Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Have a Third Row?

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Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Have a Third Row?If you are a Jeep lover, but need the space that third-row seating provides, you might be wondering, is there a Jeep Grand Cherokee with this ultra-spacious feature that is practically a necessity for today’s busy lifestyles.

While current models do not have the option available, Jeep plans to take us all to the future, announcing that its 2021 model of the Grand Cherokee will be redesigned for a more modern, sleek look, including the one option most Jeeps of the current and past models have been lacking: third-row seating.

While third-row seating is not yet available in the Grand Cherokee, there are lots of other models that will fit the bill. Keep reading to find out more about these awesome options!

Stats on the Jeep Grand Cherokee

With a complete length of 189.8 inches and 76.5 inches wide, the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is sure to make itself known on any road, any time.

Currently, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the mere few midsize SUVs that does not offer third row seating…yet.  Redesigns of the Jeep Grand Cherokee will keep the consumer in mind when the new 2021 model rolls off the belt in a few short months, complete with a promised third row, offering more cargo space and a luxurious interior sure to make any drive a joy.  With the current lack of third row seating and consequently less cargo space, the highly anticipated redesign of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is sure to have more power, comfortable arrangements, and off-road capabilities to share.  Although the specific style remains unknown to consumers, Jeep has reported the third-row seating SUV will lie between the Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Cherokee, likely following in the previous models of the Jeep Grand  Cherokee.  The outcome of the third-row seating will still leave the Jeep Grand Cherokee classified as a midsize SUV.

What the Jeep Grand Cherokee lacks in cargo space it makes up for in off-road handling, excelling towing capabilities, and easy to use adaptability to make any drive as smooth as possible.  Although limited to two row seating, the Jeep Grand Cherokee still keeps its original design as a midsize SUV with family-friendly features available for both possible interior and exterior upgrades if the driver so desires.  The Jeep Grand Cherokee is offered in seven styles so each driver may have their unique pick from several different options: Laredo, Limited, Trailhawk, Trackhawk, Overland, Summit, and SRT.

Jeep Models with Third-Row Seating

2019 Jeep Grand Commander

If third-row seating is a deal-breaker and you don’t want to wait until 2021 for the redesign of the Grand Cherokee, consider the 2019 Jeep Grand Commander.  Completing your desire for third-row seating, the Grand Commander is ready to meet all your needs with a 2.0 liter in-line four to make sure any destination is always completed.

Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer

Jeep is not only limiting its redesigning program to the Grand Cherokee; redesigned versions of the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are set to be on the market in 2020, presented as the 2021 version of each luxury vehicle, along with several other redesigned vehicles in the process.  Each redesign is complete with one important family-friendly feature Americans have consistently been asking for: third-row seating.

Although the 2021 Grand Cherokee model seems far off, Jeep has got you set for any road you plan on riding today.  The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mere scaled-back version of the 2021 model Jeep has in its sights, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.  The 2018 model comes with its own share of bells and whistles, including an upgrade of safety features with a review camera, blind spot monitoring view, push-button start with proximity key, as well as 707-horsepower so you’ll feel that need for speed anytime you press down on the gas.

Other Options with Third-Row Seating

GMC Acadia

If the Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t suit your style, with the current version lacking third row seating, the GMC Acadia could be your next best choice.  While able to sit up to seven people, the Acadia has more room overall for those long and enduring road trip destinations that require not only elbow room, but leg room as well.  The GMC Acadia has more upgraded features than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, including the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots and USB ports.

GMC Terrain

The 2018 GMC Terrain is also a great candidate when trying to match up to the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Specifically made in an attempt to out-market the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the 2018 GMC Terrain comes complete with a fully-furnished and comfortable interior most off-road vehicles seem to lack, and an abundance of cargo space to make sure whatever or whoever you’re hauling is just as content riding as you are driving.

How do Other Models Compare to Jeep Grand Cherokee

If cargo space is a make or break deal for you, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is less than ideal.  Models such as the GMC Acadia or GMC Terrain are able to offer a third-row seating option and more cargo space than the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  However, competition is sure to break out when Jeep does release their own version of the midsize SUV with a third-row seating option, available as the 2021 redesigned model of the Grand Cherokee.  While the present model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee boasts a sleek finish inside and out, what the redesign style promises and the current model is lacking is what American consumers want most: third-row seating.

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