How To Unlock Ford Fusion With Keys Locked Inside

That moment you realize that your keys are locked in the car can be intimidating for anyone. You may be wondering how you can get into your Ford Fusion without the key. We have thoroughly investigated the ways you can get into your locked car and have found some answers for you.

If you have locked your keys inside your vehicle you have a few options. Ford also provides several backup features for getting into a locked vehicle. Use one of the following methods to unlock your Ford Fusion with the key inside:

  • The FordPass app
  • Keyless entry code
  • Ford roadside assistance
  • Call a locksmith
  • Use a lockout kit
  • In case of an emergency, call 911

Locking your keys in the car can definitely be cause for concern. Keep reading as we discuss your options for getting into your vehicle. We'll break down how to use a lockout tool, how the FordPass App works, and give you details on how to program a new keypad code. Without further ado, let's get into it!

A sleek and white Ford Fusion photographed on a park, How To Unlock Ford Fusion With Keys Locked Inside

How Do I Unlock My Ford Fusion Without A Key?

If you do not have access to a second key to get your car open, you can still get into it using one of the remote options that Ford offers. Currently, the two ways you can get into your car without keys are using the FordPass app or utilizing the keyless entry code.

Car keys left inside the car dashboard

Where To Get Your VIN

Knowing how to access your VIN is important when you have locked your keys in the car. Having your VIN will allow you to get help from your Ford dealer, roadside assistance, and allow you to activate the car in your app.

Find your VIN on your window usually in the lower right-hand or driver's side corner. If you can't make it out from the barcode sticker, your VIN can usually be found on insurance cards, titles, or other car documents. Most insurance companies offer convenient online access to insurance information through mobile apps.

The FordPass App

Since 2018, Ford vehicles and newer drivers have had access to the FordPass Connect on their SYNC infotainment systems. To use the app to unlock your vehicle, click on your vehicle on the app's home screen. Click and hold the unlock icon in the upper left-hand corner until it starts circling, indicating the process has started.

How To Add A Vehicle To Your FordPass App

To add your vehicle, you will need to retrieve your vehicle's VIN. Starting from the home screen:

  1. Click on "Add Vehicle."
  2. Scan or enter the VIN.
  3. Click "Next" then "Get Started."
  4. On the next screen, click "Save."
  5. Click to activate your vehicle.
  6. Turn on your car and follow the onscreen prompts to complete activation.

This video from Ford demonstrates how to activate your vehicle in the app. Download the app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play:

Keyless Entry Code

A popular feature on many Ford vehicles is the SecuriCode Keyless Entry. In some models, it is a manual keypad located on the driver-side door. It is situated vertically on the right of the window.

In other vehicles, it may be invisible until you slide your finger down on the same area. Simply enter the five-digit code and lift the handle.

How Do I Get the Door Code For My Ford Fusion?

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The keyless entry code is located on a card in the owner's manual. It's wallet-sized so that it can be stored in a safe place. If you do not have access to this card, then you can turn to your local Ford dealer for assistance.

You will need to show a valid driver's license and a document with the VIN on it like a bill of sale or certificate of insurance. 

How To Get The Door Code Using Two Keys

To get your code using two cut smart keys, turn the first key in the ignition. Turn the second key in the ignition. The code will show for a few seconds in the area behind the steering wheel.

To get your code using two key fobs for push-start cars, find the backup spot for your car. This will be the spot you would need to use to put a dead key fob or program another.

In most Ford Fusions it will be located in the back cup holder beneath the lining or inside the center console. Consult your online owner's manual for the location in your car.

Place the key fob in the backup spot. Press the start/stop button. After five seconds, press the button again. Insert the second key and press the start/stop button a final time. The code will display on the screen behind the steering wheel.

How To Program A Personal Door Code

Once you have gotten into your vehicle, you may want to change your keypad code to one that you will remember. Retrieve your factory code using the method above. You will need it to program up to five personal codes.

A white Ford Fusion displayed at a car show

The buttons all have two numbers on them in sequence. One-two, three-four, and so on. To begin the programming process, enter your factory code. Press the top one-two button and then enter your desired five-digit personal code. Press the one-two button to save, and listen for the car to lock and unlock to confirm that it was successful.

To program additional codes, enter your factory code, then push the top one-two button. Enter your desired personal code. Press the correct button to save it. Follow these instructions for each additional code, listening for the lock and unlock sounds to confirm programming.

  • Three-four will save your second personal code.
  • Five-six will save your third personal code.
  • Seven-eight will save your fourth personal code.
  • Nine-ten will save your fifth personal code.

On some models, you may also be able to enter a new code on the entertainment system. The following video illustrates both methods for adding personal door codes:

Ford Roadside Assistance

If your car is still under warranty, take advantage of the Ford roadside assistance. Available by calling or through the FordPass app, Ford's roadside assistance provides lockout services so that you can get on the road quickly. Once you contact them, have the following information ready:

  • The VIN
  • Vehicle make, model, and color
  • Current location

Call A Locksmith

If you have the time, you may consider getting a mobile locksmith to help. They can get into your car to get the original key and make and program a spare all in one visit.

Use this option if you have access to proof of ownership of the car that is not locked in the car itself. Most locksmiths ask for visual proof before beginning work.

You may want to purchase a blank fob and have a locksmith program and cut the emergency key for you. Some consumers have found that key fobs purchased online or in the local store cost less than those purchased through a locksmith.

Click here to see an example of a blank fob on Amazon.

Use A Lockout Kit

If you don't want to wait on assistance and you are stranded near a home improvement store, you could purchase a car lockout kit. They are usually sold with extra items that make the kit versatile and can fit multiple situations.

The kit below features pumps that will allow you to get into your car without causing damage to the trim.

Click here to see this car tool kit on Amazon.

There are multiple tools to use in most kits. You may need to test more than one to find the best piece for your situation.

Use the pump to create space, and then use the wedges to maintain that space. Choose one of the long handles to get in contact with one of the locks. If the car is running, you can try to reach the window button, as it may be easier to access. The video below shows how to use a similar kit to open your car:

In Case Of An Emergency, Call 911

If you have locked your keys in the car and a child or pet is also in the car, call for emergency assistance.

Make sure you are clear that it is you that needs assistance getting in your own car and that your keys are in there. Providing complete information will ensure the operator will send the right kind of assistance with the right tools to help.

How Do You Manually Unlock a Ford Fusion?

A white Ford Fusion photographed at a parking lot

If you have an older model with a regular cut key, insert the key and turn to the right to open your car door. If your key fob stops working for a newer model, enter your car with these steps:

  1. Use the release lever to free the mechanical key.
  2. Locate the lock cover on the driver's side.
  3. Use the key to lift the cover from the lock on the right end of the handle.
  4. Insert key and turn to the right.

In Closing

A sleek and white Ford Fusion photographed on a park

Now that you know what options your options are, you'll be fully prepared if your keys get locked in the car. Remember to program your personal codes and get your extra key or key fob programmed and cut so that next time you'll get on the road again in no time at all.

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