What Are The Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

There is no comparison to the joy of driving your motorcycle down a winding road on a beautiful day. It is one of the simple pleasures you find yourself looking forward to every week. To stay safe and keep riding your bike, you know you need to wear a helmet. But, with all the choices out there, it can be hard to know what brands are worth your money. Lucky for you, we have done the research for you. We are happy to report back with the best motorcycle helmet brands you should buy now.

A collage of six best motorcycle helmet brands, What Are The Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

There are many contributing factors to what makes a great motorcycle helmet. We looked at safety elements, price, and design to bring you a list of 6 motorcycle helmet brands you can trust. 

  1. Arai
  2. Shoei
  3. AGV
  4. Nolan
  5. HJC
  6. Bell

Keep reading if you want to find out more about each brand and look at specific helmets from each company. 

1. Arai

If you have been browsing for a helmet recently, then you have certainly viewed an Arai helmet. They are one of the most well-known helmet brands out there. Originally a hat company, they have entered into the motorcycle industry as helmet makers.

With their unique R75 shape, Arai emphasizes the importance of a helmet's ability to glance off objects. Glancing off increases the rider's protection if they fall off at high speed. They also pride themselves on the comfort of their helmets. Many professional racers choose Arai. If this brand can please professionals, then you can count on it being an excellent choice for you. 

This is the Arai Quantum-X. It is an excellent choice with a one of a kind outside design. The oval shape is great for ventilation and comfort.

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Here is the Arai Corsair X Helmet. This is the company's flagship model. It combines all of the best qualities to deliver the highest amount of rider protection and comfort.

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2. Shoei

You have probably seen the brand Shoei during your helmet shopping as these Japanese helmets dominate the market. The craftsmanship process involves over 50 different people per helmet, and the attention to detail yields a sleekly designed, safe helmet for you to wear. 

The internal system of each helmet provides a comfortable ride. The base shell is lightweight, so your neck doesn't get tired. The ventilation system keeps the inside environment temperature controlled, so you stay cool on your ride.

This is the Shoei RF-1200. It is one of the most popular models sold by this company. The compact and lightweight design increase rider comfort.

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With built-in Bluetooth speakers and a sunshade, the Shoei GT-Air 2 is a favorite helmet for many riders.

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3. AGV

This Italian company has been in the helmet business since 1947. They are credited with creating one of the first full-faced helmets on the market. Their unique design and sturdy construction produce a distinct stylish helmet. 

Their products are tested at 15 different impact points to ensure each helmet will product your head. Also, an extended panoramic visual field is added to each helmet to increase rider visibility.  

Here is the AGV K-1. It comes in four sizes and a variety of colors, so you are sure to find one to suit your needs. The thermodynamic design increases stability and speed while moving.

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The AGV X3000 is a popular model from this brand. The vintage-inspired design echos the classic helmets of the past. Unlike real vintage helmets, this one has much better ventilation and safety features.

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4. Nolan

Nolan helmets are another trusted Italian brand. Every helmet part is manufactured in house, and there is no outsourcing of materials. They emphasize quality over quantity. Each helmet includes a 5-year warranty, so you know Nolan stands by their products. 

This is the Nolan N100-5. It has an ultra-wide face shield with fog-resistance and a button mechanism to open the chin strap. So, when you finish riding, you don't have to remove your gloves to take this helmet off.

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Here is the Nolan N70-2. It is a heavy-duty helmet made for all-year use. There are six different ways to personalize it so that you can create your unique helmet.

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5. HJC

HJC is a Korean helmet brand, and it is one of the most affordable options for motorcycle headgear. Their helmets feature Premium Integrated Matrix Plus construction. This is their unique method of creating a lightweight shell with aerodynamic qualities. 

Recently, this brand has teamed up with Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. So, they feature a line of helmets with graphics inspired by these companies. If you are after a themed helmet, this is a great brand. 

This is the HJC CL-17. It is one of the least expensive helmet options you can find without sacrificing quality. It comes in many different color options, with an anti-scratch UV protected face shield. You can also remove all of the interior pads to clean them and prevent bacteria build-up.

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Here is the Unisex HJC IS-33. This open face helmet is another affordable option. The full face shield can be switched out with a visor to match your driving environment.

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6. Bell

This brand is a California based company that is very popular in the United States. They create helmets for many kinds of riding but are still a go-to in the motorcycle industry. They emphasize substance over fashion to produce excellent products. 

This is the Bell MX-9 Adventure helmet. It is designed for duel action. Wear it on urban streets or take it offroading on a dirt track. If you frequently get out of the city, but you don't want to buy two different helmets for on and off-road, this is a great option.

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Here is the Bell Revolver Evo. This is one of the safest helmets from this brand. The ergonomic design includes an eye-port seal. This increases rider focus by reducing wind volume, and excess noise typically heard in motorcycle helmets.

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Which Is Better Shoei Or Arai?

Both Shoei and Arai are premium motorcycle producing brands based in Japan. They are often compared to each other, and both are great high-end helmet options. However, there are some critical differences between the helmets they produce. Read through them so that you can decide for yourself. Both brand options are excellent choices that will be sure to keep you safe. It is ultimately up to you as the rider to determine which helmet is the most comfortable for you. 

The Main Differences  

  • Arai does not offer coverless face shields. They believe this feature compromises rider safety
  • Shoei does provide helmets with coverless face shields.
  • Arai helmets are built around an "R75" shape, which is a continuous curve of 75mm. They believe this is the perfect built to reduce the likelihood of the helmet catching on rough surfaces during a potential crash.
  • Arai uses a handmade mesh netting to increase their helmets' integrity. 
  • Shoei uses an Advanced Integrated Matrix shell design with 5 or 6 layers of proprietary fibers.
  • Arai uses a one-piece EPS foam liner for crash protection.
  • Shoei uses multi-layer EPS foam liners for crash protection.
  • Arai sells three different sized helmets in the US.
  • Shoei sells one size helmet in the US. 

Brands You Can Trust 

You are sure to find the perfect helmet for you from one of these six brands. Shoei and Arai are top-end premium helmets. AGV and Nolan are both popular European brands with plenty of helmets to offer. HGV and Bell offer incredibly affordable options that don't lack quality.

So, whether you have been riding for years or are new to the motorcycle life, these brands have a helmet for everyone. Take your pick and try one out today!

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