How Big Is An RV Shower?

RVs allow freedom and independence synonymous with the American identity. By purchasing or renting an RV, or recreational vehicle, there is freedom on the road. However, the comfort level within the vehicle often revolves around an important function - the bathroom. Here is the research you need to guide the way toward your RV shower necessities. 

Smaller RVs may conserve shower space down to 24 inches wide. Larger RVs may sport up to 57 inches in width. The standard space for an RV shower pan is 32 to 34 inches across. 

While RVs often include a limited version of a typical house, recent developments in the RV industry have increased the efficiency and compatibility of RV life and the comfort of the home. For more information on recreational vehicles and what they offer in their shower components, keep reading below. 

Luxury large open plan motor home interior with seating area and table for several occupants, How Big Is An RV Shower?

What Type Of RV Has The Biggest Shower?

There are multiple bathroom layouts in today's RVs. Some options may even include two bathrooms under the same roof. When looking for the biggest shower, look into the Jayco Seismic or Pinnacle models. Jayco features a residential "walk-in" shower on these models, offering a spacious 30 by 57 inches washroom area. 

This particular layout features a walk-in shower with the bonus of a folding shower seat inside. The showerhead is towards the top of the ceiling, nine feet in the air. This makes it easy to shower well, regardless of an individual's height. Feeling cramped or having to hunch underneath the shower spigot will not be a problem in this model. 

How Long Can You Shower In An RV?

With the correct set-up, showers in an RV are not different than showers in a house. The capacity for an RV shower includes variables like the water heater, freshwater tank, and even how the showerhead is configured. With the right arrangement, an average shower may last around 10 minutes. 

Water Heater

The water heater in an RV provides the ability to keep water hot on demand. If traveling with a large group, it deserves consideration because if the capacity is not enough, the result will be very cold showers. Considered one of the best tank water heaters is the Suburban 5239A. It can run on electric or propane, has a safe sparking mechanism, and allows for a heavy-duty six-gallon tank. 

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Tankless heaters may be better used in an RV because of their size. While still providing hot water on demand, it is significantly smaller. The Girard 2GWHAM provides hot water throughout an RV by using a microprocessor that adapts the water temperature to the individual requests and needs. It runs off gas or electricity and has a compact nature compared to its tank counterpart. 

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Fresh Water Tank

The freshwater tank in an RV is a major determining factor in how long an RV shower can last. RV tanks offer different sizes, generally based on the class of RV. It can be as few as 20 to 40 gallons of water at a time, or as many as 100 gallons. The freshwater tank requires maintenance to keep it clean and prevent water from fostering growth of anything along the way. Freshwater tanks should also make a point to be drained and refilled semi-frequently, about every two weeks. 

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While the showerheads may seem inconsequential to something like the length of a shower, it does factor in simply by how much water it will process through the system in just a matter of minutes. It's important to use shower heads that provide the ability to pause a shower easily and use the least amount of water at one time. 

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Shower How-To's

Still want to add length to your shower? Consider the process. Keep the initial soak to a minimum, rinsing off any dirt or sweat on the skin. Then, turn the water off while sudsing up both hair and body, or shaving. Then, turn the water on again to rinse. Whether it is soap, shower gels, biodegradable, sulfate-free, or other variations of suds, limiting the water usage at the beginning of the shower will allow for a longer, more enjoyable end to the shower. 

How Many Gallons Of Water Does It Take To Shower In An RV?

Luxury large open plan motor home interior with seating area and table for several occupants, How Big Is An RV Shower?

Two considerations go hand-in-hand: how long you can shower and how many gallons of water it will take to shower. Generally showering in an RV can use an estimated two to six gallons per shower. If the length increases, so will the amount of water used. Therefore, if there is a small freshwater tank with an RV owner who prefers long showers, the freshwater tank may need to be filled frequently. 

Grey Water Tanks

Thought needs to be given to the capacity of the RV's grey water tank. Every RV has one and it's important it be big enough to hold not only wastewater from the bathroom but the kitchen, too. With water from cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, to the bathroom sink, toilet, and shower going to the same place, considering how often you want to dump it may help answer how large the freshwater tank should be. A large number of people in an RV may require this tank to be emptied every other day.  

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What Size Is An RV Shower Drain?

Shower drains, both in a house and an RV are generally sized at two inches. This is larger than a bathtub drain that is plumbed at one and one-half inches. It's important that a shower drain be larger because the pan stepped on in the shower is shallow compared to a bathtub. If a problem formed, it would take less water in a shower to spill over the side of the pan compared to that of a bathtub. 

Do Any RVs Have Bathtubs?

While there are high-end RV's that range from $800,000 to $2 million dollars that include bathtubs, there are other options you can find that are easier on the wallet. 

Some 5th Wheel RVs that include a bathtub are the Forest River Sandpiper 383RBLOK, Keystone Montana 3921FB, and Coachman Spirit of America 24RBQS. Each of these offers many styles of comfort and luxury without crossing over the $100,000 mark. 

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Final Thoughts

Camper bathroom with shower, wc and sink

Innovation has become a trademark in the business of RVs. With sleek, modern styles and an emphasis on bringing home on the road with you, recreational vehicles provide for the needs of families, friends, and pets, for adventure and enjoyment. There is literally something for everyone with a place to put it. 

RVs' compact nature makes storing essentials a cinch. There are many cabinets or hidden spots within plain sight helping store all of the family favorites from home. As you settle into an RV, consider what needs and wants should accompany the trip. If you are interested in what bathroom accessories you should get for a new RV, click here. 

With multiple types of cabinetry, solid countertops, tile floors and surrounds, with airy ceilings, and adjustable conveniences, the RV infrastructure has developed into something able to meet both the needs and wants of their owners. To see 14 RVs providing an extra-large bathroom space, click here. Everything from lights rimming the interior of the sink to ADA compliant doorknobs, shower seats, and bathtubs create a warm invitation to stay awhile.  

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