How To Remove Jeep Vent Covers [Step By Step Guide]

You may have to remove the vents covers in your Jeep to unclog or clean the vents. If you are wondering how to remove your Jeep's vent covers, keep reading. We have researched the topic in order to provide you with a step-by-step guide. 

Below is a guide to help you remove the vent covers in your Jeep:

  • Turn the vent to access the locking mechanism. 
  • Turn the recessed area with a raised line so that it's facing downwards.
  • Line up the louvers.  
  • Insert a pocket screwdriver into the vent and pry the screwdriver upwards.
  • Rotate the assembly counterclockwise and pull out the vent cover.

Keep reading for detailed information on removing the vent covers from your Jeep. We will also cover methods for cleaning your air vents without removing the vent covers. In addition, we'll discuss how to maintain the AC in your car and the cost of relevant repairs.

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara off-road with mountains in the background, How To Remove Jeep Vent Covers [Step By Step Guide]

Guide To Removing Jeep Vent Covers

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The first step to removing the vent cover is to access and release the locking mechanism. The following is a detailed guide on how to go about doing this:

  1. Find two recessed areas on the vent and identify the one that has a raised line. 
  2. If the recessed area with a raised line is not facing the bottom, turn it until it does. This allows you to access the locking mechanism to unlock it.
  3. Next, line up the louvers ensuring the one on top lines up with the black cut-out.
  4. Tilt the louvers slightly downwards so that you can insert a pocket screwdriver into the upper part of the vent. 
  5. Pry the screwdriver upwards and turn the assembly counterclockwise.
  6. Grip the louvers and pull out the vent cover. 

Below is a video with a detailed guide on how to remove the vent cover:

Can You Clean Your Car's Air Vents Without Removing Them?

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Unless something is trapped in your vent or you suspect it is severely clogged, you don’t need to remove the cover to clean it. You can clean your vents without removing the covers by using one or more of the following methods:

Use A Foam Paint Brush

You can make your own cleaning agent by mixing equal amounts of white vinegar and warm water. Dip the brush lightly into the vinegar solution. Then wipe between the louvers with the brush to remove dust, debris, and grime.

If the accumulation of dirt on the brush is too much, you may have to make several passes with the brush. You should rinse the brush in between cleanings.

Check out this pack of foam paint brushes on Amazon.

Alternatively, if you have several brushes, use a new one each time one gets too dirty. You can finalize the cleaning by brushing the vents with a dry brush. 

When you finish cleaning, wash your brushes with warm, soapy water. Rinse them well under running water, and let them dry thoroughly before storing them.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Another way you can clean your car’s air vent is by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The vacuum bristles will loosen up the dirt, which the vacuum will pull out.

An attachment with a small hose is an alternative if you need to access the inside of the vents. 

Check out this vacuum cleaner brush attachment on Amazon.

Use Compressed Air

You can spray pressurized air into the vents to loosen up dirt and debris. After spraying, turn the AC on to blow the loosened dirt out of the vents. 

You can find this electric compressed air duster on Amazon.

How To Maintain Your Jeep’s AC System 

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To efficiently run the AC system in your car, you need to keep it in good condition. Below are some ways to keep your car’s AC system running efficiently:

Replace The Cabin Filter 

The air moving inside your car's AC system is cleaned by a cabin filter. Before air enters the passenger cabin, it passes through this filter, which blocks out dirt and debris. As a result, the car's occupants can breathe in fresh, clean air. 

You can find this cabin filter on Amazon.

Ideally, you should replace the cabin filter each year. But if you live in or have been driving in an area with heavy pollution, you may need to replace it more than once a year.

Since there is no signal such as a warning light to show that you need to change your filter, you can look for some tell-tale signs, including:

Stuffy Air

A clogged cabin filter will prevent fresh air from passing through it. This leads to stuffy air in a car due to decreased air circulation. 

Unpleasant Smell

The accumulation of dust and debris in a cabin filter can lead to your vents producing nasty odors.

You may try to make the smell vanish by increasing the airflow, but this will probably make the smell worse. This is a warning that your cabin filter is clogged and needs replacement. 

Strange Noises

Sometimes big pieces of debris can find their way into the AC system of your car. When they lodge into the cabin filter, they can produce strange whistling noises as the air passes through the filter.

Keep Vents Clean

As we mentioned earlier, you need to clean the vents to keep out dirt, dust, and debris. Consequently, you’ll breathe in cleaner, healthier air.

Have a look at these trim vent covers on Amazon suitable for a Jeep Wrangler.

Clean Your Car Often  

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In addition to cleaning your vents regularly, you need to clean your car regularly. This keeps out bacteria and dirt that can negatively impact the efficiency of your AC. 

Leave Your AC On Once A Week For Ten Minutes

Run your AC every week on defrost mode. To do this, turn it to the lowest cooling point while running the fan at the highest speed.

This helps to remove moisture that can cause mold and mildew. It also works to supports gas pressure and helps the compressor to work efficiently.

Avoid Pre-Cooling Your Car

The air conditioning system in your car performs optimally while you are driving. As a result, you should you avoid cooling your car prior to driving.

Instead, open the windows to allow any hot air to escape. When you start driving, you can then turn on the AC.

Get Your AC Serviced Regularly 

When you take your car regularly for an AC service, the mechanic has a better chance of detecting any faults or damage to the system. 

Cost Of Repairing AC In Your Car

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The repair of an AC in a Jeep Grand Cherokee can cost around $112 for parts and $133 for labor. To replace a vent in a Jeep Renegade, you may pay can $150 or higher. Instead of replacing a whole vent, it can be cheaper to replace only the vent tabs. 

In addition, the labor costs of replacing a cabin filter in a Jeep Wrangler range between $26 and $33. A cabin filter costs $35 on average.

In Closing

Removing the vent covers from a Jeep or any other car should not be difficult. You can follow the instructions above. Whatever model of Jeep you have, there’s a manual to help you with the task. 

Note that it's not necessary to remove the vent covers when cleaning the vents, unless you need to remove something that's stuck inside.

It’s important to take good care of your AC system, so that you can drive comfortably. It's also important to check and clean the vents regularly. We discussed several cleaning methods in this post. 

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