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Ford F-150 Lariat Vs. King Ranch: What Are The Differences?

If you are interested in or have ever had a Ford truck, you probably know that you can choose from different trim styles for the popular F-150. While they all have some features and details in common, other characteristics set them apart from one another. You may be wondering what the differences are between two popular trims, the Lariat and the King Ranch. We have done the research to answer this question for you. 

There are a number of key differences between the Lariat and King Ranch. Some of the most significant differences include: 

  • Powertrain
  • Interior 
  • Standard Comfort and Convenience Features 
  • Standard Safety Features 
  • Seating 
  • Price 

If you still have some questions about the differences between these two trucks, don't worry. In this guide, we will discuss each of these differences in detail so you are equipped with all of the information you need to purchase the correct trim style for your needs. 

A dark grey painted Ford F-150 moving on the highway, Ford F-150 Lariat Vs. King Ranch: What Are The Differences?

F-150 Lariat Vs. King Ranch: Key Differences 

Depending on what you are looking for in your truck, you may find that one trim option stands out for you as more desirable than the other. Take a look at the differences between the Lariat and the King Ranch


Perhaps the biggest difference between these two trim styles is the powertrain. While you can upgrade both trim styles to a hybrid or diesel engine, they have different standard engines included. 


The Lariat's standard powertrain is a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine with an automatic 10-speed transmission. The fuel tank has a capacity of 23-30.6 gallons depending on the size option you choose, such as Regular Cab, SuperCab, or PowerBoost.  

King Ranch 

The King Ranch's standard powertrain includes a 5.0L TI-VCT V8 engine and a larger 26-30.6 gallon fuel tank. You can change the King Ranch engine to the EcoBoost V6 engine that is standard in the Lariat. 



The interior of the Lariat is pretty run-of-the-mill, with coordinated carpet and floor mats. The steering wheel is wrapped in black leather. 

King Ranch 

The King Ranch is known for its iconic interior features, including its King Ranch leather. The floors are carpeted with signature King Ranch floor mats, and the steering wheel is wrapped in Mesa leather. The trim accents are real wood. 

Standard Comfort And Convenience Features 

Both the Lariat and the King Ranch have standard features that are nothing to scoff at. They both come with a push-button start, heated and ventilated front seats, and a 12-inch productivity screen display.

Driving is made easier and safer in each trim style with lane assist, automatic emergency braking, and a reverse sensing system. 


The Lariat includes standard cruise control with adaptive cruise control as an optional feature. The steering wheel is manual-tilt with an optional upgrade to power-tilt.

The auto-dim rearview mirror is a standard feature. While the Lariat comes with the 12-inch display we previously mentioned, built-in navigation is an optional feature. 

King Ranch 

Upgraded features that are optional in the Lariat are standard in the King Ranch. You can expect adaptive cruise control, a universal garage opener, and built-in navigation in every vehicle. The steering wheel is heated with power-tilt. 

Standard Safety Features 

Both trim styles offer many upgraded features as standard to keep you safe while driving and secure when you are parked. Expect curve control, rearview camera, and airbags on all vehicles for both trims.

For security, expect an anti-theft alarm, remote keyless entry, and remote start. Both trims also come with a spare tire and wheel lock. 


Intersection assist is available as an optional feature in the Lariat. 

King Ranch 

Again, a feature that is optional on the Lariat comes standard with the King Ranch. You can expect all King Ranch vehicles to be equipped with intersection assist. 


The Lariat comfortably seats six people, while the King Ranch can seat five. This is because the Lariat offers front bucket seats with a center console as an option, while this is standard for the King Ranch.

Without the center console, a sixth person can sit in the front. The King Ranch also has standard heated rear seats, while heated rear seats are an optional feature on the Lariat. 


Now that we've outlined all of the features that each vehicle offers, we can discuss pricing for each model. You'll notice that while both trims had a plethora of luxury features, all of the optional features available for the Lariat were standard for the King Ranch. 


The 2021 Lariat has a starting price of $45,000. Of course, each additional feature added will increase the price. 

King Ranch 

The 2021 King Ranch has a starting price of $56,000. This is over $10,000 more expensive than the Lariat, but many of the optional features you can add to the Lariat are already standard on the King Ranch. 

Please keep in mind that starting prices are only estimates and may change based on factors such as location, active promotions, and features. 

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Where Does King Ranch Leather Come From? 

King Ranch leather comes from its namesake ranch. King Ranch is located in Kingsville, Texas, and it spans over 1.289 square miles. Ford contracted with this empire to provide the leather used for the King Ranch truck's seats. 

How Do You Clean Leather Seats On A King Ranch? 

Use a microfiber applicator to blend a high-quality leather cleaner into the seats. Apply the cleaner by patting the area rather than scrubbing it. When you are done, use a clean microfiber cloth, or your hands to apply a leather conditioner.

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Again, gently pat the conditioner into the leather. If you are using your hands, you can rub the conditioner in without damaging the leather. 

Take a look at this video tutorial: 

How Often Should You Condition King Ranch Seats? 

To keep your King Ranch seats in the best shape, plan on conditioning them every three months, or at least twice a year. 

Can You Dye King Ranch Seats? 

Yes! If you want to dye your seats, be sure to get a dye that works with aniline leather. Unlike when you clean your seats, you can rub the dye into the leather. You still want to be careful not to be too aggressive! 

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Do Leather Seats Fade? 

Fading is an unfortunate but natural occurrence for leather. This is especially true when it is exposed to the sun and frequently used like truck seats are. 

Is Lariat Better Than XLT? 

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in your vehicle. Ford dealership, Five Star Ford Lincoln explains that the Lariat has a smaller engine with greater horsepower, but it costs $8,000 more than the XLT. 

What Is Ford's Highest Trim Level? 

Ford's highest trim level is the Limited. It includes the most powerful engine, luxury features, and top-of-the-line details. It costs significantly more than the other trim levels, which makes it limited in the number of people who choose this level. 

Other Considerations 

Keep in mind that we have not discussed every factor or decision that you will have to make when choosing your Ford F-150.

Depending on the trim style you are interested in and the availability of the dealership you use, there are a variety of colors, body styles, cab sizes, and bed lengths you can choose from. Each of these factors will impact the features that are available and the final price of the vehicle. 

In Closing

While the Lariat and King Ranch have many similar features, there are quite a few that set them apart from one another. When choosing the trim that is right for you, consider your budget, your needs, and which features are non-negotiable for you.

While some consumers may stay away from the King Ranch due to price, for example, others may be willing to pay a higher cost for the available extra features. 

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