What Oil Is Best For Toyota Tacoma? [7 Suggestions!]

It's time to add oil or change the oil in your Toyota Tacoma, but which one is best for your truck? We want to make sure you give your Tacoma the best treatment possible, so we found the best oils on the market. You can see our findings below.

Toyota Tacoma uses 5W-20 and 0W-20 oil, for which there are several excellent choices on the shelves. If you want to be sure the oil you use is good for your Toyota, choosing an API-certified engine oil can help. Although there are a number of excellent non-certified oils on the market, API certification can offer you peace of mind when lubricating your motor. Check out the top seven oils for your Toyota Tacoma below:

  1. Castrol Edge Extended Performance Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20
  2. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic 5W-20
  3. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-20
  4. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20
  5. Shell Rotella Full Synthetic 5W-20
  6. Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation 0W-20
  7. Royal Purple SAE 0W-20

There is still a great deal you need to know about properly caring for your Toyota Tacoma. Keep reading as we discuss how to check the oil in your Tacoma, how many quarts it takes, where to find the filter, and more.

fresh motor oil being poured into the engine. What Oil Is Best For Toyota Tacoma [7 Suggestions!]

What is the Best Oil for a Toyota Tacoma?

The best oils for Toyota Tacoma are fully synthetic solutions. Of these, API-certified oils meet the minimum requirements set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API), giving drivers peace of mind when putting products in their engines. The following are our top picks for the best synthetic motor oils for your Toyota Tacoma.

1. Castrol Edge Extended Performance Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20

If you work your Tacoma hard, Castrol Edge Extended Performance is the motor oil for you. Castrol guarantees that you will get 20,000 miles between oil changes or one year, whichever comes first. It is recommended for trucks that are used for frequent towing or hauling and high-performance driving.

Additionally, Castrol Edge Extended Performance is API certified and formulated to fight against dirt roads, humid atmospheres, and severely hot or cold environments. It decreases engine deposits and viscosity breakdown and keeps your truck in good condition for drivers who take lots of short trips and idle for long periods.

You can find Castrol Edge Extended Performance on Amazon.  

2. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20

Mobil 1 Extended Performance is another API-certified product that will keep your Tacoma's engine running properly. It fights against sludge while also resisting oxidation. You'll enjoy the benefit of quick engine starts during extremely cold temperatures along with advanced engine cleansers.

As with Castrol, Mobil 1 guarantees extended intervals between oil changes. You'll be able to drive 15,000 miles before your next change. It will also protect your engine from extreme temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Let's not forget about the improved gas mileage and extended engine life.

You can view Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W-20 on Amazon. 

3. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic is API-certified and boasts 40% more wear protection than set by industry standards. Like Mobil 1, Valvoline Advanced provides extra protection for hard working vehicles that do a lot of towing and operate under extreme temperatures.

Valvoline Advanced is packed with extra detergents which aid in minimizing sludge and deposits, extending the life of your Toyota Tacoma's engine. Top-of-the-line antioxidants help keep the oil from breaking down under extreme conditions. However, this oil does not offer extended intervals between oil changes.

You can check out Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 on Amazon. 

4. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20

Although Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic does not offer extended intervals between oil changes, it does protect your truck against loss of horsepower, and it's API-certified. Its unique formula provides extra wear protection and performs well under extreme temperatures, supporting a fast start in the winter. Pennzoil uses PurePlus Technology to convert natural gas into synthetic motor oil without the use of crude oil.

Check out Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 on Amazon. 

5. Shell Rotella Gas Truck Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20

If you are looking for motor oil that will support the rough terrain you expose your Toyota Tacoma, Shell Rotella Full Synthetic is the way to go. You'll enjoy extra protection against dust from frequenting dirt roads and rocky terrain. Shell Rotella is API certified and ideal for both new and high mileage Tacomas alike.

This special formula features extra additives to help extend the life of your engine and provide support when towing and hauling. It is ideal for use in extreme hot and cold temperatures and fights against sludge and engine deposits.

You can find Shell Rotella Gas Truck Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 on Amazon. 

6. Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation SAE 0W-20

Liqui Moly Molygen is manufactured in Germany and is API SN Plus-certified. You will need to follow your manufacturer's recommendations for oil change intervals, but you will experience extended engine life and less sludge buildup. This oil supports cold weather starts and gives your engine the extra boost it needs during both severe hot and cold temperatures.

You can view Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation SAE 0W-20 on Amazon. 

7. Royal Purple High Performance SAE 0W-20

Royal Purple High Performance is another brand that is API-certified and exceeds industry standards. You'll enjoy better fuel efficiency along with excellent corrosion and engine wear protection. Although Royal Purple does not promise extended time between oil changes or extreme temperature protection, your Tacoma's catalyst emission system will benefit from higher protection.

Check out Royal Purple High Performance SAE 0W-20 on Amazon. 

Additional Questions

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What Oil Does Toyota Tacoma Take?

Before putting oil in your vehicle, you should always consult your owner's manual for the proper viscosity. Use the chart below to help you decide which oil is best for your Toyota Tacoma:

Toyota Tacoma 1995 - 2004

SAE 5W-30

SAE 10W-30

Toyota Tacoma 2005 - 2006

SAE 0W-20

SAE 5W-20

SAE 5W-30

Toyota Tacoma 2007 - 2021

SAE 0W-20

SAE 5W-20

How Many Quarts of Oil Does a Toyota Tacoma Take?

Toyota Tacoma equipped with a camping tent in mountainous

The amount of oil required for your Toyota Tacoma will depend on the year model, engine size, and whether it is four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. If your Toyota Tacoma is a 2016 - 2021, it will have an oil capacity of 6.2 quarts. However, if your Tacoma is a model between 2005 and 2015, see the guidelines below:

Toyota Tacoma 2.7L 16V

5.5 Quarts

Toyota Tacoma 4.0L V6 24V

4WD - 5.5 Quarts

RWD PRE - 5.5 Quarts

RWE Base Model - 4.8 Quarts

How Long Does Toyota Synthetic Oil Last?

Woman hand pour motor oil to car engine.

The length of time between oil changes will depend on the particular type of oil you purchase. Some full synthetics, such as Castrol Edge Extended Performance and Mobil 1 Extended Performance, guarantee longer periods between oil changes.

With those, you will get a guaranteed 20,000 miles. However, many brands recommend following the guidelines set forth in your owner's manual. For synthetic oils, Toyota recommends having the oil and filter changed every 5,000 - 10,000 miles.

How Do You Check the Oil on a Toyota Tacoma?

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Never check your oil when the engine is hot. If you have recently driven your vehicle, allow it to cool before starting the below process:

  1. Make sure you are parked on a level surface.
  2. Pop the hood, and find the dipstick. In your Tacoma, it will be yellow with a loop on the top.
  3. Pull the dipstick out, and wipe it clean with a towel or paper towel.
  4. Put the dipstick back into place, then remove it a second time.
  5. Look at the oil on the stick. The stick features an oil marking. If the oil is at the higher end or in the middle, you don't need to do anything. If it is on the "low" marking or close, you need to add more oil to your truck.
  6. When checking the oil, you should also take note of the color. If it is dark brown or black, it is likely time for an oil change.

Oil level measure, oil level dipstick in the engine. Oil level at minimum.

Where is the Oil Filter on a Toyota Tacoma?

The oil filter on the Toyota Tacoma is located under the hood of the truck. It is situated next to the oil cap on the lower side of the motor. If you wish to remove the filter and replace it with a new one, use the following steps:

  1. Make sure the vehicle has not been running. If it has, the oil filter will be hot.
  2. Using the appropriate size wrench, unscrew the filter by turning it counterclockwise.
  3. Pull the filter out.
  4. Before installing the new filter, apply a small amount of oil around the rim using your finger.
  5. There is no need to use a wrench when replacing the filter. Simply screw it in with your hand.

For a visual of this process, watch this YouTube video.

In Closing

Keeping your oil changed regularly and using the proper oil is an important factor in keeping your Toyota Tacoma running properly. Toyota Tacoma uses oil viscosities 0W-20 and 5W-20. Fully synthetic solutions are best and keep your engine running smoothly for longer and prevent sludge buildup.

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