Ford Expedition Heated Seats Not Working – How To Fix

A heated car seat makes the daily car ride comfortable for those living in a cold climate. But what do you do when the car's seat heating mechanism does not work? Do not worry; we did intensive research and found the answers for you.

Problems with the fuse, plug, heating element, and connector wires are possible reasons why the Ford Expedition heater seats are not working. Here are ways to fix this:

  • Replace faulty fuse
  • Clean the plug
  • Remove obstructions from the fan filter
  • Avoid spilled drinks
  • Replace the defective heating element
  • Check the module connector

As you can see, there are many options for fixing the heating problem. Keep reading to get detailed information on fixing your heated seats.

switch to activate the heater in the car seats - Ford Expedition Heated Seats Not Working - How To Fix

How to Fix the Heating System

Several things cause a malfunction with the seat heating system, but many can be easy to fix.

switch to activate the heater in the car seats

Replace Faulty Fuse

A heated seat that is not turning on could be due to a faulty fuse. Refer to the car's manual to locate the fuse box. Check for any blown fuse and replace it right away. This is a quick way of fixing the heated seat problem. 

Clean the Plug

The wire of the heating element and module is attached to a plug. This is a possible factor why the seat is not heating up. 

Check the plug for corrosion or dirt, as this can prevent the heating module from working. If this is clean, then the plug may not have power.

One way to check the plug's power is through an electrical tester. It should have 12 volts to make the module work.

Remove Obstructions from the Fan Filter

The heated seat system comes with a fan to help in the airflow. This is located underneath the seat as well.

Since it is near the car's floor, it can suck in items easily. A filter is needed to protect the fan. However, the fan's filter can be filled with obstructions that will hamper the function of the fan. 

Stuff like a paper napkin, dust, or a pet's hair gets stuck to the filter. Clean the filter with the soft brush attachment of a vacuum.

It is also recommended to include checking the fan filter during vehicle maintenance. The manufacturer also advises replacing the filter periodically. 

Avoid Spilled Drinks

Teenage Boy Drinking Beer and Spilling While Driving Car

Drinks spilling on the seat can be problematic. The liquid can go through the perforated seat cover, the heating element, and HSM. The water then can cause a short circuit. Its fan or motor can get damaged as well. 

Turn off all the electronic switches right away when spilling accidents happen. Air dry the car or place a fan to dry the seat thoroughly. Do this before testing for any damage on the wires or HSM.

Replace Faulty Heating Element

The HSM of the Ford Expedition has two heated seat elements connected to it. This is located under the seat cushion and the trim cover of the back seat.

Turn on the ignition and heated seat switches to run the HSM. Once running, the HSM will control the voltage output of the heating element. The heating element will then send the heat to warm the seat cover.

However, the heated seat element has several heating circuits and is connected to a network of wires. The constant use of the seat makes the element move. 

Drivers move in their sitting position to get an item from the glove compartment or turn to the back seat. Movements like these causes circuits to break. When this happens, the HSM stops to send the needed heat to warm the seat. 

Here is a way to check if the heating element is working:

The faulty heating element is easily changed. There are replacement parts available that can fit any type of car seat. The replacement part comes in a kit with the necessary tools and instructions. 

Check this universal seat heater element on Amazon.

Check the Module Connector

The heated seats of your Ford Expedition do not warm up because of the connector problem. The HSM has connector wires, so current will flow from the battery to the module. 

The wires can overheat and burn. This then affects the functionality of the module. It is advisable to change the connector when this happens.

But first, turn off the HSM switch before checking and changing the connector. The HSM should also not be hot or warm before removing the connections. 

The connector and heating module are under the passenger or driver's seats. You will need a Torx Bit tool to remove the bolt that secures the seat to the car. Remove the bolts to take out the seat. This will then give good access to the HSM. 

Check this Torx Bit socket set on Amazon.

You will need part number WPT-928 when changing the heat seat module connector of your Ford Expedition. Follow the instructions on the packaging to properly install the part.

Look for this heated/cooled seat module connector on Amazon.

Here is a video to guide you better on checking and changing the connectors:


How does a heated seat work?

Seat heating controller buttons close up view. Car interior. Seat heater button, car interior. Heating mode is weak.

Cars with heated seats have a heated seat module [HSM]. This is a heat exchanger that controls the air temperature from the fan to the seats. This can take out the cold feeling of the seat quickly. 

The Ford Expedition's HSM is under the driver's or passenger's seat. The person seated will feel the seat getting warmer when the HSM is turned on.

The battery current that passes through the HSM changes the seat's temperature. It is adjusted to achieve a comfortable temperature level. Some cars have memory settings to keep the seat temperature constant between drives.

How to Use the Heated Seats

Heated seats give comfort during the cold season. But, Ford has given warnings on the use of these seats:

  • Exercise care when using the seat, especially for people with chronic illness, spinal cord injury, chronic illness, and those who cannot feel pain in their skin. 
  • Low temperatures on the seat can cause burns.
  • Do not cover the seat with a blanket or cushion, as this can cause overheating of the seat.
  • Avoid sharp objects that can puncture the seat and damage the heating property.
  • Use the heated seat only when the engine is running to avoid draining the battery. 

What if my car does not have a heated seat?

A heated seat cover is an answer for cars that do not have built-in heated seats. It comes with a plug that fits into the 12-volt outlet of the car. 

Leather interior design, car passenger and driver seats, clean, angle view side

The heated car seat cover comes with straps for easy attachment. You can test the desired position before securing the straps. One has the option to remove the cover after the winter season as well.  

Check this cooling car seat cushion on Amazon.

What is the touchscreen control panel for?

A Ford Expedition has a SYNC control panel that is used to adjust different features of the vehicle. This system allows users to play music, do hands-free calls, and control the climate inside the car. 

Inside Ford Mondeo Vignale Edition view-Close up photo of SYNC 2 navigation, rear view camera, ACC, white leather upholstery, Sony sound system, leather dashboard

The heated seat is also adjusted through the control panel. The seat icon on the control panel with a red line underneath is for heat control. On the other hand, a seat icon with a blue line underneath means this for adjusting the cold temperature of the seats. 

Why does the check engine light illuminate?

One good thing about Ford vehicles is how it gives warning signals through its check engine icon on the dashboard. The icon lits up for detected problems. 

Check the Diagnostic Trouble Code [DTC] or the engine vehicle fault code to know the problem. These are alphanumeric codes that let you know what and where the problem is. 

However, the way to detect the code is thru a diagnostic scanner plugged into the engine. Use a personal digital scanner to know the code. But, one needs technical knowledge to understand trouble codes.

Check this fault code reader on Amazon.

Another option is to bring the car to a service center or repair shop. The technicians are also knowledgeable in reading the codes and addressing the problem. 

To Wrap It Up

Proper use and maintenance of the heated seat will give riders comfort during chilly days. We hope the solutions we provided in this article will help if the Ford Expedition's heated seat is not working. 

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