Ford Fusion Power Steering Assist Fault? Here’s What To Do

The Ford Fusion has a comfortable cabin and superb infotainment system, and it provides a smooth ride. It also has a power steering assist that can sometimes fail. What do you do when you find yourself in this predicament? To ease your worries, we researched the problem to provide you with solutions. 

To fix the faulty power steering assist in your Ford Fusion, you first need to know what is causing the problem. You should check for these possible causes:

  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Low power steering fluid
  • Contaminated fuel

Keep reading to unravel the reasons the power steering assist can malfunction in your Ford Fusion. We have included solutions to this problem and the cost of repairs involved. We also cover why your mechanic should be extra careful when handling some repairs on the steering system.

A Ford Fusion on at the North American International Auto Show media preview January 16, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan., Ford Fusion Power Steering Assist Fault? Here's What To Do

How To Fix Power Steering Assist Issues In Your Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion, taken at 2019 Vancouver Auto Show

Before we dive into how to solve the power steering problems in your car, we'll briefly cover what a power steering system is and how it works.

It’s interesting to note that the power steering system in a vehicle was first installed in 1876. It was installed in a truck in 1903, this time using an electric motor to help the driver turn the front wheels.

Since then, there have been technological innovations to help drivers steer their vehicles more easily. Today, any new car you buy will have a power steering assist, including a Ford Fusion.

The system still has a hydraulic pump that works by using hydraulic fluid. But instead of using power from the engine, it uses an electric pump that draws power from your car’s electrical system to provide steering assistance.

The sensors in your car detect the force you are applying to your steering wheel. Afterward, the computer reads how much assistance is required to help you maneuver your steering.

A faulty power steering assist can make turning your car much harder. Some of the causes and how to solve this issue include:

Electrical Malfunctions

 Ford Fusion Warning light icon in car dashboard. Power steering failure.

wheel-shaped light will appear on your dashboard when you experience steering problems with your Ford Fusion. 

When turning your vehicle becomes much more difficult than it used to be, the electrical system could be faulty. To know if this is the actual problem, begin by checking the hydraulic fluid levels. 

If the levels are fine, go back to the electrical system, which usually fails due to a faulty electrical pump. The fastest way to find out if this is the problem is by using an OBD2 scanner.

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The scanner can pinpoint the exact problem. If the problem is your electrical pump, it could be because the pump is worn, the fuel is contaminated, or there’s an electrical fault, among other issues. 

If you don’t have this gadget, you can physically check your wiring system, starting with the fuse box. Also, examine the wires that are connected to your steering system. If you find nothing unusual, move on and check the voltage in your battery. 

If you still cannot find anything wrong, the warning light or electrical components associated with the steering system could be faulty. 

At this point, try to restart your car. It may reset your warning light or might just as well solve the steering problem. All the same, this is a temporary fix, and you should take your car to a mechanic, who may decide to replace your electric pump.

Low Power Steering Fluid

The hydraulic power steering system needs hydraulic fluid to function. If you find it hard to steer, check the hydraulic fluid levels. It's best to do this when your car is running. 

Thus, if you parked your car, and it has gone cold, fire it up, and then check the fluid levels. This is the only way to know the actual level. 

In addition, check for leaks if there is a significant drop in the steering fluid. Check under the engine and on the ground where you normally park. If there is a leak, you will find a puddle of pink or red fluid.

Don’t confuse this with transmission fluid. Any leaks from the transmission will be found more towards the middle of your car.  

It’s worth noting that low hydraulic fluid can cause damage to other components of the steering system. Thus, you may end up with repairs that you had not anticipated in the first place. 

Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid

The best hydraulic oils for Ford Fusion vehicles is the automatic transmission fluid like the one shown below. This is because they have some special chemicals suitable for this type of vehicles. 

You can find this automatic transmission fluid on Amazon.

However, hydraulic oil can get contaminated, increasing the friction between parts and clogging the steering system. The pump can also fail as a result. 

Contamination can happen when foreign particles enter the engine and move to the hydraulic system.  These particles pass through holes in the hoses or worn-out seals, finding their way into the system. This causes more damage to the system. 

That is why you need to refill the hydraulic oil at the recommended intervals according to the manual.

How To Maintain The Power Steering System Of Your Vehicle

 Ford Fusion

You should make sure that your power steering system is in good condition so that it will last longer. Doing this can help you save on repair costs. The following are some tips to help you successfully achieve this:

Ensure Correct Levels Of Hydraulic Oil

As mentioned earlier, when the oil levels are low or the oil is contaminated, the power steering assist can develop problems. To avoid this, you sould regularly check your oil levels.

Also, take action immediately when the warning light on your dashboard appears. Also, keep in mind that your car can experience more problems in the steering system if you delay adding or replacing the oil. 

Maintain Clean Fluid

It’s recommended that you change the steering oil and filter after every five years or 50,000 miles. However, due to driving habits and the terrain you drive on, it may be necessary to change the filter more frequently. Some experts recommend changing it every year.

By doing so, you can prevent the fluid from being contaminated and keep it clean for longer. And, don’t forget to regularly check the fluid. If you notice any particles, change the fluid immediately. 

Check Pump When You Hear Strange Noises

Any whining or whirring sounds you hear as you drive could mean that your pump is malfunctioning. It's a signal that can alert you to have it checked immediately. Any delay may cause damage to other parts of the steering. 

Ensure The Hoses Are Working

A brittle or cracked hose can cause steering fluid to leak. Therefore, have them checked frequently to ensure they are in good condition to prevent steering issues. Replace faulty hoses immediately. 

Cost Of Repairing The Power Steering Assist 

Automechanic writing on clipboard.

If you need to replace the power steering pump, for a Ford Fusion, labor will cost you approximately between $123 and $155. The parts may cost you between $157 and $215.

Labor for changing power steering fluid for Ford Fusion costs around $95. You might incur more costs if there is a need to change parts, such as the filter and hose. 

Your mechanic should, however, be extra careful when adding or replacing oil. Adding the wrong fluid or pouring in too much fluid can cause more damage to the system, incurring more expenses on repairs. 

In Closing

The power steering assist helps to turn your car more easily. But, as soon as you experience difficulties with it, you should have it checked. There are several reasons your steering system could be faulty.

Diagnosing the problem correctly will help you provide the correct solution. This prevents further damage to the system, which could result in more expensive repairs.

For your steering system to last longer, we have included tips on how to maintain it in good condition.

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