Can You Flat Tow A Hyundai Accent?

The Hyundai Accent is best known for its affordability, fuel efficiency, and modernized styling in its trims. While it has indeed offered a powerful engine and a stabilized performance, you might also wonder if it's suitable to flat tow. We gladly researched all the answers that you need to know!

Most models and trims from Hyundai Accent come with manual transmission which makes it perfectly ideal for flat towing. 

The Hyundai Accent really possesses some characteristics that are associated with economical reliability, comfiness, and functionality. You can read further and know more tips and information about flat towing the Hyundai Accent while in manual transmission. 

A white Hyundai Accent photographed at a mountain, Can You Flat Tow A Hyundai Accent?

Flat Towing With Accent's Manual Transmission 

The Hyundai Accent's manual transmission boasts a standard six-speed manual with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 130 horsepower. The 2022 Accent has an upgraded fuel economy of up to 36 mpg combined rating guaranteed with a front-wheel drive. 

A white Hyundai Accent displayed at a Hyundai dealership

Towing with a manual transmission is safer because this does not necessarily require any modifications to the vehicle. Also, most manual transmissions consist of a lubricant circulated through the gears' movement. 

A manual gearbox stick

To tow the Hyundai Accent with a manual transmission, here are some measures you might want to follow: 

  1. Ensure that your vehicle is secured to your tow vehicle.
  2. Make sure that the wheels are not connected to the engine. To do this, you have to put the transmission and transfer case in neutral.
  3. Put the ignition in 'ON ACC' position but do not start the engine. 
  4. Press and hold the brake pedal. Put the hand brake off.
  5. Turn off the radio and display. 

Additionally, you may want to check the Accent's owner's manual for complete proper procedures, additional information in the transition, and speed limitations.  

Flat Towing With Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission gear

If you already have an automatic transmission, there's still a possibility to flat tow, but you'll need the right tools and accurate procedures to make things smooth-sailing. Otherwise, you risk severely damaging the vehicle's transmission.

Automatic transmissions consist of oil passages, clutch drums, clutch linings, and planetary gear assemblies. If two gears are tangled up, one turns clockwise, and the other turns counterclockwise. Due to this, there is a need to turn these gears in the same direction.

To fix this, a third gear needs to be added between them, or you can install a small external gear in the internal gear to make them rotate in the same direction. 

Doing this provides a planetary gear system that will help the vehicle increase speed, decrease its torque, prompt a direct drive, and a reverse direction of rotation or neutral position. 

With the automatic transmission, you don't need to search for the correct gear as it brings simple and easy processes in terms of shifting gears. Some automatic transmission cars even come with a tow/haul mode feature to make things quick and less complicated. 

Additionally, the automatic transmission has a great cargo load compared to the manual. Manual transmissions usually shift gears, which causes damage to the clutch, which creates insufficiency for cargo loading.

Manual Vs. Automatic: Which Is Best? 

Engine of a Hyundai Accent engine

Auto experts and drivers would argue that manual transmission is best for flat towing -especially driving off-road or on uneven ground- because they have full control of the gears and throttle.

Additionally, the manual transmission also allows drivers to easily switch between the gears that best suit various terrains. 

In terms of overheating, you don't have to sweat and worry too much about the manual transmission because it has no setbacks to the engine's performance. Whereas with the automatic transmission, it can heat up easily, and you might need a transmission cooler to aid this problem. 

Additionally, with the manual transmission, drivers are kept awake with maneuvering the vehicle, and so this minimizes the possibility of road accidents due to drivers falling asleep. On the contrary, driving with an automatic transmission can be boring and too easy. 

However, there can be a lot of repair and maintenance when it comes to manual transmission since it needs more additions to some of its complicated parts. Unlike the automatic transmission that usually has every complicated part settled and built-in. 

Automatic transmission guarantees ease in driving. Additionally, it prevents dangerous road accidents like skidding and sliding because it does not require gear changes, thus sustaining the vehicle's traction. 

Over and above that, there is absolutely no definite answer as to which choice is the best simply because both have advantages and setbacks. It's only a matter of your personal preferences on which transmission you would settle for. 

Other Alternatives Beside Flat Towing The Accent

A long bed trailer truck

If you just can't risk the struggle and possible outcomes of flat towing, here are other safe ways to move your Hyundai Accent: 

Flatbed Truck 

This is assured to be one of the safest ways to transport any vehicle simply because it is hassle-free and one of the top choices that car owners opt for in terms of transporting their vehicle in cases of emergency or moving out.

Hyundai also offers an all-structural flatbed trailer made of steel that has a promising quality that allocates value, functionality, and durability. Click here to see Hyundai Translead.

These are some advantages of flatbed trucks:

  • Flatbed trucks ensure easy loading and cargo.
  • Flatbed trucks only require a few tools to secure your car and valuables.
  • Flatbed trucks guarantee the maximum capacity of handling immense loads. 
  • It hauls all your items in one trip. 
  • Due to demand, flatbed trucks have high resale values. They are also easy to rent or hire.

To know more about flatbed trucks, you can read "How Much Does a Flatbed Truck Cost?"

Dolly Tow

Quite similar to flat towing, a dolly tow is another great alternative to flat towing your Hyundai Accent because it reduces the possibility of damaging the engine. Not to mention, the Accent has a front-wheel drive which generally makes it ideal for dolly towing. 

Here are some steps you might want to follow in towing your Accent to a dolly: 

  1. Attach the vehicle to the tow dolly. 
  2. Fasten all the safety chains on the front wheel and the interior's steering wheel. 
  3. Connect light plug socket on the tow vehicle for turn signals. 
  4. Always tow forward! Let the rear wheels roll freely. 
  5. Check your owner's manual for more specific instructions and speed limitations. 

What Are The Tools Needed To Flat Tow The Accent?

There are a lot of tools that a lot of tow dealers would recommend you to purchase, but it's smart and economical to buy the four main essentials that make flat towing possible and productive. 

Base Plate Kit

This is one of the most fundamental tools as this is mounted on your vehicle's frame to safely start your towing. This base plate kit from CURT is made of carbon steel and has a solid strength with a dual coat finish that is resistant to rain, dirt, and road debris.

See CURT's baseplate kit on Amazon.

Tow Bar 

This tow bar from Reese is marked the third of its class, which is made of steel with a pristine, black coated finishing with a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs that suits the Hyundai Accent's weight perfectly!

Click here to see the Resse tow bar on Amazon.

Safety Cables 

In case the tow bar fails, safety cables are attached to provide safety to the vehicle.


These are needed to connect your brake lights and turn signals to the tow vehicle.

Supplemental Braking System

It helps you apply brakes on your towed vehicle. 

You might also want to check out this YouTube video from for flat towing basics.


Does Flat Towing Behind An RV Put Miles To It? 

Flat towing your Hyundai Accent behind an RV brings the possibility of adding miles since most cars released in this generation count the meter based on the rotation of the wheels. 

If the transmission turns with the ignition on, this adds miles to the odometer. If the transfer case is in neutral, this turns off the transmission output shaft and the ignition. In this case, it will keep the same numbers in your odometer. 

Does Towing Affect Gas Mileage?

Illustrator of fuel low photo

Since the Hyundai Accent is a compact vehicle, it may only take 60% of fuel economy when it is flat towed compared to large vehicles that may go further than that. 

When you are flat towing, expect that your gas mileage will decrease as this is science's way of proving the law of motion. 

You might also want to scroll to RV forums and learn from people's experiences on decreased gas mileage when it comes to towing their vehicle or you can check out "What is the Average Gas Mileage for an RV?" for additional information on the previous forum. 

In Closing 

A white Hyundai Accent

Now that you're sure the Hyundai Accent is flat towable both in the manual and automatic transmission, you can now tow with ease and assurance. Have a safe trip, and don't forget the appropriate measures and safety tips we discussed above. 

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