Can A Nissan Rogue Be Flat Towed?

Nissan Rogue offers a smooth, safe, and dynamic driving experience with all of its sophisticated technology and high-end engine performance. But if you're wondering if this vehicle can tag along by flat towing it to join your road trip adventures, don't worry because we gladly did all the research to get the answers to you!

The Nissan Rogue can be flat towed in cases of emergency. However, CVT models simply cannot be flat towed with all four wheels down as this can cause damages to the powertrain. But the MT models can be flat towed with all four wheels down.

There are undeniably a lot of reasons to love the Nissan Rogue, that's why we can't blame you if you want to take it on any trip you might have in mind! You can read further for a thorough and detailed discussion you might need to know more about flat towing the Nissan Rogue. 

A gray colored Nissan Rogue moving fast on the highway, Can A Nissan Rogue Be Flat Towed

Nissan Rogue's Towing Guide 

Nissan recommends not flat towing the Rogue model that consists of a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). When the four wheels are on the ground, specifically the front wheels, this can result in severe damage to the transmission. 

Black Nissan Rogue car moving on the street

Nissan advises having the rear wheels raised always and using towing dollies under the front wheels.

In cases of emergency, Nissan Rogue features a special place just above the bumper underneath the headlight where you can install a recovery hook to safely tow your vehicle, in case you are having car problems. 

To illustrate this, here is a video on YouTube by Jason Gillet: 

When your car is stuck or disabled, a recovery hook is an essential tool that helps save the car by pulling it out. Heart Horses' recovery hook gives this support with its high-quality aluminum material that guarantees strength and durability. 

See Heart Horses' recovery hook on Amazon.

Of course, the recovery hook also needs a strap that will match its toughness. Luckily, Rhino USA offers a recovery tow strap that performs heavy-duty pulling, and this ensures pulling up to 40,320 lbs breaking strength, for all kinds of vehicles. 

Click here to find Rhino USA's recovery tow strap on Amazon.

How-To Flat Tow Nissan Rogue With Manual Transmission

Although it's not advisable to flat tow Nissan Rogue with CVT models, the Nissan Rogue with manual transmission can be an alternative to this issue. It's highly preferable and guaranteed the safest to flat tow manual Rogue models, as stated in the owner's manual. 

To flat tow the Nissan Rogue with manual transmission, here are some steps you might need to follow: 

  1. Turn the ignition switch 'OFF.' 
  2. Secure the steering wheel in a straight-ahead position using a safety rope. 
  3. Move the shift selector into a neutral position. 
  4. Release the parking brake.
  5. Observe proper towing speed and distance. The speed should be below 50 mph (80 km/h) with a distance of less than 50 miles (80 km)

You might also want to go through Nissan Owner's Channel YouTube video for another example of the Nissan Rogue's Manual Shift Mode: 

Do's And Don'ts

In terms of towing your Nissan Rogue, here's a list of a few do's and don'ts that you need to remind yourself with: 


  • Always tow your Nissan Rogue forward and not backward! 
  • Always release the parking brake when towing. 
  • Refer to your owner's manual for proper towing procedures and compatibility.
  • Stay on the speed and distance limit provided by the manual. 
  • Always remember to keep the engine neutral. 


  • Don't flat tow Nissan Rogue with CVT models.
  • Don't secure the steering wheel solely with the lock position. 
  • Do not forget to disconnect the driveshaft from the vehicle. 
  • Do not back up with a tow bar. 
  • Don't be clueless and do things all by yourself; consult car technicians and manufacturers.

If you want to know more towing tips, check out "15 Travel Trailer Towing Tips Every Driver Should Know."

Can You Tow The Nissan Rogue To A Dolly?

A 2021 Nissan Rogue on the parking lot

Nissan Rogue with CVT models is much suited for dolly towing as this ensures the safety and lifespan of the vehicle's engine. Not only that, Nissan manufacturers recommend dolly towing in their manuals for both the CVT and MT models.

With that being said,  if you see flat towing as an incredibly risky move, a tow dolly is the best option you should select if you're serious about bringing along your Nissan Rogue with you. 

Here are some guidelines you might need to do when you tow dolly (from the 2014-2022 Rogue Owners Manual

  1. Before anything else, ensure that you have the proper towing equipment. 
  2. Attach the safety chains before towing. 
  3. Check the transmission, steering system, and powertrain if they are in the exact order.
  4. Turn the ignition switch 'OFF.' 
  5. Secure the steering wheel with safety ropes. 
  6. Move the selector lever into a Neutral (N) position. 
  7. Release the parking brake.
  8. Most importantly, always put in mind that the front wheels should be raised and put to safety as doing the opposite can cause internal damages to the vehicle.

On the other hand, U-Haul Trailer Hitches and Towing's YouTube video can show you how to properly load the Nissan Rogue on a tow dolly. Check out this video for your preference: 

What Tools Are Needed When Dolly Towing The Nissan Rogue?

As mentioned above, you are going to need the proper tools when you plan to tow your Nissan Rogue. We made here a list of tools you might need to invest in for towing. Additionally, these tools can be used several times in the event of setting up your car for towing on several occasions. 

  • Electric Winch
  • Towing Chains and Towing Straps 
  • Winch Cables
  • Tow Dolly
  • Wheel Net Baskets
  • Shackles 
  • Tire Skates 
  • Recovery Strings 
  • Tow Hooks 

TYT offers an electric winch kit that comprises everything you'll ever need in the process of towing your vehicle. It has a winch pure copper motor, high tensile steel cable, remote control, and mounting plate. At the same time, it guarantees high performance, easy operation, and stable control.  

Click here to see TYT's electric winch on Amazon.

Trekassy's wheel net is the full package that is essential to your towing project. It fits tires of all sizes, and most importantly, it's durable and doesn't scratch or damage your wheels. Plus, it has additional snap hooks, axle straps, ratchets, and additional packs of trie straps. 

Click here to see Trekassy's wheel net package on Amazon.

Liftmaster's tire skates guarantee heavy-duty performance on vehicle dollies. It is engineered with an ultimately durable diamond plate steel construction that is fitted to carry 1,500 lbs each. Plus, it has strong nylon castors to ensure protection from scratching. 

See Liftmaster's tire skates on Amazon.

Can You Hitch A Trailer To Nissan Rogue?

Hitching a trailer to your Nissan Rogue is one of the easiest methods for towing your gear. Rogue's owing capacity and engine specs are fit for this method. 

The vehicle can carry up to 1,360 pounds. So it's suitable to tow any light-teardrop trailers, stand-up trailers, pop-up trailers, mini-motorhomes, and campers. 

U-Haul Trailer Hitches and Towing then again provides another useful YouTube video to show you how easy trailer installation can be. 

Aside from easy installation, hitching your Rogue to a trailer really is functional since it's easy to operate. The hitch can be adjustable, so you will not need any lubrication when you opt to adjust the trailer's height. Additionally, it is flexible, so it's quick to tune it up or down. 

Furthermore, there are still so many things car owners have yet to discover about trailer hitching. For instance, the significance of weight distribution on trailers and how it can simplify and make your towing experience worthwhile. 

Check out this YouTube video about trailer weight distribution by Alex on Autos: 

Trailer hitching undeniably has an unmatched purpose to so many occurrences in your life. It's not only an accessory or a tool for your outdoor adventures, but it offers you a convenient and low-cost way of moving your vehicles and belongings in one single trip. 

What Other Nissan Cars Can Be Flat Towed? 

Nissan offers a lot of models that are capable of flat towing, but like the Rogue, most of them are only fit to flat tow with a manual transmission. 

Here are some Nissan Cars that can be flat towed: 

Nissan Altima Coupe 

Nissan Roadster 

Nissan Juke

Nissan Sentra 

Nissan Versa Sedan 

Don't be in total dismay that most Nissan vehicles are only flat towable on a manual transmission. Actually, most AWD with CTV and automatic transmissions are prone to powertrain damages when you opt to flat tow them. It's not rocket science; these engines are specifically built to operate that way.

Final Words

A gray colored Nissan Rogue moving fast on the highway, Can A Nissan Rogue Be Flat Towed

Now that you know the towing capabilities of the Rogue, be safe and have fun but most importantly, always put the vehicle's welfare first when it comes to towing decisions.

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