Does GMC Sierra Have Apple CarPlay?

The entertainment level for car and truck passengers has improved leaps and bounds since the first in-dash car radio was installed in 1927 by Philco. Since the integration of wireless and blue tooth technology into vehicles in the last decade, even interior cd players have become obsolete to new generations of car and truck owners. To keep pace with the latest in-cabin features, GMC equips it's Sierra model pickup trucks with various standard and optional benefits that enhance the drive for drivers and passengers alike. But does it have Apple CarPlay? We did the research to find out!

The GMC Sierra has Apple CarPlay as an available feature in the following trim types:

  • Sierra SLC (standard)
  • Sierra Elevation (standard)
  • Sierra SLE (standard)
  • Sierra AT4 (standard)
  • Sierra Denali (standard)

This post will guide you through everything you need to know about Apple CarPlay and the GMC Sierra, including how to set up CarPlay and what (if any) costs you might incur with CarPlay. We'll also look at the GMC Technology Package and what features are available with this set of helpful add-ons to your Sierra truck.

A huge black colored GMC Sierra parked outside a huge house, Does GMC Sierra Have Apple CarPlay?

When did GMC Sierra get Apple CarPlay?

GMC introduced Apple CarPlay in their 2016 model Sierra pickup trucks. Since then, it has become a standard feature for all trim types for the GMC Sierra, as well as other GMC model cars and trucks. Many other makes and models of cars and trucks have been offering Apple CarPlay in the last several years. To discover if this technology is available in the Nissan Frontier, click here.

How do I set up CarPlay in my GMC Sierra?

You should first make sure your iPhone is going to be compatible with Apple CarPlay. Your iPhone needs to be an iPhone 5 or newer and must be running iOS 7.1 or higher. Anything older than the 7.1 does not have access to the CarPlay application.

CarPlay (and its Android equivalent) projects your phone's screen onto the in-dash monitor of your GMC Sierra. This will allow the driver to have a safer way to access and play music, use the iOS navigation system through Apple Maps, and make and receive phone calls without having to pick up their iPhone. 

Getting your iPhone to display its screen on the dash is very simple. Your iPhone's lightning connector should be located. It's the same port as your charger. After locating this port, run your cord from the lightning connector to one of the USB ports on the dash. Once connected, Apple CarPlay pulls all the needed information from your iPhone and has it ready to be accessed on the monitor. While connected, your iPhone will also be simultaneously charging.

Does Apple CarPlay cost extra?

If your car or truck comes equipped with Apple CarPlay, then this technology does not cost anything additional to utilize. Should you drive an older model, GMC Sierra, that does not come with Apple CarPlay, it is possible to get this great audio enhancement for your truck as an aftermarket installation. 

Click here to view one of many offered on Amazon.

What is the GMC Technology Package?

The GMC Technology Package is available on select Sierra trims and adds great value to the overall driving and riding experience. This package features:

  • HD surround vision, including two trailer camera views
  • Rear camera mirror
  • Multi-color 15" diagonal head-up display
  • Bed view camera
  • 8" diagonal digital driver information center (available on SLT and AT4 trims only)

While the above can potentially make the drive safer for all on board the GMC Sierra, remember that no piece of technology is a substitute for alert and non-distracted driving. Please read your owner's manual for complete details on how this package works, and don't ever attempt to use any of your GMC Sierra's package benefits without fully understanding how they work and when they should be employed. Keep reading for more details on the above-listed pieces available for those trucks that have the GMC Technology Package installed.

HD Surround Vision

The GMC Sierra's Technology Package also equips your pickup with a series of high definition cameras to assist the driver with parking and avoiding any objects that the truck might come into contact with. These cameras are located on all sides of the GMC Sierra (under the GMC logo on the front grill, below both the driver's side and passenger's side mirror, on the rear brake light camera on the back of the cabin, and two located on the rear liftgate handle. The camera images are accessible through both the rearview mirror (read the following heading "rear camera mirror" for details on this) and the in-dash monitor. The cameras provide a digital display on the in-dash monitor, showing the driver a bird's eye view of the GMC Sierra. This type of live video feed helps show the driver what obstructions he or she might encounter when pulling into/out of parking spaces, as well as when they are trying to parallel park.

Rear Camera Mirror

The GMC Sierra's rear camera mirror is a relatively new feature that uses a rear facing camera whose video display is shown in the entirety of the rearview mirror of the pickup truck cab. When the driver wishes to access this piece of technology, he/she flips a switch on the back of the rearview mirror, which engages the rear camera mirror mode. The rearview mirror will now show the driver what is behind them but will give them the ability to enhance their view by utilizing the camera's features. This rear camera mirror allows the driver to adjust light/darkness, has zooming capabilities, and an adjustment feature that will let the driver change the camera view's angle.

Multi-color Head-Up Display

This cutting edge technology uses data fed through a projection system to display select items of interest on the interior of your windshield. With this feature enabled, the driver will be able to see the following without having to look down, taking his/her eyes off the road:

  • speed
  • safety alerts
  • navigation
  • audio information
  • collision alerts
  • cruise control
  • lane departure
  • low fuel alerts

The display is multi-color, allowing the user to pick the lighting that best suits their vision and driving conditions.

Bed View Camera

Equipping your Sierra pickup truck with the Bed View camera allows the driver to see inside the bed of the pickup while driving, to check on cargo or whatever is being hauled. The camera is mounted inside the center stop lamp, offering the best possible position for capturing all of the inside of your truck's bed.

No matter how much time you spend in your GMC Sierra, you'll feel better equipped for the road with the available features of the GMC Technology Package. The ease of use makes for optimal driving and parking and allows the driver to safely check on cargo in the bed and closely monitor the trailer that the GMC Sierra is pulling behind it. If you're interested in reading more about the GMC Sierra pickup trucks, this article provides helpful insight into the life span of the Sierra.

As you can see, the GMC Sierra comes with many of the latest technological features that make your time on the road not only safer but allows the driver and their passengers to be able to have access to all of the entertainment and informational benefits that are provided by the Apple iPhone. Whether you're backing into a tight parking spot, needing a more clear and magnified view of something in the distance behind your Sierra, or wanting to access Apple iMaps in-dash, the GMC Sierra has the latest technology to ensure that those needs can be met. Rest easier knowing that your GMC Sierra will come equipped with Apple CarPlay, and consider upgrading your GMC Sierra truck with the GMC Technology Package. 

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