Does The Genesis G70 Have Apple Carplay?

Every model year, it seems like there are more onboard entertainment features that your prospective new vehicle could come equipped with. Should you be considering a Genesis G70, you might be wondering if it has Apple CarPlay as one of those popular features. We can help you there. We researched the Genesis G70 from numerous professional sources so that you will know for sure.

Since Genisis released the 2020 models, the G70 has come with the functionality to handle both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Now that we know that the Genesis G70 has Apple CarPlay, we'll take a closer look at how to operate this feature. You might be curious if there is a monthly fee for Apple CarPlay, or what size infotainment screen the Genesis G70 has. Is there a heads-up display on the G70? What safety features are available for the Genesis G70? For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Interior of the compact executive sedan Genesis G70, Does The Genesis G70 Have Apple Carplay?

How does Apple CarPlay Work in the Genesis G70?

Being able to properly access and utilize Apple CarPlay in your Genesis G70 is fairly straightforward. This feature essentially casts the screen of your iPhone onto the G70 infotainment screen, allowing you to use your iPhone in a much safer method than the device itself.

Apple CarPlay will enable you to use your iPhone's navigation system, iTunes, Spotify, text feature, and others.

For Apple CarPlay to work, you must have an Apple iPhone 5 or newer. On your iPhone, you'll need to make sure that both "Siri" and "CarPlay" are enabled on your phone's settings. 

On your G70 infotainment screen, you'll select "setup" and then press "device detection." Check the box next to "enable Apple CarPlay," so that you can use your phone through this screen. Now you will be ready to plug your iPhone in to launch CarPlay. Follow the prompts on your phone, and you'll be all set.

2021 Genesis G70 Sedan at a dealership in the city's North End.

Is there a Monthly Charge for Apple CarPlay?

Using Apple CarPlay itself doesn't cost any money for the user. The software is already installed in your iPhone, and your Genesis G70 has an infotainment system that is equipped for it.

You will need to keep in mind that certain apps on your iPhone will cause you to use mobile phone data.

Exceeding your allotted amount of data can create a large expense over time, so be sure you are familiar with how much data you have in your phone's plan. Unlimited data plans will eliminate additional costs, but many carriers will limit the speed if you exceed a certain data amount.

Inquire with your cellular carrier about the cost of their data, how much you have currently, and if you should consider upgrading to a different data plan. In general, the more time you spend in your vehicle, the more data you can expect to use with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

 Details of App and icons on the the Apple CarPlay main screen in modern car dashboard during driving

What Size Infotainment Screen for Genesis G70?

The Genesis G70 is built with a standard 10.25-inch widescreen high definition infotainment system. With this screen, you will be able to link Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, enabling you to safely access many of your smartphone's apps on a push-button screen.

A larger screen makes it easier to read navigation instructions. It also makes the onboard satellite radio or Apple CarPlay easier to use. 

Does the Genesis have Heads-Up Display?

A heads-up display is a great safety feature that many newer model vehicles have on board. This system will project important information onto the interior of the windshield, allowing the driver to read it without taking their eyes off of the road.

While not a substitute for active driving, a good heads-up display will allow a driver to remain undistracted on their journey.

Head-up display - Vehicle Part, Car, Road, Automatic, Autonomous Technology

Fortunately, the Genesis G70 comes equipped with a heads-up display. A small projector casts speed limits, driving speed, road hazards, fuel levels, and other relevant information for the G70 driver.

Using the heads-up display in the G70 is relatively simple. You will need to activate it, which you can do by following a few easy steps. Below is a video produced by Hyundai that will assist you in the setup, if needed.

What are Genesis G70 Safety Features?

Choosing a proper family vehicle will mean making certain that the prospective car has the safety features you need. The Genesis model vehicles have a reputation for being safe cars. Let's take a look at what the G70 is equipped with that makes it so. 

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist

This safety features assists in braking when a vehicle in front of the Genesis is too close. It also works in left turns, helping to avoid a collision.

Lane-keeping Assist

Your G70 will correct to stay in the driving lane should it begin to drift over the line. The driver enables this feature and must disable it if it is no longer necessary. 

Blindspot View Monitor

Being able to locate other vehicles on the road is tricky enough without having to fully turn your head to see if there are any in your blind spots. Thankfully, a blind spot view monitor will aid in this. Now you'll know if there is someone in the blind spot via a radar system that will notify you through a series of beeps.

Safe Exit Warning

When parked, this system will monitor rear-approaching traffic. Should there be any near you, the Genesis G70 will beep to warn you so that you are not struck by moving vehicles. 

10 Airbag System

Featuring a center airbag, this system has advanced safety airbags for the driver and passenger. It also auto-detects the presence of a passenger, turning it off when there isn't anyone in the passenger seat. 

Intelligent Front Lighting System

This will allow you to drive with your high beams without worrying about turning them off when traffic approaches from the other direction.

Should you meet any other vehicles on the road, this intelligent front lighting system will automatically dim your high beams. These LED headlamps will resume their high beam status when it is safe for it. 

Genesis Connected Services Emergency SOS

This system will notify emergency services in the event of an accident. It also offers anti-theft tracking and automatic collision notification.

In addition to the above safety features, the Genesis G70 will come standard with the following: 

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Rearview camera with active guidelines

Keep in mind that safety features, while lessening the odds of an accident, are no substitute for active driving. Keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel at all times are critical in getting to your desired location safely.

Rather than rely on the safety enhancements your vehicle comes equipped with, treat them instead as a fail-safe for when your own driving is lacking or when something happens unexpectedly on the roadway.

In closing

Interior of the compact executive sedan Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 is built for both comfort and safety. This popular vehicle has many onboard features to make your drive more luxurious, including Apple CarPlay.

The many safety enhancements that Hyundai has perfected over the years are available on their G70 model vehicles, helping to keep the driver and their passengers safer on the roadway. Drive safe!

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