Does The Hyundai Accent Have 4 Wheel Drive?

Four-wheel drive is commonly featured on vehicles, powering all four tires. Four-wheel drive gives more traction, acceleration, and better handling on loose or slippery surfaces. With four-wheel drive, you have the option to turn it off if you prefer two-wheel drive for the conditions. Ever wondered if the Hyundai Accent is available in four-wheel drive? We have consulted automotive experts to get the answer for you.

The Hyundai Accent does not have four-wheel drive. This drivetrain is unnecessary for sedans because they are too low and don't have the correct suspension. The sedan counterpart for the four-wheel drive is all-wheel drive (AWD). The difference: AWD is always on, while four-wheel drive has a toggle button to activate it or turn it off.

Unfortunately, the Hyundai Accent does not have an available AWD option. The Hyundai Accent is strictly front-wheel drive (FWD). Because the Accent is an entry-level sedan, this keeps its cost low. With an FWD drivetrain, car companies can produce cheaper and fuel-efficient vehicles. For more information about the Hyundai Accent, keep reading below.

A white Hyundai Accent displayed at the car dealership, Does The Hyundai Accent Have 4 Wheel Drive?

Does The Hyundai Accent Have ABS

Like all modern vehicles, the Hyundai Accent does have ABS, also known as anti-lock brakes. An ABS system prevents your car from locking up when you step on your brakes. A lockup can occur when you hit the brakes, and your car's wheel completely stops. At that point, your vehicle will start to skid and will be uncontrollable.

Having your wheels locked up is extremely dangerous, especially if you are driving pretty fast. If you are driving pretty fast and you step on your brakes, the ABS systems wheel speed sensors on each of the wheels will sense that an unusual deceleration has occurred.

A disk brake with diagnose by the mechanic

A wheel that is locking up will slow down faster than the car itself. If your wheels stop at a certain speed and time, that sensor will detect that a lockup is about to occur, and the hydraulic brake system releases the brake. This allows the vehicle to catch up and begin to slow the car more effectively.

A good thing to remember is a wheel can only turn the car if it is rolling, that's why if your wheels lock up, you will not be able to turn your vehicle, and you will continue to slide uncontrollably.

One example where ABS can save your life is if you're driving on the highway and you have to brake and swerve to avoid an obstacle or another vehicle; with ABS, you can brake or swerve without losing control of your vehicle. 

Is The Accent Good For Long DrivesA white Hyundai Accent police car

Yes, the Hyundai Accent is good for long drives. The Accent has good fuel economy, 36 miles per gallon of 36 combined, 33 in the city, 41 on the highway.

The accent also has a total driving range of 392.70 miles in the city and 487.90 miles on the highway. The Accent also takes 87 octane fuel which will be cheaper to refuel compared to other vehicles.

Interior Comforts

While riding in the Hyundai Accent, you have manually adjustable cloth seating that is fairly comfortable. You also have a touchscreen infotainment system found at the center of the vehicle, and there are also AUX and USB charging ports located at the bottom of the infotainment system.

Other features that may increase your comfort are air conditioning, power windows, and a somewhat quiet cabin.

Interior Cargo Space

One aspect that the Hyundai Accent lacks is cargo space. Since it is a subcompact sedan, it has very limited space when it comes to cargo. It has 13.7 cubic feet of trunk space, but it can be extended if you fold down the rear seats, you can get even more. The rear seats of the Accent can also be folded down in a 60/40 fashion if needed.


For the vehicle's speed, the Hyundai Accent is not fast, but it has more than enough power to merge in the highway safely. The vehicle has a sport more if you need to get to higher RPMs to pass someone, but other than that, the Accent does drive well.

As long as you don't have a lot of passengers or luggage, the Hyundai Accent is good to take on a long trip.

Is The Hyundai Accent A Hybrid

No, the Hyundai Accent does not have a hybrid trim option. The Hyundai Accent is only available with an inline-four naturally aspirated engine that pushes out 120 horsepower at 6,300 RPM and 113-pound feet of torque at 4,500 RPM. The Hyundai Accent is not fast by any means, but it can keep up with other vehicles that are driving on the highway.

The power of the Accent is sent to its two front wheels through an IVT (intelligent variable transmission). This transmission is the Hyundai version of the CVT. For the 2022 Accent, Hyundai has discontinued the manual transmission and only offers an automatic transmission option.

Is a Hyundai Accent Bigger Than A Corolla

The answer to the question is a Hyundai Accent bigger than a Toyota Corolla; the short answer is no, the Hyundai Accent is smaller in size compared to the Toyota Corolla. The Accent is classed as a compact sedan, while the Corolla is classed as a mid-sized sedan.

When choosing the right car for you, the size of the vehicle will matter a lot. You might be looking for a larger or smaller vehicle. Here we have a comparison between the base model sizes of the Hyundai Accent and Toyota Corolla.

  • Wheelbase - Accent 101.6 inches/Corolla 106.3 inches
  • Length - Accent 172.6 inches/Corolla 182.3 inches
  • Width - Accent 68.1 inches/Corolla 70.1 inches
  • Height - Accent 57.1 inches/Corolla 56.5

The Toyota Corolla is much larger than the Hyundai Accents in almost every aspect. The Corolla out-measures the Accent in wheelbase, length, width, and ground clearance, while the Accent is only higher than the Corolla.

If you are in need of a smaller vehicle, the Hyundai Accent would be your best. A bonus to this is that the Accent is significantly cheaper when compared to the Corolla. If you need a larger sedan, the Corolla will be a good choice, but if you're looking for a larger vehicle but still want a Hyundai, you should check out the Elantra.

What Does SE Mean On Hyundai

The SE on Hyundai cars means "Standard Equipment," which means this is the base model of a vehicle. The SE trim level is a vehicle without all the additional features found on the higher-end trims like the SEL and Limited.

The SE trim is not a bad vehicle in any way since it just doesn't have premium features but still shares the same engine and transmission as higher-end trims, so your car's driving performance will still be the same as higher trims.

Features that may not be in the SE trim are a blind-spot monitoring system, higher-end audio setup, automatic climate control, leather steering wheel, powered sunroof, and many more. Some of these features may also be available only through a premium package and may not come standard with the SEL and Limited trims.


A white Hyundai Accent displayed at the car dealership

The Hyundai Accent does not have both four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive options, also the four-wheel drive is not common for sedans and will be seen mostly on trucks and SUVs. The Hyundai Accent also has a ton of safety features, such as ABS, which helps prevent your wheels from locking up.

You can also take the Hyundai Accent on long trips as long as you don't have more than four people in the car and don't bring a lot of luggage to maximize comfort since the Accent is a smaller sedan.

The Accent also does not have any other engine options except the 1.6 inline-four naturally aspirated engine. Having a Hyundai with a SE trim only means you don't have the additional features, but all trim levels will run the same when on the road since they share the engine and transmission.

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