How To Set Cruise Control On Hummer H3 [Step-By-Step Guide]

With all the bells and whistles that come with the Hummer H3, learning about each of them might seem a bit overwhelming. If you are in the driver's seat of this vehicle and want to know how to engage the cruise control, we can help you. We researched the Hummer H3 in depth so that you can be sure to know how it works.

To set the cruise control on the Hummer H3, you will need to follow these steps in order:

  1. Move the cruise control switch to the "on" position.
  2. Accelerate the Hummer H3 to the desired speed.
  3. Locate the "set" button at the end of the lever. Press it.
  4. Remove your foot from the accelerator pedal.

Now that we know how to set the cruise control on the Hummer H3, we'll explain how this function works. You might also be wondering if the Hummer H3 is always in four-wheel drive or if this vehicle is good in the snow. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Setting The Cruise Control In The Hummer H3

We carefully examined the owner's manual of the Hummer H3 to gain a better understanding of how this popular function works. Knowing the ins and outs will make your driving experience a bit less stressful. It can also save you from getting a speeding ticket!

Resuming Cruise Control

If you've used cruise control in other vehicles, you know that applying the brake will turn it off. But that doesn't mean that this function isn't still engaged. You can resume the speed at you set the cruise control by pushing a simple switch.

As long as you are going at least 25 miles per hour, you can get back up to speed without touching your accelerator. Move the cruise control "on" switch to "resume/accelerate." This will speed up your H3 until it reaches the speed you set the cruise control for.

How To Increase The Cruising Speed

Speed limits change frequently, even on interstate highways. Suppose you are driving with the cruise control on at 60 but notice that the maximum speed changed to 70. You can accelerate your H3 without applying the gas.

Locate the "resume/accelerate" switch at the end of the lever. Hold it down, and the vehicle will speed up. Keep holding it until the H3 is at the wanted speed, then release it. Your H3 will now be driving at the new set speed.

Reducing Speed While Using Cruise Control

Suppose you want to slow the H3 down but keep it driving at a lower speed. You can brake the vehicle and hit the "set" button when the lower speed is reached. 

Or, you press and hold the "set" button. This will slow the H3 down by 1 mile an hour every time you press it. This is a great feature if you only need to decrease the speed by a minimal amount.

Ending Cruise Control Function 

Whenever you apply the brake, the cruise control function ceases. To keep it from being able to resume, simply turn the cruise control switch to the "off" position.

Is The Hummer H3 Always In Four-Wheel Drive?

If you've ever driven a four-wheel drive vehicle before, you might have noticed that some of them can switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. But when it comes to the Hummer H3, this is not the case.

The Hummer H3 is considered a full-time four-wheel drive vehicle. There are four different modes of four-wheel drive in this vehicle. They are 4-High, 4-High Locked, 4-Low Locked, and Neutral. What mode you should be in depends on the driving conditions. 

4-High is the most commonly used, as it is best to drive in this mode on paved roadways. If the roads are slippery, 4-High Locked is typically the way to go. Climbing steep hills or traversing rocky terrain might require 4-Low Locked. 

Parking your Hummer H3 and putting it in neutral is necessary to change any of the modes. You will only want to keep the H3 in neutral if you are having it flat towed.

White offroad car Hummer H3 presented at the annual motorshow Autoexotica 2012.

Is The Hummer H3 Good In The Snow?

A vehicle that travels well in the snow is a must for many consumers. This might be especially important for those who live in areas that get real winter weather for many months out of the year. 

Fortunately, the Hummer H3 is considered to be a solid vehicle for these conditions. While the safest thing to do is just stay home when it's slick, you are sometimes forced to travel in the elements. Consumer reviews rave about how well the H3 handles in the snow, particularly when it is in 4-Low Locked mode.

If you travel in snowy weather, be prepared. Be sure to have blankets, hand warmers, a charged cell phone, emergency road flares, and bags of sand.

Having these items on hand can make a huge difference if you are unfortunate enough to get stuck. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst whenever you are driving in the snow or ice!

How Many Miles Can A Hummer H3 Go On A Full Tank?

fast moving Hummer H3 SUV rides on a winter city road. A car on wet slippery road in motion. Overspeed in city concept., How To Set Cruise Control On Hummer H3 [Step-By-Step Guide]

Knowing how far you can travel on a full tank is essential for a long journey. It helps you budget your money and lets you know when you might need to stop.

The mileage you get from an H3 will depend on the model year. City miles range from 9 to 14 miles per gallon, while highway miles range from 12 to 18. With a fuel capacity of 23 gallons, expect a combined mileage of 325 miles per tank.

Keep in mind that these are just estimates. Several factors determine your gas mileage. How you drive and the road conditions are significant things that can impact just how much you can squeeze out of a tank of gas. It's also important to know that the more weight you carry on board, the more fuel you will burn per mile.

Empty fuel meter isolated on black background

How Deep Can A Hummer H3 Go In The Water?

One of the benefits of driving the H3 is that it is great for off-roading. Rugged trails and wet, muddy roads are no match for this machine. But keep in mind that even though it can go through standing water, the H3 does have its limits.

How deep the water can be will depend on how fast you are driving the H3. In fact, you should avoid driving through deep water at high speeds altogether. Slow and steady will serve you and the H3 much better.

At 5 miles an hour, the Hummer H3 can be in water that is 27 inches deep. But if you are traveling at 20 miles an hour, 20 inches is the maximum.

Take caution when traveling across moving water. If the water is moving across a roadway from unexpected flooding, it's advised to avoid traveling across it altogether.

winter road and snow with landscape of trees with frost

What Is The Top Speed Of A Hummer H3?

Hummer H3 overcoming a water barrier.

For a four-wheel drive vehicle, the Hummer H3 can zip along fairly quickly on the highways. The top speed of the H3 is 158 miles per hour.

Its size and weight make it slower to accelerate than other trucks, however. The H3 will travel from zero to 30 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds and will reach 60 from a stop at 8.8 seconds.

Though a bit sluggish from the starting block, remember that consumers don't typically get an H3 for its speed or quick acceleration. The H3 is mostly sought after for its off-road driving abilities, its power, and its extreme durability.

Final Thoughts

Engaging the cruise control in a Hummer H3 can be accomplished by following a few simple steps. This vehicle is a powerful machine, made to take off-road through some of the most rugged driving conditions out there. Treat it well, and you'll find yourself behind the wheel of the H3 for many years to come. Drive safe!

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