How Many Miles Can You Get Out of a Kia Sedona?

How Many Miles Can You Get Out of a Kia Sedona?Minivan owners keep their vehicles for longer than most other types of vehicles, so it's no wonder so many prospective buyers want to know how many miles a Kia Sedona will last. These minivans are attractive, and not just because of their shapely figures. These Kias also undercut rivals from Honda and Toyota by several thousand dollars. To help answer this difficult question, we have compiled information from multiple sources to give us the best idea of how reliable and long-lasting the Kia Sedona really is.

All of our research has shown that when properly cared for, many Kia Sedonas are racking up well over 200,000 miles. Not only do we have anecdotes of long-traveled Sedonas, but Kia's own warranties, some of the longest in the car industry, show that these are very reliable vehicles. Organizations that track things such as quality and reliability seem to agree that modern Kias built after 2006 are well-built, long-lasting products. 

So, is Kia the next Honda or Toyota, with their impressive reliability? Well, several factors indicate that these are some very robust vehicles that can withstand many thousands of miles of use. Let's examine the evidence.

Sedona Longevity

There are a few ways to determine how long a Kia Sedona can last, but none will tell you exactly when your van will throw in the towel. First, let's discuss what makes a car long-lasting. While several decades ago, the benchmark may have been 100,000 miles, today that is a rather commonplace odometer reading for many vehicles. A better milestone is double that, in fact.

Owner Tales

Listening to various owner stories can give us an idea of how long the engine and drivetrain will last. Of course, we tend to hear about the exceptions more often than the normal lifespans when it comes to online stories so take everything with a grain of salt. Still, there are some of the best data we can use because there is no online database comparing odometer readings.

This Kia forum on longevity includes several anecdotal stories about Sedonas. One member mentions putting over 200,000 miles on two different 2006 Sedonas, including one with 240,000 miles. Another member of the forum mentions an even more expensive feat - a 2011 Sedona with 340,000 miles and a 2012 model with 390,000 miles.


Car manufacturers will guarantee their products with warranties of varying lengths. Especially long warranties usually mean the automaker is confident that their product will be reliable for a long time. And Kia gives their cars some of the longest warranties on the market today.

Since January of 2008, all Kias have come with an impressive 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. That goes along with a 5-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. These are some of the longest warranties in the world for vehicles, and that they still assign this warranty to each new Kia means they aren't being overwhelmed by covering repairs for this long on all of their cars.


Another good way to gauge a car model's reliability is the list of common repairs. For instance, if a large percentage of Sedonas experience catastrophic engine or drivetrain failure, the chances they will last 200,000 miles goes way down.

Looking at the list of common repairs, we see some issues with brakes, steering columns, doors, and turn signals. These are clearly not major issues that will cause owners to scrap their vehicles. And even the more serious problems with the transmission and engine overheating have rather simple and cheap fixes that shouldn't cause serious damage. So, yet another indication that the Sedona is a very reliable ride.

Industry Reports

Another source to look to for reliability information is industry publications. And several, including this article from Popular Mechanics, have indicated that Kia is a very reliable brand today, even if that wasn't the case a couple of decades ago. The brand's products frequently sit atop the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study these days. The changes seem to have begun around 2006, when the brand stepped up their game in many ways, including design and reliability. So, the first generation models, built from 1998 to 2005, probably don't last as long as the second and third-generation vehicles.

How to Make Your Sedona Last as Long as Possible

Of course, whether your vehicle will last over 200,000 miles is not just up to build quality. How you treat your car during your ownership is one of the best ways to make sure it lasts for a good long time. This resource from Consumer Reports shares some of the best ways to ensure your car makes it to the 200k mark.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Did we say it enough? Let's have one more for good measure: Maintenance. The best way to ensure your vehicle stays reliable for the long haul is to perform your routine maintenance. To find out what your maintenance schedule looks like, consult your owner's manual, or look it up here on Kia's owner's portal.

These resources will tell you when your maintenance intervals are and what all needs to be done at each appointment. Sometimes all that will be needed is new engine oil and tire rotation, while others will be much larger jobs. No matter where you take your vehicle for maintenance, or if you do it yourself, performing all of the listed maintenance items and inspections will ensure that you prevent many costly repairs down the road.

Don't Ignore the Warning Signs

Even with routine maintenance, all cars will eventually require additional repairs. And watching and listening carefully to your Sedona will help you detect any issues as they arise. Listen for any squeals coming from under the hood - this could indicate a problem with a belt. Inspecting belts and hoses for cracks and leaks is also vital to preventing catastrophe.

After owning your Sedona for a while, you will become familiar with the noises it is supposed to make and how it is supposed to drive. If you then hear or feel anything different, you can head into the shop to have the vehicle inspected.

Keep it Clean and Pristine

Even if you aren't a clean freak or don't always have the time to perform frequent car washes, make sure to keep your Kia reasonably clean. Washing and waxing your car will keep the paint nice and prevent rust. Road salt is a particularly corrosive substance that you should wash off frequently if you live in the snow belt.

Here's to Many Thousands of Miles!

All of our research indicates that the modern Kia Sedona is a superb choice for anyone wanting to go the distance in their minivan. There are very few serious issues that commonly pop up, and many owners report having achieved well over 200,000 miles in their Sedonas, dating back to the 2006 model year. Vans built in 2005 and earlier, however, do not have the same reputation for quality, so beware of any first-generation Sedonas. And, no matter what, don't skimp on your routine maintenance.

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  1. Im rocking a 2007 sedona that has been maintained with full synthetic the entire life of vehicle and maintained superbly. I have 289000 miles. Great for camping, hauling music gear, canoe hauling, hauling lumber…oh..and kids…the list goes on . I wish they made a 4wd van

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