Honda Pilot Beeping While Driving – What’s Wrong?

Honda Pilots, just like other cars, beep from time to time. But a constant beep while driving is unusual and could indicate a fault in your vehicle. If you would like to know the cause of the constant beeping, you have come to the right place. We have asked automobile experts, and here's what they think. 

An issue with the auto-lock walk-away feature or navigation alerts are the most likely reasons you hear a beep from your Honda Pilot while driving. However, several other potential causes are the seatbelt sensor, a short in the electrical wiring, a key fob left in the car, or a burned-out light bulb in the gauge cluster.

Honda pilot beeping repeatedly can be unsettling, especially while you're driving. Keep reading to learn the best ways to get rid of the sound. 

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Honda Pilot Beeping [What Does it Mean?]

Honda Pilot models have been reliable and long-lasting since their release. Their features are long-lasting, dependable, and have a very low incidence of component failures and severe issues. 

Honda Motor Co. automobile and SUV dealership. Honda manufactures among the most reliable cars in the world

The Honda beeping sound is programmed to alert the driver to potential hazards, such as loose seat belts, doors that are only partially closed, or a hood that is not properly closed. Other potential hazards include an overdue service appointment, incorrect coolant levels, temperatures, a dead battery, or insufficient brake fluid levels.

The auto-lock walk-away feature on a Honda Pilot is the most likely culprit behind the beeping sound. However, there can be other reasons, such as the seatbelt sensor, a short in the wiring, and the key fob being left in the car. It can also result from the door being open while driving or a burned-out light bulb in the gauge cluster. 

Most Common Reasons Honda Pilot Beeps While Driving

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If you hear a beeping sound that does not stop while you drive, it may mean that the walk-away auto-lock feature on your Honda has not been enabled, and the door on your vehicle is not locked. The auto-lock malfunction can be triggered for the following reasons.

  • The smart entry remote was left in the vehicle. 
  • Either a door, the hood, or the rear hatch was not properly closed. Perhaps the doors weren't shut evenly. Resetting the alarm or the ECU can fix most problems, but some require the assistance of an expert.
  • The Honda was not turned off, and you left the vehicle with the smart entry remote. 
  • It's possible that you walked away from the vehicle too quickly; stand within 5 feet of the vehicle when you get out, close all the doors, and then wait until you hear a second beep before walking away. 
  • There is a possibility that the signal sent by the smart entry remote is being disrupted by your cell phone or another electronic device.

Activate the Auto-Lock Walk-Away Feature

Easy instructions are provided below on how to activate the walk-away auto-lock feature:

  1. With the car in park and the engine turned on, navigate to the "Home" screen on the display audio, and then pick "Settings" from the menu that appears.
  2. After that, choose the "Vehicle" option.
  3. Select the "Door/Window Setup" option.
  4. Then select the "Walk Away Auto Lock" option.
  5. You can select "On" or "Off" from this location.

If you exit the vehicle using the key fob, ensure that all of the doors and the trunk are properly closed, the car will sound an alert once you are still in the immediate area. After that, it will beep once more to let you know that the car is now locked. To confirm that the door is locked, make sure to listen for both beeps.

How to Stop Honda Pilot From Beeping While Driving 

The easiest way to stop the beeping entirely is to turn off traffic updates. You can disable the traffic updates by going into the NAV settings menu and making the appropriate selection. For instance, if you use WAZE, the beeps can be turned off by following these simple instructions.

  • First open the WAZE app
  • Check the bottom of the WAZE app for a left arrow
  • Click on the arrow and a pop-up window will appear
  • Click on "Shut down" 

The traffic updates should deactivate at this point. Start your vehicle and leave it running for ten minutes to reset the security system. After that, the security system should operate as expected. 

Honda Pilot Doesn't Beep When I Lock The Doors

Honda Pilot Touring 2019 in a gary color near the river on a sunny day.

When you lock the doors of your Honda Pilot, and you do not hear a beep from the keyless lock answer back feature, this signifies that the feature has been disabled. You can have the beeping either be "on" or "off" whenever you exit your Pilot and lock it using the key fob.

Using the keyless lock answer back feature, you may make the necessary adjustments here. Additionally, after locking the device, you may need to double-tap the button to hear the sound from some devices.

If the lights flash, but the horn does not blow, the chirp feature has likely been disabled on your device. If you do not see the lights flashing, it is possible that this functionality is not included in your system. You can make these adjustments in the display unit follow these directions.

  1. Go to "Menu."
  2. Navigate to the "Settings" menu using the wheel to scroll down.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Vehicle Settings."
  4. Scroll down until you reach the "Door/Window Setup" section.
  5. Next, scroll down until you reach the "Keyless Lock Answer Back Section."

If it is turned to the "Off" position, the automobile will not make any noise when you lock it.

Why is My Honda Pilot Beeping When I Open The Door? 

If you open the doors of your Honda Pilot and hear a beeping sound. It may be because you forgot to turn off the lights or because there is short electrical wiring in either the ignition cylinder, the steering column, or the seat belt sensor. Another possibility is that you have left your lights on.

This beeping might also have something to do with the auto-lock walk-away mechanism. If there is a problem with an electrical connection in the wiring, your Honda Pilot will emit a chime or a warning sound.

This is because your vehicle might sense that you have not fastened your seatbelt or forgot to remove the key from the ignition. Therefore, it would remind you not to lock the doors until you have removed the keys.

The ignition switches included in Honda vehicles have a history of failing prematurely and causing electrical shorts, which has led to multiple product recalls. You can check if this recall applied to your Honda Pilot by visiting Honda's website. 

Why Does My Honda Beep Three Times? 

Honda car key in white background

After turning on the security system on your Honda Pilot, you should hear three beeps to indicate that it has been activated. Additionally, the beeps could result from your Smart key being removed from the vehicle before the door gets shut.

You can bypass the locking mechanism of the car. Also, this happens when you close the rear hatch. All you have to do is press the button on the key fob that says "door lock," and the doors will lock. If this does not work, the beeps will continue. 

The walk-away auto-lock feature may be activated, resulting in beeps. If you leave the vehicle without fully locking it, you may hear three beeps to let you know that the door was left unlocked.

According to the owner's manual, the auto-lock function will not be activated if all doors are closed and the smart entry remote is within the vehicle. 

Alternatively, the auto-lock function will not be activated if the smart entry remote is not detected within about 8 feet (2.5 meters) of the vehicle. You will hear a triple beep if you step away from the vehicle. It might be helpful to incorporate a brief check before leaving the car to ensure that all components are entirely turned off. 

To Wrap Up

Faulty sensors, insufficient battery power, problems with the wiring, and a malfunctioning key fob are common reasons why your car alarm keeps going off. To solve these issues, it is best to consult an automobile technician.

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