How Long Do Motorcycle Jackets Last? [Different materials examined]

So, you have your motorcycle license and a brand new bike, now all you need is a classic motorcycle jacket. You have to look the part to be a real biker. Motorcycle jackets have great aesthetic value but are also functional. They should be at the top of your gear list. We know you want one that will be around for years, so you may be wondering how long motorcycle jackets typically last. Lucky for you, we have researched motorcycle jacket longevity and can answer all of your questions. 

On average, motorcycle jackets last 5 to 10 years. Some may last more than ten years, while others may not last five. How well you care for your jacket, the type of material, and how much you wear it all impact its lifespan. To extend the life of your motorcycle jacket, invest in one made from durable material, and make sure to maintain and clean it properly. With enough attention and care, you can get extra years out of a high-quality motorcycle jacket. 

You probably have more questions about motorcycle jackets. We know you want to be well informed before investing in an expensive coat, so keep reading to learn more!

A motorcycle rider putting on his helmet after putting on his jacket, How Long Do Motorcycle Jackets Last? [Different materials examined]

How Long Do Motorcycle Jackets Last?

There are a few factors that contribute to the years of life a motorcycle jacket has. The main three are the type of material, how frequently you wear it, and how much you care for it. Let's look more at each feature.

Type of Material Used For Motorcycle Jackets

You can find motorcycle jackets in many different materials. There are benefits to each kind, and you may find you prefer one more than another. Years of use can vary with each fabric. 

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 1. Leather

Leather is a tried and trusted material for motorcycle jackets. It has been used for decades, and most seasoned riders prefer it. There are varying grades of leather. The best is 100% full grain. It forms to your unique body shape over time and gets more comfortable and easier to move in the more you wear it. 

Some riders get 20+ years of use with a high-quality leather jacket. The initial price is usually relatively high, but if you can make it last for years, it is worth it. 

Mastermind Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket 

Here is a durable leather jacket that would look great and keep you safe at the same time. It has hidden pockets for storage and numerous vents for airflow. It is a great year-round jacket. 

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2. Kevlar 

Kevlar is another common material used to construct motorcycle jackets. It is a synthetic material with high heat resistance and strength. Because of these qualities, Kevlar is a sturdy protection material. It is also very lightweight, so it is excellent for longer trips. 

Most jackets are not made entirely out of kevlar, but instead, Kevlar is a significant part of the fabric. It is also prevalent in other motorcycle gear, like gloves. You can expect to get up to 5-10+ years of use from a kevlar-blend motorcycle jacket. 

Walls Men's Hooded Jacket 

This jacket is constructed of cotton, polyester, and kevlar blend. It is a lighter jacket great for summer or hotter climates. 

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3. Nylon 66

Nylon 66, also referred to as Cordura, is much stronger than plain old nylon. Most motorbike racers wear Cordura jackets. All of their gear is usually made out of Cordura because it is breathable and extremely lightweight. When they need to go fast, they don't want heavy equipment weighing them down. 

For casual riders, Cordura jackets are a great choice because they are affordable and are comfortable in all four seasons. However, some other materials are better for abrasion protection. Nylon 66 jackets can sometimes last 10+ years. 

HWK Adventure Motorcycle Jacket 

This jacket is made for all types of weather and seasons. The bright colors keep you highly visible to other drives, and there are removable foam inserts for extra protection. For long road trips, this would be an excellent motorcycle jacket to wear. 

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4. Oxford 

Oxford is very popular for motorcycle jacket construction too. This material is primarily woven out of cotton and sometimes other fabrics like polyester. It is typically waterproof, which is vital in motorcycle jackets. 

Many riders lover oxford jackets because of its hardiness. It can stand up to downpours and strong winds as well. It is also strong enough to provide ample protection in the event of a crash. 

You may be able to get over ten years of use from a high-quality oxford motorcycle jacket. 

Sedici Avventura Jacket

This multi-season jacket is made to suit a variety of riders. It has armor on the shoulders and elbows to keep you safe, and an adjustable waist belt to accommodate all body types. 

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How Much You Wear Your Jacket

As you can guess, the more you wear your jacket, the faster it will wear out. If your only means of transport is your bike, and you plan on wearing your jacket every day, you will not get as many years out of it as an occasional rider. 

How Much You Take Care Of Your Jacket 

Even if you are an everyday rider, with the proper motorcycle jacket maintenance, you can extend the life of your jacket. The occasional rider who doesn't take care of their jacket will get far fewer years out of a high-quality jacket than an everyday rider who maintains the same jacket well.  

Properly caring for a jacket included fixing minor tears, applying treatments (if the material benefits from it), and correctly storing it. Any of these practices will vastly extend the life of your jacket. 

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Which Is Better, Kevlar, Or Leather Jacket?

Both Kevlar and leather jackets are popular options. They each have their unique qualities to offer riders.  

Kevlar is lightweight, breathable, and very strong. It is an excellent choice for warm climates and racers. However, Kevlar can be very expensive and does not perform well in wet conditions. 

Leather is warm, forms to your body shape, and provided a thick layer of protection. However, it does not ventilate as well as Kevlar and may be too heavy for hot environments. 

What Leather Is Used For Motorcycle Gear?

Cowhide leather is the most common and affordable leather used for motorcycle gear. You can find equipment made from kangaroo, goat, and other animals too.

No matter what type of animal the leather comes from, full-grain leather is always the highest-quality option. The other choices you will see are top-grain and genuine leather. 

Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Vests?

Bikers may wear vests purely for the aesthetic value and what the look represents. 

Also, a leather vest keeps a rider's core warm. Even on a hot day, it can get chilly on a bike, so it is crucial to keep the core warm.

Find A Long Lasting Motorcycle Jacket Today!

There are plenty of durable motorcycle jackets available on the market. Leather is known as the longest-lasting motorcycle jacket material, but with proper maintenance, others can last for 10+ years too. If you purchase a high-quality coat and take good care of it, it will last for years. Find a durable jacket today!

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