How To Remove Ford Emblem From Tailgate [Step-By-Step Guide]

When you first get your vehicle, any included emblems are clean and look new. But after driving your truck around, the badges can look faded or damaged. If you're looking to replace the emblems on your Ford tailgate, you're probably wondering how you can do that. We've conducted thorough research and can tell you the step-by-step process on how to remove the emblem from your Ford tailgate!

Use the following steps for emblems held on with adhesive:

  1. Use a heat gun to warm and melt the adhesive.
  2. Use floss, fishing wire, or a flat tool to lift the badge off.
  3. Use adhesive remover to take off any remaining adhesive.

Follow the below steps for removing Ford emblems held on with pins:

  1. Open the tailgate and remove all screws to access the inside of the tailgate. Remove cover.
  2. Lift the tailgate back up and use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the emblem.
  3. Lower the tailgate back down and remove the pins holding the badge in place.
  4. Replace badge and tailgate panel.

Removing your Ford emblem from the tailgate can be easily done, even if it's held in with pins and adhesive. Keep reading to learn more about how to remove emblems from vehicles and more!

How To Remove Adhesive Only Ford Emblem

Ford Raptor showing the Raptor logo on the rear tailgate.

Smaller emblems are typically only held onto vehicles with a strong adhesive. These badges can be removed with a few basic tools.

1. Heat Emblem Adhesive

Use a heat gun or a hair dryer to melt the adhesive holding the badge in place. You can use painter's tape to protect the surrounding area.

If you're using a heat gun, set it to the lowest setting. You'll need to use the highest setting for a hair dryer. Using a hair dryer can also take longer, but you'll be less likely to damage your vehicle's paint.

Heat the emblem until you can move it around slightly. It should be hot but not too hot to handle.

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2. Use Something To Pry Emblem Off

Use a thin, flat, plastic piece to get under the emblem and gently pull it off. Work your way around the edges of the badge. If you use too much force, you can damage the paint or break the emblem.

You can also use a long piece of floss or fishing wire to get behind the emblem. To do this, you should get the line behind the badge and use a gentle sawing motion.

Pull the string along the backside of the emblem until it pulls it off.

3. Use Adhesive Remover

Tesa Professional Adhesive Remover container on isolated background.

There will be some remaining adhesive left behind after the emblem is removed. You can remove it in a couple of different ways.

The first is with an automobile-safe adhesive remover. Spray the area with the adhesive and then wipe it clean. You may need to let the remover sit for a few minutes or apply multiple coats.

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How To Remove Adhesive And Tab Ford Emblem

Ford logo on front of a car. Ford is an American multinational automaker that has its main headquarters in Detroit. - How To Remove Ford Emblem From Tailgate [Step-By-Step Guide]

Depending on the model of your vehicle, the large Ford emblem on the tailgate may also be held on with mounts. Check the model of your car to determine if this is the case for you.

1. Remove Tailgate Cover

To access the tabs of the emblem, you'll need to remove the interior cover of the tailgate. Lower it and locate all the screws you'll need to remove.

The location, number of screws, and type of screw will vary depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. 

Take all the screws off and then set the panel aside.

2. Heat Emblem To Melt Adhesive

With the panel removed, you'll be able to see the tabs that are holding the emblem in place. Your emblem may also be held in with screws. If this is the case, remove them now.

Now you'll need to melt the adhesive that's also securing the emblem. You can do this through the opening you just made or by heating the front of the badge.

If heating from the backside, you should be careful to avoid any wires. It may also be best to use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun.

To heat the front side of the emblem, raise the tailgate. If you want, you can protect the surrounding area with tape. Use a heat gun or hair dryer and heat the emblem.

Apply heat for a few minutes. You want to melt the adhesive enough that it's easy to push the emblem out.

3. Remove Clips Holding Emblem And Remove

After heating, lower the tailgate down. Use your hand or a long tool to help you push the emblem out.

Pushing the area around the tabs can help protect the emblem from damage. However, if you're not interested in saving it, you could technically pry the emblem out with a screwdriver.

Be sure to cover any metal pieces you use to remove the badge. You should also continue to work carefully to avoid damaging your paint.

4. Final Touches

If there's any remaining residue, use an adhesive remover to get it off. Then, clean the area and decide what to do to cover the holes left by the emblem.

You can replace the emblem with a new one or fill the holes with an automotive body filler. After concealing the holes, you can clean and wax the area. Finally, make sure that you replace the tailgate cover.

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How To Remove A Tailgate Sticker?

Remove the adhesive letter from the car body.

In addition to emblems, some vehicles also have stickers on their tailgates. You can remove these in a similar way that you would the plastic badges.

Use a hair dryer or a heat gun to warm the area and melt the adhesive. Then, begin to gently peel the sticker off. You can apply heat to the sticker still on the car as you peel it to help it come off easier.

It's also possible to use a thin and flat tool or a credit card to help you get under the sticker.

If you have any remaining adhesive left over, use an adhesive remover to get rid of it.

How Do You Remove Car Emblems Without Damaging Paint?

A car wash worker cleans the logo of a white Hyundai Accent with with a fine brush. A vehicle being serviced at a carwash or auto detailing shop.

You should clean your car before you try to debadge it. You can accidentally grind dirt into your vehicle during the removal process. Unfortunately, even the smallest particles can damage your paint.

It will also be essential to work carefully when using your heat gun. These tools are frequently used to remove paint. So, using too much heat or using adhesive remover too soon can damage your paint job.

Use the lowest setting on your heat gun, and don't heat the emblem to the point that you can't touch it. You should also wait until your car cools before you use an adhesive remover to get rid of the remaining residue.

It's also important to use a soft cloth when cleaning. Microfiber towels are gentle enough to avoid scratching your vehicle and tough enough to remove grime.

Finally, try to avoid metal objects to pry emblems off. Flat plastic tools work best at getting under emblems without scratching. If you have to use a screwdriver, cover it with a towel before using it.

In Closing

Ford emblems can be fixed to your car in a number of ways, but that won't stop you from removing them. Use your heat gun and adhesive remover to help you get rid of any of your badges. Be careful when removing large emblems because they are usually mounted with clips and adhesive.

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