How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Escape With Keypad

A keypad lock is one of the most modern vehicles' additional security options, especially on most Ford Escapes and many Ford cars. So, if you want to know how to use a keypad to lock and unlock your fourth-generation Ford Escape, we found the answer to your query!

You can lock and unlock your Ford Escape in just two steps using a keypad. Here's what you should do:

  • To unlock all doors: Input the factory-set code or your code, then push the 3-4 control within five seconds.
  • To lock all doors: Simultaneously press and hold 7-8 and 9-0, with the driver's door closed. 

The Ford Escape's keyless entry feature makes it more convenient to get in and out of the car. Read more to know about these steps.

A 2020 Ford Escape Suv at a dealership in Halifax's North End, How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Escape With Keypad

The Purpose Of A Keyless Mechanism

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A Ford Escape's keyless entry system contains the following features:

  • Unlocks and locks the doors
  • Can arm or disarmed the anti-theft alarm
  • Can recall seats and mirrors position
  • Opens the vehicle's trunk
  • Personal entry codes can be programmed and erased

Using The Ford Escape's Keypad Entry

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The small keypad attached alongside the car's door that allows for keyless access is one of Ford Escape's best characteristics that many people may not be aware of. With that, there'll be no more wrangling over a misplaced or lost key!

Moreover, each vehicle comes with thorough instructions that you should carefully study. You have to open your vehicle's manual to learn how to utilize the Ford keypad entry.

The Ford keypad entry is explained in detail in the manual. Your car key tag will also have the factory key code written on it.

Locking and Unlocking Car Doors Using a Keypad

You'll need a key code before you can start locking and unlocking your vehicle. To retrieve this code, you will need to use the ignition key. At least two ignition keys come included with every new vehicle.

Begin by placing the first key into the ignition, turning it on and off, and then removing it. Turn on the vehicle by inserting the second key into the ignition. By then, a five-digit factory code will be displayed on the dashboard.

For cars with previous owners, you can ask them for the manufacturing code. Otherwise, new owners can take the following steps:

Unlock Using the 5-Digit code

With this 5-digit code in hand, you may now lock your Ford Escape. You just need to enter the key code into the interactive lock to open the door. However, this code will only unlock the driver's door.

To open all doors, press the 3-4 button. Also, pressing the 5-6 button will open the car's trunk.

Locking Doors Using the 7-8 and 9-0 Controls

The easiest part of utilizing a key code is locking the car. You can do this by pressing simultaneously the 7-8 and 9-0 buttons. To make this task easier, use your thumb. That's all there is to it! The vehicle is now locked!

Changing Ford Escape's Keyless Entry Code

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Keyless entry is standard on most Ford Escapes and many Ford cars. The Escape's keyless entry system allows the driver to lock and unlock the vehicle without having to use a key. 

A default keyless entry code is placed before an Escape leaves the Ford factory. This is a one-time use code. On the other hand, Ford Escape drivers can program a second keyless entry code into the keypad. 

The owner can change the second code as often as he or she wants. Both codes will work simultaneously.

Step 1: 

Locate the keypad. You can find the keypad on the driver's door, just beneath the handle. On the numeric keypad, enter the permanent keyless access code. Every Ford Escape has a default keyless entry code that is permanent. 

Check your user handbook or seek the code displayed on the fuse box on the passenger side if you don't know the permanent keyless entry code.

Step 2: 

On the keypad, press 1-2. Quickly type in your new keyless entry code. There must be five numbers in each entering code.

After pressing the 1-2 button, you must hear the sound of the doors being locked. Repeat the procedure if you don't hear anything. The vehicle will open and lock once the new keyless entry code is input, as well as the permanent keyless entry code.

Entering Multiple Entry Codes

You can program several codes for different family members using this feature. Interestingly, using multiple codes allows you to change the seat and mirrors for that specific code user. You can enter up to five personal codes.

The instructions for inserting multiple codes are as follows:

  • Press the 3-4 button after entering the second code.
  • Press the 5-6 button after entering the third code.
  • After that, press the 7-8 button and enter the fourth code.
  • Finally, enter your fifth code into the 9-0 button and secure it.
  • The factory code will still work if you use up to five personal codes.

In case you forget any of the codes, you now have a total of six to deal with! Not to worry, you can also reset codes.

Resetting a Ford Keyless Entry Code

It's fairly easy to reset a keyless entry code. Enter the manufacturer's factory code. Then, push the 1-2 button within 2 seconds.

After that, enter your own five-digit code. Hold the 1-2 button for around 5 seconds after entering the code to erase any previously programmed codes. The factory key code will be restored on the keypad.

You can use the ignition key if the vehicle's manufacturer code is missing. Either of the ignition keys will function properly. Turn on the ignition for a few seconds after inserting the ignition key. The dashboard should display the original key code.

Safety Precautions

Ford Escape display at a dealership. Ford sells traditional gasoline, electric and hybrid SUV models.

Even the most advanced security systems may not be enough to prevent theft. Several things could tempt thieves. To be safe, take the following precautions:

  • Don't leave your keys inside your car.
  • When you leave the vehicle, roll up the windows and lock them.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in the car. They may draw unwanted attention.
  • Install a loud alarm or anti-theft system.
  • Make sure your vehicle's tracking system is up to date. You can use this with your smartphone or any other device.
  • To prevent unauthorized entry, try to set up an immobilizer system in your vehicle.
  • Even if you're loading groceries in a parking lot, don't leave your car unattended.
  • Make sure you're parking in well-lit places. Don't park in dark alleys and lanes.

Try to follow the safety and preventative steps outlined above. In the long term, these suggestions should keep you safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ford Keyless Entry Work?

As long as you've got your key fob, Ford's keyless entry will let you enter your car without physically unlocking it. Once your vehicle is within a 90-degree radius of the fob, you can unlock it by tugging on the front handles.

Once inside, push the "Start/Power" button to start your engine. Each fob is compatible with specific models.

Ford has produced new key fobs with an integrated sleep mode to minimize the likelihood of auto thefts. If you don't move your key for more than 40 seconds, it goes into sleep mode.

All key fob signals are suppressed, making your car safer and less vulnerable to theft using a relay box or other specialist equipment. When you relocate your key fob, it will reawaken and resume normal operation by the time you get within two meters of your vehicle.

Does Ford Have an App to Unlock Your Car?

Dealers app in play store.

You've probably heard of FordPass before, whether or not you own a Ford. FordPass is "the app that enhances your ownership experience," allowing Ford owners to accomplish various activities from their phones.

You just have to download the app, and you'll have access to everything you could possibly want or need about your vehicle at your fingertips.

How Secure is a Ford Keyless Entry?

When all required steps are followed, a Ford keyless entry is secure. The keyless entry system is limited to a 6-foot radius around the vehicle. Hackers can't hack your vehicle code from afar because of the 6-foot radius.

Ensure that all locks are subjected to the appropriate security checks. Even if your vehicle is locked, activate the garage door alarm system.

Skilled hackers with the necessary devices can access keyless codes from afar. So, when using a keyless entry system, take certain precautions.


Silver Ford Escape parked near lake and fall leave

In the event that you forget your initial key code, there are other possible code options. The keypad also contains an easy-to-use function for erasing outdated or unused codes. If you forgot your keys inside the car, the keypad is a backup you'll need!

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