Does The Genesis G70 Have A Spare Tire?

Finding a car that comes with everything you need can feel impossible at times. Do you want to get the Genesis G70 but don't know whether it comes with a spare tire? Well, we've done some digging and have the answer waiting for you. Let's discuss.

The good news is, all-new Genesis G70 models will come with a spare tire. The company promises that every vehicle in its lineup comes equipped with an extra tire for emergencies, although they only recommend using them temporarily.

As we begin, we will cover all things Genesis and discuss the many features of their G70 lineup. Whether you are new to the brand or want to upgrade your current Genesis vehicle, we're here to help. With that said, let's jump right into this post!

A white Genesis G70 on the side of a snowy road, Does The Genesis G70 Have A Spare Tire?

Does The 2021 Genesis G70 Have A Spare Tire?

For those looking into a 2021 Genesis G70, yes, it will include a spare tire. In fact, all of their cars will come equipped with an extra alloy wheel and temporary tire for emergencies.

This extra alloy wheel and tire will be the same size as the other ones on your vehicle and can drive at normal speeds for a recommended 70 miles. Genesis also states that once your tire becomes punctured, it's best to stay under 50 MPH to avoid further damage to your wheel/car, so keep that in mind.

A black and luxurious Genesis G70 photographed on the parking lot

Where Is The Spare Tire In A Genesis G70?

To find the spare tire in your Genesis G70, you want to look in the trunk. The extra tire in a G70 will be under the floor in your car's trunk, which you can pull up using the handle on the floor.

This is also where you will find your vehicle's tire iron and a car jack, which you will use to replace your damaged tire. 

Can You Put Any Spare Tires On A Car?

In general, you don't want to use a spare tire that is much different from your car's current ones. Although it doesn't have to be exact, your spare tire should be around the same size as your regular tires to prevent axle damage.

Driving with uneven tires won't only damage your wheels but can also cause more serious issues with your car, so the closer in size, the better. With that said, we recommend purchasing a spare tire directly from your vehicle's manufacturer rather than a third party.

What If My Car Doesn't Have A Spare Tire?

If your car doesn't have a designated spare tire, you want to contact your dealer. Most times, you can purchase a used or new spare tire directly from your vehicle maker, which is what we recommend.

Of course, this will cost you anywhere from $75 to over $150, so it can be a hassle.

Why Do Some Cars Not Come With A Spare Tire?

A car owner taking out the spare tire in the trunk

Although it might seem crazy, many new vehicles don't include a spare tire. There are plenty of reasons for this, but regulatory pressure to get more mileage per gallon is usually why this happens.

Having a spare tire in your car can add 50+ pounds to its weight, which in turn can decrease how efficiently it drives. Again, some people don't mind the lower mileage per gallon as long as they have a spare, but many carmakers choose to ditch the idea altogether.

Is It Illegal To Not Have A Spare Tire In Your Car?

No, you aren't breaking any laws if you don't have a spare tire in your car. Although it might be unsafe, not keeping a spare tire in your vehicle is very common and is often done to improve a car's efficiency.

There also isn't any legal requirement that car manufacturers have to give you a spare tire, which is why many opt out of doing it.

What Is The Hyundai Tire Mobility Kit?

Hyundai, the maker of Genesis vehicles, offers a Tire Mobility Kit that's essentially an alternative to a traditional spare tire. This kit consists of an air compressor and a sealant bottle, which you can use to temporarily fix your flat tire.

Again, this isn't a permanent fix to a flat tire, but it is great for in-between times before you can have your tire replaced.

Hyundai Tire Mobility Kit Tutorial

Here is a tutorial from Hyundai's official YouTube channel explaining how to use their Tire Mobility Kit. This video dives deeper into repairing a flat tire on your Hyundai/Genesis vehicle and gives helpful insight into what to do if you are in this situation.

How Reliable Is The Genesis G70?

Two luxurious black Genesis G70 photographed at the dealership

When it comes to reliability, you can expect to get a lot out of your G70. The Genesis G70 has an overall reliability score of 88 out of 100, which is impressive.

The G70 also scores high for safety and quality, coming in at #6 for compact premium cars from J.D Power, which puts it right next to Mercedes and BMW.

Overall, Genesis vehicles promise a higher-quality experience than their competitors, which according to their scoring, is true.

Is Genesis G70 A Good Car?

We would agree that the Genesis G70 is a good car. With high ratings and good customer reviews, this vehicle is one of the higher-rated options in its class, so it might be worth checking out.

2021 and 2022 G70 models also come equipped with plenty of luxurious features, including:

  • Synthetic leather upholstery
  • Heated/power-adjustable front seats
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • A 10.25-inch touch screen
  • Navigation
  • A six-speaker stereo
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto

Although these are just some G70 features, Genesis offers plenty of luxurious upgrades and additional packages to fit everyone's unique style.

How Much Does The Genesis G70 Cost?

You can expect to pay around $37,500 for a standard Genesis G70. Of course, that will not come with some of the higher-end features that the upgraded 3.3 T and 3.3 Launch Edition models have, but you will still get a great car.

Although considered a luxury option, Genesis has somewhat competitive pricing to other brands in its class, which makes it perfect for anyone on a budget.

That said, if you want to purchase one of the more expensive G70 models, you might be spending upwards of $52,000, which isn't cheap for a sedan.

Where Is The Genesis G70 Made?

Typically, the Genesis G70 will be manufactured in South Korea. Like we covered earlier, Genesis is an extension of Hyundai, so many of their vehicles are assembled in the same factories.

Furthermore, the Genesis lineup is designed here in the US or Germany and then built in Ulsan, South Korea, so this is an international process.

How Long Will A Genesis G70 Last?

A dirty black Genesis G70 on the parking lot

With regular maintenance, a Genesis G70 should last you anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 miles. This vehicle scores highly for its quality and reliability, meaning yours should last a while.

Of course, as a vehicle ages, regardless of brand, it will become more expensive to repair/maintain, so expect a Genesis to be good for about ten to 15 years.

That said, if you don't drive your G70 more than a few thousand miles per year and maintain it well, you might see it last much longer, so every car will be different.

Is A Genesis G70 Expensive To Maintain?

Most times, no, a Genesis G70 won't be super expensive to maintain. According to RepairPal, the yearly average price to maintain a Hyundai Genesis is around $565, while other similar-sized luxury options will cost closer to $976 annually.

Of course, this isn't always the case, but considering Genesis and Hyundai use similar parts, you shouldn't be paying premium prices for repairs. Genesis vehicles also score well for durability, so you won't typically run into super expensive repairs in the first five or so years.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether you own a Genesis G70 or want to purchase one, it's essential to know what it includes. All Genesis G70 models will come equipped with a spare tire and replacement kit.

The Genesis G70 also offers Hyundai's Mobility Tire Kit, which is great if you've already used your spare or don't want to replace your entire wheel/tire. It's also a good idea not to drive more than 70 miles on your spare tire and try to stay under 50 MPH.

Regardless, remember to ask your dealer for a spare tire if your car doesn't have one, and remember to make sure it is the same size as the other tires on your vehicle to prevent axle damage.

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