How To Remove Chevy Emblem From Tailgate [Step By Step Guide]

You may want to remove an emblem from your tailgate to achieve a smooth surface or install a custom emblem. If you own a Chevrolet truck and are interested in debadging your vehicle, you're in luck. We've done the research and can tell you exactly how to do this!

Ensure your vehicle is clean, then follow the below steps to remove a Chevy emblem from your vehicle.

  1. Use adhesive remover or a heat gun to loosen the emblem.
  2. Gently remove the emblem with your hands, a fishing line, dental floss, or a trim remover tool.
  3. Remove any remaining adhesive.
  4. Wash and wax the area where the emblem was.

As you can tell, you can remove the emblem on your vehicle with little to no assistance. Please keep reading to learn more about how to remove the emblem and more!

glossy red shiny car vehicle Chevrolet hatchback on car park, How To Remove Chevy Emblem From Tailgate [Step By Step Guide]

How To Remove Chevy Emblem

Before debadging your Chevy, make sure that the car is clean. Then, gather your materials. You'll need a heat gun, hair dryer, or adhesive remover to loosen the emblem.

A fishing line, dental floss, or thin plastic trim tool can help you remove the emblem from your car. However, it's also possible to use just your hands.

It will also be helpful to have a microfiber towel nearby.

1. Loosening Emblem

Car emblems and decals use a powerful adhesive. The best way to melt it is by using a heat gun.

Put your heat gun to the lowest setting. Then, apply it to the emblem you want to remove.

Keep in mind that heat guns are also used to remove paint. You can protect your vehicle by lining the emblem with tape. However, you should still work carefully to preserve the truck's paint job.

If you're concerned about a heat gun, you can use a hair dryer instead. You should set your dryer to the highest possible setting. Then, work carefully as you apply heat to the emblem. It will take longer, but your paint will be more protected.

Apply heat until you can start to move the emblem. At this point, you can put the heat gun away and move on to removing it.

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2. Removing Emblem

With the adhesive heated, there are a few different ways to remove the emblem. A large, flat putty or trim knife can help you take this marking off. However, this method can cause the emblem to break.

You can also get under the emblem with a long piece of floss or fishing line. Be careful not to use any type of metal wire which can damage the paint.

Guide the wire or string up and down in a sawing motion. As you're doing this, pull the wire across the emblem. Keep doing this until the badge comes off.

You can also try to remove your emblem with just your hands. If you're careful with your paint and apply enough heat, it should be enough to get the emblem off.

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3. Remove Remaining Adhesive

remove adhesive letter car body sticker vinyl

Emblems usually leave some adhesive behind even after they've been removed. Use a microfiber towel or sponge to get rid of what's left behind.

You can use your fingers to scrape off the leftover adhesive. Once it becomes difficult to take off, stop and allow the area to cool. Cleaning too soon can cause damage to the paint.

Once the area is cool, use soapy water or an automobile-safe adhesive remover to get the remaining adhesive off. Use a sponge or a microfiber cloth gently scrub the area.

Be careful when washing. Scrubbing too hard or for too long can cause damage to the paint.

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4. Finishing Touches

man cleaning car microfiber cloth vintage

Now that the remaining adhesive is gone, you can protect the area. If you used an adhesive remover that left a residue, you should first clean that with soapy water.

You can hand dry the washed area or allow it to air dry. Either way, your car should be dry before applying any wax.

You should also ensure your vehicle is in a shaded area before putting wax on. Sun can cause the wax to dry too quickly.

Apply the vehicle wax in a circular motion. Be careful to get the entire area the emblem was and any places where adhesive remover may have gotten.

You can wax the entire side of the vehicle where you removed the emblem to help it look more uniform. However, you don't have to.

After the wax has dried, you'll need to buff it away. Use a soft cloth such as a microfiber or chamois to remove the wax. Apply gentle pressure to the area and move the cloth in a circular motion.

Once the wax is removed, the paint underneath will be shiny and protected from the elements.

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Can You Remove a Car Emblem Without a Heat Gun?

You can remove car emblems without a heat gun or hair dryer. However, heat is the best way to loosen the adhesive so that it's easier for you to remove the badge.

Use a thermos, kettle, or another container to pour hot water on the vehicle just above the emblem. Be careful not to use boiling water as that can damage the paint.

Then, spray some adhesive remover on the emblem. Allow it to soak for a few minutes. Then, use a flat tool or floss to remove the badge.

Can You Use WD-40 To Remove Emblem on Car?

WD-40 can be used to remove strong adhesives, like super glue, and is safe enough to use on vehicles.

If you're not using dry heat, then spray WD-40 on your emblem after using the hot water. Allow it to soak for around a minute, and then use something to pull the emblem off.

If you're using a heat gun, then use WD-40 to remove the remaining adhesive. Allow to soak, and use a soft cloth to clean.

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How To Put New Chevy Emblem On Tailgate?

Chevy logo emblem close up Chevrolet Colorado pick up

You can purchase new emblems if yours is damaged or you want an updated badge. When selecting a new one, be careful to pick one for the tailgate. Chevy emblems that go in the front have clips, while the rear doesn't.

If you'd like to keep the emblem in the same spot, you should keep your tape markings from when you removed the original.

Use an adhesive glue or strong double-sided tape to stick the badge to the car.

If you're using glue, press the emblem firmly into place and hold it for a few seconds. You can use painter's tape to help support the badge. Curing time will depend on your product and local conditions. However, most will reach a full cure within a day. Try to allow the glue to dry completely before driving your car.

If you're using tape, then remove one protective side and press it firmly into the emblem. Take off the remaining protective layer and push the badge into your vehicle.

In Conclusion

glossy red shiny car vehicle Chevrolet hatchback on car park

The emblems on Chevy's tailgates are usually only secured with a strong adhesive. This makes it easy to remove if you want to change your existing emblem.

Use a heat gun, hair dryer, or even warm water to heat the adhesive. Once the badge is loosened, you can use dental floss to help pry away the emblem. After you wash and wax the area, your tailgate will be emblem free!

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