Are All Z71 Trucks 4X4? [Not All! Here’s the Difference!]

Z71 trucks are known for their off-road capabilities, but are all Z71 vehicles actually equipped with a 4x4 system? 

In this article, we'll help you navigate the intricacies of Z71 off-roading packages and set the record straight on any misconceptions about a 4x4 Z71. 

Let's start!

What Does Z71 Mean in a Truck?

Z71 is a performance package that General Motors (GM) offers for their Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

The Z71 package helps improve a truck's off-road capabilities by adding features like skid plates, higher ground clearance, and better shock absorbers.

A huge Chevrolet Silverado Z71

When you see a truck with the Z71 badge, it means that it has been designed with off-road performance in mind.

These upgrades provide better protection and handling when you traverse challenging terrains, making your off-road adventures worry-free.

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How Do I Know I Have a Z71 Package?

To check if your truck has a 271 package, look for the following indications:

  • A Z71 logo on the tailgate or grille.
  • The VIN has a 271 code.
  • Check the suspension. Vehicles with the Z71 package have a slightly higher ride than other models.

If you're still unsure, try contacting your dealer or the manufacturer's customer service.

They can provide more information and confirm whether your truck has the Z71 package.

So, Are All Z71 Trucks 4x4?

The answer is no. Not all Z71 trucks are 4x4.

A huge red Chevrolet Silverado Z71

While many Z71 trucks do come with 4x4 capabilities, the package is also available in two-wheel drive (2WD) variations of GM and Chevy trucks.

In short, you can find Z71 trucks with 4x4 and 2WD drivetrains.

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Differences Between a Z71 and 4X4

Starting with the basics, 4x4 refers to a vehicle's drivetrain, where power is supplied to all four wheels.

These vehicles are great for off-road adventures and tackling harsh terrain.

A huge blue colored Chevrolet Silverado Z71

On the other hand, Z71 is an off-road suspension package available for certain General Motors (GM) trucks, including Chevy.

First, 4x4 vehicles generally have a more rugged drivetrain, allowing power distribution to each wheel, ensuring better traction in challenging conditions.

Z71, being a suspension package, enhances the off-road performance of a GM truck.

However, unlike a 4x4, not all Z71 trucks are four-wheel drive.

As explained earlier, the Z71 package can also be found in two-wheel drive (2WD) variations.

Another difference lies in the additional features that the Z71 package offers.

These may include upgraded suspension and shocks, underbody shields, recovery hooks, and an automatic locking rear differential.

In contrast, a 4x4 vehicle mainly focuses on the drivetrain without any additional off-road features unless they come as part of a specific package.

Benefits of Having a Z71 4x4

Here are the following benefits of owning a 271 4x4.

Off-Road Proficiency

The primary advantage of a Z71 4x4 is its off-road capabilities.

Enhanced suspension and larger tires give you the ability to tackle rough terrain with confidence.

A Chevrolet Silverado Z71 going offroad

If you love adventure and frequently explore off-road trails, a Z71 4x4 is an exceptional choice for your needs.

Comfort and Convenience

Equipping your truck with the Z71 4x4 package ensures a comfortable ride even on tough terrains.

The upgraded suspension absorbs shocks and vibrations better, making your off-road journeys more enjoyable.

Additionally, many Z71 4x4 models have features like hill descent control and skid plates, providing extra convenience and protection.

Fundamental Safety Features

With a Z71 4x4, you can count on increased safety thanks to its upgraded handling and control on challenging terrain.

Chevrolet Silverado Z71 airbag

The improved traction and stability make it less likely for you to lose control or experience sudden slips while driving.

Moreover, the fantastic off-road performance reduces the risks of getting stuck or stranded in the wilderness during your adventures.

Luxury and Tech Features

Investing in a Z71 4x4 offers practical benefits and adds a touch of luxury to your vehicle.

The package often includes premium interior materials and sophisticated technology that enhance the overall driving experience.

Is it a Good Idea to Get Z71 With 4x4?

If you enjoy outdoor adventures, such as camping, hunting, or fishing, a Z71 4x4 could significantly enhance your experience.

A Z71 emblem of a Chevrolet Silverado

These vehicles are equipped with Rancho shocks and large tires, allowing them to traverse various terrains more effectively than their non-4x4 counterparts.

Plus, with their increased ground clearance and improved handling capabilities, you can confidently navigate through a rugged landscape.

What Size is A Z71 Engine?

It varies depending on the specific model. For instance, the 2021 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 has a 3.6L V6 gas engine.

On the other hand, the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 is equipped with a 5.3L EcoTec V8 engine, producing 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque.

A huge yellow colored Chevrolet Silverado Z71

Understanding these differences is essential because engine size plays a key role in the overall performance and capability of the vehicle.

A larger engine usually offers more power and torque, leading to better towing and hauling capabilities.

In contrast, a smaller engine may provide better fuel efficiency.

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How Much is a Z71 Package?

Generally, you can expect the Z71 package to cost somewhere between $36,000 to over $64,000.

Parked red colored Chevrolet Silverado Z71

Factors affecting the package price include your vehicle's base model and any additional accessories that may be offered as part of the package.

Dealerships may offer promotions at different times of the year, so it's always a good idea to inquire about any current incentives available. 

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Wrapping Up

So, there you have it! Not all Z71 trucks are 4x4. Some of them are also available in 2-wheel drive (2WD) variations.

That being said, the Z71 package is a fantastic way to add extra off-road capability to your Chevy truck.

So, while not all Z71 trucks are 4x4, the Z71 package is still worth considering if you want to add off-road capability to your Chevy truck. 

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