftermarket kits are for combination heated and cooled seats. If your vehicle already has factory heated seats, your best option might be to get a cooled seat cover (see below), rather than trying to do an entire replacement of the factory system. But if your seats lack both heating and cooling features, some manufacturers sell aftermarket kits to equip your vehicle with this desired feature. 

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Importance of Perforated Seats

It's important to remember that whether your seats are ventilated or cooled, the seat upholstery must be perforated. These perforations are critical for the airflow from the fans to reach the body of the person seated. Not having the proper upholstery will result in the aftermarket product drastically underperforming, but it can lead to a diminished product life span. One option for an appropriate seat cover that is compatible with the GMC Sierra is available from Katzkin. Should you be considering putting an aftermarket heating/cooling unit in your GMC Sierra's seats, you can select the right upholstery online.


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After you're sure that you have the proper upholstery installed, you can select ventilated seat kits for your GMC Sierra.

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Cooled Seat Covers

While actual cooled or ventilated seats are typically the best options, there is an alternative for consumers who might not want the hassle to perform their own after-market installation or spend the money to have a dealership or mechanic do it. For a fraction of the aftermarket product and installation cost, you can purchase cooled seat covers. These seat covers will most commonly utilize cooling gels and interior fans to cool the seat. While the cooling gels aren't quite as cool as the coolant from an actual air conditioning system, they do work well. The fans still blow cooled air through perforations in the seat cover, effectively cooling the user down on warm days. 

There are other added benefits to cooled seat covers. Since they are lightweight and only require the user to plug them into the vehicle's auxiliary power outlet, they are very portable. They can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with ease. Most models will come with a power adapter for home use and add to the comfort of your home furniture. 

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Does GMC Sierra have Automatic Climate Control?

The automatic climate control feature for vehicles is the latest and most advanced climate control technology on the market today. The driver sets the temperature/ Then the system regulates it by adjusting fan speeds and air circulation in the vehicle's cabin. More advanced systems monitor and control the humidity level. 

Dual-zone, automatic climate control is a feature offered for all Sierra and Denali trims. This system comes standard, making the Sierra models one of the most heating and cooling efficient model trucks on the road for 2021.

If you'd like to learn more about the GMC Sierra, this article provides some information that a prospective Sierra buyer might find valuable. Additionally, should you be considering the GMC Sierra for purchase, it may interest you to know about the most common mechanical issues associated with this model, as outlined in this article

Whether you use your vehicle mostly for short trips around town or long commutes and road trips, being in a comfortable and climate-controlled environment will greatly enhance the quality of your drive. Aside from safety, comfort has been one of the leading factors in determining which model vehicle to purchase. Whether you're looking for heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheels, or automatic interior climate control, rest assured that this technology is becoming more and more common. Luckily, there are great aftermarket products and less expensive product substitutions that will still get you more of what you want, should your favorite vehicle choice not have those options available.

An up close photo of a GMC Sierra 1500 HD at a parking lot

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