Ford Fusion Shift System Fault? Here’s What It Means

Getting tired of always seeing the notification that says, "shift system fault service required," but you don't know what it means or why it is popping up and what the problem is? Here are some shift system fault notifications and what each one means.

  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Reverse Unavailable Service Required - This system issue usually occurs while the vehicle is in reverse.
  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Cannot Shift Trans Use Park Brake to Secure Vehicle - This error occurs due to a system malfunction. You should depress the parking brake before leaving your car.
  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Confirm Park Brake Apply Before Exiting the Vehicle - This error is similar to the second one, with the same solution to resolve this message.
  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Vehicle is Shifting to Park - This problem appears whenever you park your car and transition your gears into "park" mode.

These are the most common that will notify you. Continue reading so you will know what to do and some other notifications related to this.

gear selector, automatic transmission concept - Ford Fusion Shift System Fault Here's What It Means

Why Does My Ford Fusion Say 'Shift System Fault'?

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When a "Shift System Fault" message and check engine light illuminate, such powertrain control module (PCM) has identified a transmission system fault.

When this light illuminates, a defect code is recorded in the PCM's memory. This code indicates why the light is illuminated and what may be required to resolve the issue.

P0756 and P0766 were reported by your Ford vehicle. Shift solenoids "C" and "D" transmission performance codes. This implies that when such solenoids are employed, the PCM does not see the shifts as they should.

This might be an issue with a low fluid level, a solenoid, a valve body, or an internal transmission.

There are currently no technical service advisories available for this issue. However, there is a recall. Recall that 20B34 relates to a probable failure of the transmission cooler.

Ford will replace your transmission cooler free of charge. If this cooler fails and the transmission fluid is low, this might be the source of your difficulties.

If indeed, the cooler has not failed, you must get your transmission evaluated to determine the source of the problem.

Notification Saying "Shift System Fault Service Required"

A 2016 FORD FUSION HYBRID TITANIUM. The total system output is rated at 188 horsepower. Fuel economy is estimated at 44 mpg in the city, 41 mpg on the highway

Your Ford vehicle employs an electronic shifter to interact between the shifter and the transmission computer. This warning appears when the shifter component itself is malfunctioning.

Perhaps an internal electrical malfunction or a problem with the wiring to the shifter.

You'd need a scan tool to see if the shifter is communicating correctly; if it isn't, you can presume that perhaps the shifter assembly has managed to fail or that there is a wiring problem at the shifter assembly.

2017 Ford Fusion Shift Fault Explained

If your 2017 Ford Fusion's electronic shifter quit working and the dashboard displayed 'shift system malfunction - service required,' the car refused to proceed.

If you noticed the plastic retainer was missing, we suggest that you should check if the shifter cable had become separated from the transmission.

You could dial your dealer if they indicated it was a known issue and suggested that a replacement retainer was available for $1. You should buy one and install it in your driveway. That would probably take 5 minutes.

Some Other Warnings That Might Pop Up In Your Ford Fusion

  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Drive Unavailable Select S for Drive Service Required
  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Drive Unavailable Select L for Drive Service Required
  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Low Unavailable Service Required
  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Neutral Unavailable Service Required
  • SHIFT SYS FAULT Sport Unavailable Service Required

If you're unfamiliar with these notifications or don't know how to fix cars, we suggest contacting your local dealer and letting them check and find the problem in your vehicle.

More About A Shift System Fault

The shift system fault indicates that perhaps a problem has been found chiefly with shifter electronics or even one of the transmission electronics. Unfortunately, this problem can be caused by a variety of electronics.

The problem codes must be read/checked using an entirely suitable scan tool or computer hooked directly to your vehicle's data port.

This must be a gadget capable of reading your model's systems. Following this, at least one error code should be set in any vehicle's computers.

The code is then diagnosed, leading to the problem's root cause. Once the root cause is identified, you may correct the defect. You must do this to assist in pinpointing the problem, and it should be the initial step.

Testing will need to be done from there to assist in identifying the defect and repairing it effectively. We assume this problem involves one of the shifter circuits that you must change.

Why Shifting Problems Occur

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Several more factors might create problems while shifting gears. If the catalytic converter or exhaust is blocked, the engine may feel back pressure, making it difficult for the gearbox to shift gears.

Causing it to trigger the shift system to pop up a warning. Shifting issues might also be based on:

  • Interlock switch failure error means that the device necessitates using the brake pedal to change from park to drive or reverse. If shifting from the park is difficult, this might cause a malfunctioning interlock.
  • Shift Cables and Linkages can get rusted or covered with heavy grease. Other factors, such as moisture, oil, and even dirt, can affect your shift cables and linkages, which results in difficulty in shifting. This mostly happens when you haven't warmed up the engine and heat box enough. The gunk softens after you have warmed up your engine enough.
  • Low transmission fluid may also be the reason for your car's sluggishness and difficulty in shifting gears. Transmission fluid is the transmission's main go-to fluid for keeping the parts cool and lubricated. Moderate transmission fluid flushing is critical to keep a long-lasting life for your transmission.
  • The internal computer in your car may be causing the error or malfunctioning. The internal computer in a vehicle communicates with all the transmissions, including shifting between park to drive or park to reverse and even when natural shifting occurs while driving.

Why Your Car Has A Check Engine Light

Checking the engine light is the most apparent sign of anything wrong with your car, gearbox, or otherwise. The engine light can signal a variety of problems beneath the hood.

When the transmission triggers the light, it typically means that sensors within the car have detected vibration or other subtle abnormalities that the driver may overlook.

The engine light may illuminate if the transmission is overheated, the transmission fluid is low, or the sensors are defective, among other things.

Consultation with a skilled specialist is the best approach to discovering why and what needs to be remedied.

A technician can diagnose to learn when your transmission is to blame or whether a minor repair is required.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ford Fusion

Is The Ford Fusion Hybrid A Manual Transmission Vehicle?

Manual gearboxes are not commonly seen in hybrid vehicles.

However the standard Ford Fusion had an available manual transmission from 2006 to 2014, but the recent models are more automatic than manual.

What Are Common Ford Fusion Manual Transmission Problems?

Manual cars are much more efficient and reliable, appealing in light of rising gasoline prices and efficiency regulations, but automated transmissions have a broader appeal.

Ford Fusion owners have also experienced problems that may be linked back to a faulty gearbox. These include jerky gear shifting and shaking throughout the vehicle, especially when going into first gear.

The Fusion has grown in popularity, and we continue to hear concerns about its performance.

What If You're Not Able To Shift Into Park Mode?

gear selector, automatic transmission concept

The common cause of this is the transmission cable is stretched. The automobile may be challenging to park where the transmission cable will stretch before breaking.

Because the car is not in the park, it may be difficult to switch off the ignition and remove the key.

How Can You Tell If Your Shifter Cable Is Faulty?

You'll have such a lot of fun switching between gears. If the shift cable snaps, your shifter handle will not return to neutral. You won't be able to shift it if the horizontal cable breaks.

Furthermore, if the vertical cable snaps, you'll be limited to third or fourth gear.

To Finish Up

There might be a lot of reasons why the shift system is at fault and if none of the above are the answer, then contact your local dealer to talk about it and fix the problem in your Fusion.

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