How Much Can You Tow With A Hyundai Palisade?

The Hyundai Palisade is making its move as one of the best third-row mid-size SUVs since its debut in 2020. However, with summer upon us, Palisade owners wonder if the new kid on the block can handle towing a camper? We have taken the time to find out precisely what the Palisade's max towing capacity is and if it is capable of towing a trailer.

Before you go camper shopping, let's look at what the Palisade can max tow. The 2021 Hyundai Palisade's V6 GDI Engine with 291 horsepower and 262 lb-torque has a max towing capacity of 5,000 lbs when equipped with a factory towing package. This max towing capacity is a sufficient amount making the Hyundai Palisade more than capable of towing small to mid-size campers.

Yes, the relief that you don't have to upgrade to a pickup truck! Quite a few consumers prefer a pickup truck, but you will be glad to know there are several campers that the Palisade can tow and have enough room for you and your family. Read on as we talk more about the Palisade's capabilities and the campers it can tow.

A photo of a Hyundai Palisade grill with a pure stainless steel Hyundai emblem on it, How Much Can You Tow With A Hyundai Palisade?

Can The Hyundai Palisade Tow A Camper?

The Hyundai Palisade is a bigger and more luxurious replacement of the Hyundai Santa XL. Since coming out in 2020, it has been seen as a budget-friendly option with plenty of technology, interior elegance, safety tech, and an eye-catching exterior appeal. Not only does it come with a robust amount of features, but its room cabin can fit seven or eight passengers, depending on the package.

We get it; the Palisade is great for the whole family in town, but how does it do when the family wants to get off the beaten path?

The Palisade has four different trim packages the SE, SEL, Limited, and Calligraphy, as of 2021. All four trim packages come with the same 3.8L GDI V6 engine, so consumers don't need to worry about upgrading to a higher-end package to get more power. How is the power on the Palisade anyways? The GDI V6 engine has 292 horsepower, 262 lb-torque, and when equipped with a tow package, a max towing capacity of 5,000 lbs.

2020 Hyundai Palisade SUV at a dealership

But what campers are a good size for the Palisade to tow? Read on as we list out campers under 5,000 lbs that are perfect for towing with the new Hyundai SUV.

Campers Within The Hyundai Palisade's Towing Capacity

These days there are several companies out there making some pretty cool campers of all sizes. The new minimalist trend is helping make campers under 5,000 lbs more popular. As a result, this is beneficial to small pickup owners and SUV owners looking to get outdoors.

Teardrop Campers

When it comes to teardrop campers, it's simple; less is more. They are light, ranging from 500 lbs to as high as 4,000 lbs, but on average, teardrop campers are in the 1,500 lbs range. This is an ideal weight for towing, and SUVs with V6 engines, like the Palisade, will pull these campers as if nothing was even attached. Here's a list of teardrop campers that would make for perfect for your next adventure:

These small campers are perfect for one to two people, so if you are looking to accommodate yourself and your kids, then these aren't the campers for your family. Nonetheless, teardrop campers have many benefits, such as maneuverability in tight places, easy parking, quick setup, and a breeze to haul. The downfalls are that most of them don't have toilets or showers, kitchens are typically outside, and they have limited storage space.

Campers Under 5,000 lbs That Sleep Four Or More

We covered some great campers that sleep one to two people, but now let's look at camper trailers that will accommodate a family or group of four or more people. Here is a list of campers under 5,000 lbs with their sleeping capacity and max weight:

That's a healthy list of mid-size camper trailers that the Hyundai Palisade can handle! The nice thing about these campers is that they have accommodations similar to larger 5th wheels and RVs. These campers come equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom, shower, and enough room to sleep a family of four or more make them an excellent choice for SUV owners.

Does The Hyundai Palisade Have A Towing Package?

If you plan to tow with the Hyundai Palisade, it is important to know what kind of towing equipment it comes with. The Hyundai Palisade doesn't come with a full towing package, but it does come with some of the vital equipment for hauling. The Palisade is already pre-wired for towing and comes with a heavy-duty transmission cooler. These features help make the Hyundai Palisade more than capable of towing 5,000 lbs.

Does The Hyundai Palisade Have A Tow Hitch?

Before you can hook up the camper of your choice, you need one essential part, the tow hitch. Without the tow hitch, you have nothing to hook your camper to. Does the Palisade come standard with the tow hitch when bought from the dealer? Unfortunately, it doesn't come standard with a tow hitch and is an added cost. The cost from a Hyundai dealer is an extra $475.

However, you can look into aftermarket tow hitches, but make sure you do your research to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle. Not doing research and installing the wrong parts could potentially cause damage to your vehicle.

Hyundai Palisade Trim Packages

As we stated above, the Hyundai Palisade comes in four different trim packages that all can tow 5,000 lbs. What else do they these packages with, though? Here are each of Palisade's trim packages and their different features.

Hyundai Palisade SE

It is starting with the base model, the Hyundai Palisade SE. This is an inexpensive option for the minimalist SUV shopper with a starting MSRP of $32,675. The SE comes standard with a second-row bench seating and seat eight passengers.

Hyundai Palisade SEL

The Hyundai Palisade SEL is an excellent choice for SUV shoppers on a budget but still want bells and whistles. Starting at $35,325, the SEL has interior features such as heated seats, a sunroof, and an option to have a second-row bench seat or captain's chairs at no additional cost.

Hyundai Palisade Limited

The Hyundai Palisade Limited is the first luxury trim on the list. This version of the Palisade has about every interior and exterior feature you can think of. The Palisade has heated front and center seats, ventilated front and center seats, NAPPA Leather, numerous safety technology, and parking assist, just to name a few. The Limited package is almost $10,000 more than the SEL, though, with a starting MSRP of $45,275.

Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy

The newest trim package is the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy. This package is much different than the Limited when it comes to tech features. The main difference between the Limited and the Calligraphy trims is exterior aesthetics. The 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy offers a new premium grill, quilted leather door panels, and 20-inch Calligraphy-exclusive alloy wheels.

It also comes exclusively in AWD, whereas the SE, SEL, and Limited can be purchased with front-wheel-drive, or AWD can be added for an added $1,700. The Calligraphy is the most expensive of the Palisades trim packages with a starting MSRP of $46,200.

Which Hyundai Has The Best Towing Capacity?

The Palisade may be the newest SUV to be a part of the Hyundai family, but it's not the only one that has towing capabilities. Here is a list of the Hyundai SUVs starting from smallest to largest:

The Palisade is the biggest SUV out on the list and has the most towing capacity. The next is the Hyundai Sant Fe, with a max towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. The Santa Fe is a downgrade in towing power, but it is still enough to pull small boats, teardrop campers, and some-mid size camper trailers.

Can The Hyundai Palisade Tow A Boat?

There are several options for campers that the Hyundai Palisade can tow, but what about boats? There is nothing better than hanging out on a boat on a hot summer day, but if you own an SUV that only max tows 5,000 lbs, you might think your boat options are limited. Luckily for you, we have comprised a list of boats that the Palisade is more than capable of towing.

What do you say? Should we hit the water? This list should give you a good start on what boats would be a good fit for you. Keep in mind, just like the campers, it's always good to double-check with the manufacturers to make sure the boats are compatible with your Hyundai Palisade.  

In Closing

Overall, there is no doubt that the Hyundai Palisade is excellent for the city or outdoors. It has a smooth ride, plenty of cabin space, numerous bells and whistles, and, as we found, excellent towing capabilities. If it's camping or boating, you will be glad to know that there are several options for you and your Hyundai Palisade. So, what are you waiting for? Go on an adventure and make some memories!

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