Ford Expedition Windshield Washer Not Working – What To Do?

Your Ford Expedition windshield is dirty, and you want to clean it. But when you activate the windshield washer, water does not flow out. What could be causing this, and how do you fix the problem? We researched to help you understand the causes and how to solve this issue.

To fix a malfunctioning windshield washer, you need to know why it is not working in the first place. The common reasons include:

  • Blocked spray nozzles
  • The washer pump’s blown fuse
  • Faulty pump
  • Cracked hose
  • Clogged hose
  • Faulty switch
  • Empty tank
  • Frozen fluid in the washer

Keep reading to understand the reasons your Ford Expedition's windshield washer is not working and how to fix the problem. Included are tips on maintaining the windshield washer in good condition for longer.  Ford Expedition Windshield Washer Not Working - What To Do?

Why Is The Windshield Washer On Your Ford Not Working?

windscreen washer at the moment work

It can be frustrating when your windshield washer refuses to work. However, it’s important to know what’s causing the problem so that you can fix it. The following are some of the most common reasons your windshield washer is not working:

Blocked Spray Nozzles

Dust, debris, and particles normally fall on your windshield and slide down to the bottom where the nozzles are located. The raindrops that fall on your windshield can further push this matter into the nozzles, thereby blocking them.

Washer Pump’s Blown Fuse

The washer pump uses electricity to function. When its fuse is blown, power is interrupted, causing the pump not to work.

Cracked Hose

The pump can be in good working condition, but the washer does not spray any fluid on your windshield. This can be due to a cracked or loose hose, whcih can cause the fluid to leak.  

Clogged Hose

In some instances, the hose pipe can be clogged by dirt or other foreign material. It may also have a pinch, blocking the fluid’s passageway.

You should examine the hose to ensure this is the real problem. Open the hood, pull out the hose from the washer nozzle, and turn on the washer. If no water flows out, but you can hear the pump turning, the pipe could be blocked.

Carefully check the hose from one end to another for any material blocking it. Clear all the blockage you come across.

Faulty Pump

The pump is responsible for pushing fluid to the nozzles, but it can malfunction due to damage or a blown fuse.

Faulty Switch

The wiper switch in your car is responsible for controlling the wiper system. You can activate or deactivate it and adjust the speed by rotating a knob that’s on a lever, or by pushing a button.

damaged switch will not activate the wipers to move even after turning the switch on. It will also not change speeds when you activate this function.

To diagnose this problem, remove the switch and test it using a multimeter.

Empty Tank

closeup blue windshield washer fluid reservoir cap in engine room

You could have forgotten to add fluid to the tank. The tank could also leak because it has cracks. The hose may have cracks as well. 

Frozen Fluid In Washer

If during winter, you forget to add freeze-resistant windshield washer fluid, you can expect it to freeze. Once it turns into ice, no fluid will come out.

How To Fix A Windshield Washer That Is Not Working

Portrait of male mechanic closing the lid of windshield washer tank

You have gained basic knowledge on why your windshield washer is not working. It's equally important to know how to repair a malfunctioning windshield washer.

Below are ways to fix each of the above problems that may be preventing your windshield washer from working:

Clean Or Replace Clogged Nozzles

In deciding on whether to clean or replace a clogged nozzle, you need to diagnose the actual problem. Activate the windshield switch and step out of your car.

If you do not hear a whirring sound coming from the pump, it is faulty, or the electric power is disconnected.

If you hear a noise coming from the pump, then it is in good working condition. It means the nozzles are most likely blocked. In this case, you should clean the nozzles.

The most common method of cleaning a blocked nozzle is by using a pin, although some car owners prefer to use a paper clip.

Fit the pin or paper clip into the nozzle. Wiggle it back and forth until you loosen the dirt and debris, thereby removing it.

Other drivers prefer to use a high-pressure water hose. To use this method, spray water directly at the nozzle. You can learn more about this method from the video below:

Upon further investigation, you or your mechanic might find out that your nozzle needs replacement. Below is a video that demonstrates how this is done:

Replace Washer Pump's Blown Fuse

Replacing a blown fuse is easy. Check your manual and locate the fuse in the fuse box. Use a pair of pliers or fuse puller like the one shown below.

You can find this fuse puller on Amazon.

Hold the fuse against the light. If it looks like it has two metal filaments, it is broken and needs to be replaced.

Check out this fuse set on Amazon.

Use one that has the same amperage, meaning you will purchase a fuse that has the exact same color as the blown one.

Replace Faulty Pump

The main reason the pump may fail is because of running the pump motor when the tank has no fluid. The fluid will flow out unevenly or may not spray any water. If your pump is faulty, it is best to replace it.

You can find this windshield washer pump on Amazon.

Clean Or Replace Clogged Hose

If you suspect the hose is clogged, disconnect it from the tank and nozzle. To unclog lit, use an air compressor to push air through the hose.

You can purchase this windshield washer hose on Amazon.

To diagnose if the hose has cracked, kinked, or has any other problem, park your vehicle on the pavement. Next, activate the windshield system and let it run for a few seconds.

Check under the front of your vehicle. If you see a puddle of fluid forming, then your hose is leaking and should be replaced.

Faulty Switch

Check out this is a windshield wiper washer switch on Amazon.

If you find your switch is faulty after checking it with a multimeter, you will need to replace it. It is recommended to have the whole windshield wiper examined while replacing the switch.

It can be a daunting task to replace it if you do not have the skills. But, if you do, you can replace it as shown in the video below:

Use Antifreeze Windshield Washer Fluid 

Remember to use an appropriate antifreeze windshield washer fluid during winter. Otherwise, the washer fluid will freeze, and the washer will not work.

Check out this antifreeze windshield washer on Amazon.

Tips For Maintaining Your Wipers

Cleaning the car's windshield with a windscreen wiper.

The windshield washer sprays fluid onto your windshield to enable the wiper to wipe off dirt and debris easily. 

Below are tips on taking care of your wiper to ensure they are in good condition:

Defrost Vehicle Before Using Wipers

During the cold season, turn on the defroster and let your car warm up before you drive. This will prevent the wipers from sticking to the snow or ice.  

Clean Windshield Often

The wipers wear out much faster when they wipe dirty windshield glass. For your wipers to last longer, clean the windshield often. 

Replace Blades Two Times A Year

Wiper blades normally last around six months. As their lifespan comes to an end, replace them. When you notice your blades are squeaking or skipping when wiping your windshield, replace them. 

Check out these wiper blades on Amazon.

Ensure Windshield Is Wet Before Running Wipers

Don’t run your wipers when the windshield is dry because it wears them out. You should spray washer fluid before running the wipers. 

Shift Position Of Blades During Winter

Pull your wipers away from the windshield on nights when frost, ice or snow is expected. This makes it easier to scrape away precipitation. 

In Closing

You can't do without your windshield washer. This is why you should know what might cause it to malfunction and how to fix any issues. We have discussed these issues  and provided the relevant solutions.

Also provided are tips on taking care of your windshield washer and wiper blades so that they serve you more efficiently and last longer.

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