How To Put A Mazda In Neutral When The Battery Is Dead?

People turn their heads when they see a cool Mazda taking over the road. Who could ignore a Mazda? These are simple yet luxuriously crafted cars that can bring us places safely. But what if the battery has suddenly stopped working -would you know what to do? Worry no more. We researched what steps to take to put your Mazda into neutral if the battery is dead. 

Activate the ignition system by turning the key located at the steering wheel. This will send internal signals to keep the engine working. Now, step on the break pedal, and shift the gear into neutral mode. If the gear does not move, remove the cap near the shifter and hold the little button while you shift into neutral mode.

The battery, like all other components of the vehicle, requires maintenance. Aside from regularly inspecting its condition, the efficiency and performance of driving are determined by the connecting networks from internal to external parts. If you're still perplexed as to why this occurred, let's go over various types of batteries and maintenance routines.

Detail of an automatic gear shifter in a new modern car, How To Put A Mazda In Neutral When The Battery Is Dead?

Common Types of Automotive Batteries

Automotive batteries differ in voltage. The quality affects how fast they charge and how much energy can be stored. It's not surprising why batteries are important since they are the first source of the engine to heat up and start functioning.


The batteries in electric car

Lithium-ion is the most common type of battery, which can also be seen on other devices. This battery can hold more charge than the others and usually weighs less than traditional car batteries of the same energy level. Lithium-ion batteries have a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years.


An SLI battery is easy to charge. This means that the time elapsed between charging and discharging is brief, and this can deliver short bursts of energy.

The SLI batteries are made up of at least six galvanic cells connected in series to generate at least 12 volts. Aside from starting the car, SLI batteries power the electronics such as lights, radios, graphics, and other low-energy components.


Lead-acid battery on the floor of a car service center

The lead-acid battery functions as a temporary battery because there are no further methods to make it more serviceable than the other types. If it is not kept in good condition, it may suffer from drainage and inactivity. Its electrolytes are measured regularly and require charging on time to maintain its energy level.

Mazda vehicles use lead-acid batteries for the most recent model years. But due to technological improvements, Mazda started using lithium-ion batteries. Remember to use the same battery type and consult an expert before switching to other types.

Replacing the Battery by Your Own

Are you stuck and your car's battery needs to be replaced but no expert is available to assist you right away? Take a look at these simple steps:

  1. Turn off your car's engine and allow under the hood to cool before replacing the battery.
  2. Locate and detach the negative and positive terminals of the battery. Always detach first the negative terminal.
  3. Remove the old battery and clean the cables. Make sure to dry out any moisture.
  4. Place the new battery. This time, attach first the positive terminal. Seal the cap and your car is ready to take off again.

Putting A Mazda Into Neutral Mode: Pros and Cons

Neutral gear usually serves its purpose for emergencies or engine failures. It can be used to tow the vehicle, without damaging the transmission, or push the vehicle where needed when it won't start or run.

Shown below are the advantages of a car in neutral mode:

  • It's easy to push the car when you're out of fuel.
  • It saves gasoline as this reduces or even stops fuel consumption.
  • You can conserve energy and electric sources when it's urgent to, let's say, charge your phone.

On the contrary, neutral mode also has disadvantages:

  • Speed is limited because you cannot initiate the gas pedal. Otherwise, to move, you must restart the engine. On the other hand, when you collect enough speed, you can coast along to save fuel.
  • It's dangerous to go downhill in neutral. As mentioned earlier, the tires may roll if you let off the brake. And it can be hard to stop.

Going neutral must be planned. Or at least be ready for the consequences. Car manufacturers do not recommend shifting to neutral while driving or backing at speed. However, some drivers use it to their advantage for fuel consumption while coasting.

Other Options Than Going Neutral

When the battery died, we already know what to do: move the vehicle to a safe location, shift to neutral if necessary to do so, and assess the issue. There are several potential issues that can cause a dead battery. Move forward and we'll show you some areas to check. 

Loose or disconnected cable

Maybe the battery got disconnected from the cables or an internal pressure jiggled a cable loose to become less efficient. We often jump to the conclusion that the battery has died, but a quick adjustment could resolve the issue. Make sure the engine is off and cooled prior to handling cables. 

Damaged Chassis

The chassis, or the car's frame, can have an indirect effect on the car's performance in a way that makes shifting into neutral seem insignificant. Try inspecting the underbody of the car to look for bends, loose screws, or cracks.

Faulty Alternator

A car alternator disassembled


Locate the source of the sound. A faulty engine produces an unusual sound that makes the damage easier to trace. The alternator, known for managing electricity supply and transfer, may have gone bad. A faulty alternator may send some noisy sparks audible from a distance. Consider cooling down your car's internal heat.

Clogged Fuel System

The fuel system may be clogged. This will cause your car to stop if the engine doesn't get sufficient fuel. Take a look at the fuel gauge, if you haven't for a while. If it is full, this could also point toward a clogged fuel system as the fuel is not reaching the intended location.

When To Stop Going Neutral

Quick answer: right away. The most difficult mode to master is neutral. The only major reasons for using neutral are towing a car or pushing it due to a lack of gasoline.

Further, shifting to neutral damages the engine. The transition from active to inactive and vice-versa exhausts the flow of electricity resulting in engine issues. That's why you need to think about these consequences.

Maintenance for Your Mazda

Maintenance is a good way to avoid a dead battery and eliminate risks while driving.

Keep a Clean Car

A man washes his blue Mazda MX5 convertible by hand in a car wash

Carwashing is used for more than just cleaning the car. It also improves the car's quality both internally and externally. Small particles of dust and dirt are a common cause of engine failure. The accumulation of rust reduces the performance of any vehicle.

If you wash your car by yourself, it's good to start from the outside. Not all parts should be cleaned with liquid solutions. Some parts should stay dry like the alternator and the copper wires.

Don't Fiddle With Refill Lids

Do not carelessly open any lids. Especially if you're not an expert with it. Parts for steering, shifting, and direction control can be found under your car. The motors, battery, and power supply are located on the front of it. Familiarize yourself with their locations.

Don't Leave the Car to Sit for Extended Periods

Aside from using your car on a regular basis, not using it at all can be detrimental to the engine. If you leave your car parked for an extended period of time, the power source may take hours or days to activate. Its alternate application is a good way to preserve quality and extend its longevity for years.

Keep in mind that the better way to fix a car is to leave it to experts. If your car is maintained and you find a concerning issue, take it to a reputable mechanic as soon as possible.

The Journey Continues

The condition of a well-maintained Mazda can drive you to places. The battery will keep your Mazda safely on the road. But if the battery dies, you can put your car into a neutral mode to get the assistance you need. Safety is still the top priority. Look ahead of the situation to have a smooth trip.

Speaking of a smooth trip, listening to music while driving is perfectly combined to make any trip relaxing. See this article to keep the ambiance calm and out of excessive car noise.

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