How Long Is A Ford Ranger? [Inc. F-150 Comparison]

If you’re looking for a compact pickup truck with excellent gas mileage, user-friendly technology, and proven capability, look no further than the Ford Ranger. If you’re wondering how long the Ranger is, we’ve got you covered. We researched the different trims so you can choose the one that is best for your needs. 

Ford Ranger 2020 has various trim levels, namely: Ford Ranger Lariat, Ford Ranger XL, and Ford Ranger XLT. Each style has a different bed length, and this affects the truck length. Overall, the Ranger is shorter than the F-150. It has a length of 210.8 inches. 

The Ford Ranger lengths are:

  • First Generation (1983-1992) had a standard bed length of 175.6 inches and a long bed length of 187.6 inches in 1983-1988 and 176.5 inches standard and 188.5 inches long from 1989-1992.
  • Second Generation (1993-1997) had lengths of 184.3, 196.3, and 198.2 inches.
  • Third Generation (1998-2012) had lengths of 188.5, 200.5, and 202.9.
  • Fourth Generation (2019-now) has a length of 210.8 inches.

With all these numbers, it may seem hard, if not impossible, to find the Ranger of your preference. Don’t worry, we’ve done all the necessary research and put in as much time as possible to present you with quality answers to all your possible questions. Have a seat, exhale, and have a read of the post below:

A Ford Ranger on a dirt terrain, How Long Is A Ford Ranger? [Inc. F-150 Comparison]

How Do Trim/Cab/Bed Options Affect Ranger Length?

With each new model of the Ford Ranger, Ford manufacturers aim to provide users with a better experience than the last. These efforts may include adding some cool features to a model, tweaking the body, and improving the wheels.

Each trim level or cab style has a unique look that sets it apart from another configuration in the Ford model. Such components and adjustments result in differences in length of the Ranger. The 2019 Ford Ranger, for instance, is 200 mm longer than the old model that graced roads from 1983-2012.

Does Ford Make A Small Truck?

Ford doesn’t make a small truck at this time. However, in 2019, it did confirm that it will start manufacturing a small truck soon, and it will go on sale in 2021. The new truck and have an appealing unibody design and will be priced beginning under $20,000. It’ll have a rugged appearance to appeal to its widely American users. According to Automotive News, the truck doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s something to look forward to.

There are rumors making rounds that the mini-pickup truck will be crafted in Mexico and share drivetrain options with the Bronco Sport, which is supposedly getting two EcoBoost engines- a 2.0-liter turbo-four and a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder. Whether it’s true or not, our only option is to wait and see.

Is Ford Ranger A Mid-Size Truck?

Yes. Ford Ranger is a mid-size truck with several trim levels. The range-topping Lariat has a starting price of $32,500, the base Ranger XL trim starts at $24,410, and the midlevel Ranger XLT starts at $28,640.

If you like color and variety, then you’ll LOVE the 2020 Ford Ranger. The latest model offers new Rapid Red, Race Red, and Iconic Silver color options into the Ranger lineup. These exciting hues join a list of returning colors such as Saber, Lightning Blue, Oxford White, Shadow Black, and Magnetic.

Some of its standard features include a Wi-Fi hotspot, a USB port, four speakers, and Bluetooth. It also features Android Auto, navigation, dual-zone automatic climate control, a SYNC 3 infotainment system with an 8-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, multiple upgraded sound systems, and satellite radio.

If you’re worried about how safe it is, well, don’t. The SuperCab model got three stars in the rollover evaluation, an overall safety rating of four out of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in its SuperCrew body style, four stars in the frontal crash test, and five stars in the side crash test.

Ford covers it with a three-year/36,000-mile basic warranty and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Which Ranger Bed Length Is Best For Me?

It depends on your lifestyle and if you have a family. The Ford Ranger offers two cab styles: the SuperCrew (or crew cab) and the SuperCab (or extended cab).

The SuperCab hauls at least four passengers while the SuperCrew accommodates five passengers. 

The SuperCab has painfully small rear seats that not every child, let alone adult, can fit into. The SuperCrew, on the other hand, has larger rear seats that are easy to get in and out of thanks to the full-size doors it has.

As for bed size, the Ranger offers a 6-foot bed in SuperCab models and a 5-foot bed in SuperCrew models. The SuperCab may have the upper hand in terms of bed size, but please give it a serious second or third thought if you’ve got some company.

Which Is Longer? Honda Ridgeline Or Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger is longer than the Honda Ridgeline by a few inches, +0.8 inches specifically. The Ridgeline has an exact length of 210 inches and is a combination of pickup trucks and crossover SUVs.

It takes the appearance of a minivan with a truck bolted on at the back and has an impressive cabin. The cabin is more spacious and sturdier than all other trucks in its level. It also has an excellent cargo bed that provides unique features thanks to an available audio system and an in-bed trunk.

Apart from the slight updates on features that the 2020 Ridgeline provides, it also has a powerful 280-hp 3.5 liter V-6 (that’s the most fuel-efficient six-cylinder engine in its class) that makes 262 lb-ft of torque and hook up to a nine-speed automatic transmission. 

Its major letdowns are frustratingly difficult to use features and a standard 8.0-inch HondaLink touchscreen that’s not the easiest to control.

How Much Weight Can A Ford Ranger Carry In The Bed?

The 2020 Ford Ranger can hold at least 1,860 pounds in the truck bed and tow a whopping 7,500 pounds when equipped with the available Trailer Tow Package. The “Built Ford Tough” thing isn’t a hoax.

Payload capacities range from 1,560 to 1,860 pounds. The only compact pickup truck that outweighs the beautiful beast is the Chevrolet Colorado with a jaw-dropping 7,700-pound limit.

Is Ford Ranger A Good Tow Vehicle?

Yes. The Ford Ranger is an excellent tow vehicle. Its Built Ford Tough feature boasts a high-strength steel frame construction and an unbeatable 2.3L EcoBoost engine, which makes it a worthy towing companion. Whether you’re hoping to carry more equipment on your next great adventure outdoors or complete more tasks faster, this is the baby for you.

Its turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine produces up to 310 lb-ft of torque and 270 horsepower. Thanks to Auto Start-Stop Technology, the Ranger goes easy on fuel consumption. The motor shuts off instantly when the car comes to a total halt and restarts at the same speed when you release the brake pedal.

Its unmatched shifting performance is possible thanks to a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission technology that enhances gear transmissions while offering fast and efficient shifting.

What Is The Largest F-Series Truck?

The Ford F-650 is the largest F-Series Truck. This marvel of technology is so massive that it makes other trucks look like toys. They are sold in basic form with an exposed chassis bed and a bare cab because most of them are used for commercial purposes.

It comes from a company known as Super trucks and is powered by an incredible 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 pumping out 330 hp and 750 lb-ft, or 1017 Nm.

Luckily, getting inside this gigantic machine isn’t as tricky as you’d imagine. Thanks to its electric steps that deploy once you fling the doors open, you’ll be in before you know it. The front row has a middle seat and comfortable leather seats.

Driving it can be challenging if it’s your first time. Additionally, controlling the huge body and making sharp turns can take a bit of effort. Thanks to a convenient feature such as emergency braking, drivers can prevent or avoid a collision.

More cool features it has are auto high-beam headlamps, adaptive cruise control, Driver Alert System, and electronic stability control, which are all optional. Auto headlamps, traction control, and hill start assist, on the other hand, are standard driver-assist technology.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has something to say about the Ford Ranger. For some, it’s an excellent road trip companion that provides an unforgettable driving experience as well as helpful and stylish accessories. To others, it’s that crammed piece of metal that doesn’t have much to offer.

For us, the Ford Ranger is another beautiful truck that we’ve had the privilege to dissect, and that has something for everyone. 

From the trucklet that’s coming out soon to the compact truck we all know and love, to the gigantic Ford F-650, you have plenty of options. The appealing array of colors it offers is an excellent bonus. This is a truck that’s going to be with us for years to come.


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