How To Start Chrysler Town And Country Without A Key Or Keyfob

If you have lost the key fob or key to your Chrysler Town and Country, you may be at a loss as to how to start your car. Is there a way you can start it without the key? We researched this question to show you how.

You can still start your Chrysler Town and Country if you don't have your key fob or key. Below are the methods to use.

  • If you don't have the key:
    • Hot wiring
    • Jump-starting your car
    • Using a hammer and screwdriver
  • If the key fob is missing or its battery is low:
    • Place key fob near the start button
    • Contact your dealer

It's possible to start your Chrysler Town and Country without the key fob or key. Keep reading to learn how. Included are the costs of replacing your key or key fob.

Chrysler 300S display at a Stellantis Chrysler dealership. The Chrysler 300 is also available in a Touring model.,How To Start Chrysler Town And Country Without A Key Or Keyfob

Can You Start Your Chrysler Town and Country Without A Key Fob Or Key?

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Losing a car key can happen at the worst times. What do you do when you are away from home and you don’t have access to your spare key? You may not be able to start your car.

Also, if the battery in your key fob is dying, you may not be able to start your car. If you have lost the key fob, the only option is to contact your car dealer. Furthermore, your ignition could be faulty, which will require repairs.

These are some of the situations you can find yourself in that will prevent you from starting your car. But it's still possible to start your car without key or key fob. The methods you can use include:

Starting Your Car Without The Key

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If you've lost the  key to your Chrysler Town and Country or you have a faulty ignition, the following methods will help you to start your car:

Hot Wiring

Hot wiring is a suggested approach for cars manufactured before the mid-1990s, so if your Chrysler Town and Country was made during that time, you can try it. It involves connecting the wires from the battery and the ignition switch. 

You should wear protective gloves because you will be handling live wires during this procedure.

The wires are inside the steering wheel column, and you can access them by removing the plastic covering. They are normally located at the center of the column. 

After removing the cover, you will see several connectors. The one you should be looking for has brown and yellow wires for the ignition and red wires for the battery.

Strip down the red wires, do the same with the yellow and brown wires, and twist them together. This should start your car. 

Jump-Start Your Car

Open the hood of your car and find the red coiled wire, which is the positive terminal of the ignition coil. Using a jumper cable, connect the red wire to the battery’s positive terminal. 

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Afterward, look for the starter solenoid that is under the steering wheel and connect it to the positive terminal of the battery.

Next, look for the ignition switch wire and attach it to the solenoid’s positive terminal. Now you are ready to apply some voltage to the ignition switch; 12 volts from the battery should start your car.  

Using A Hammer And Screwdriver

This method is involved but definitely doable. You only need a little patience. Your aim is to break the pins inside the ignition lock cylinder with a hammer and screwdriver. 

First, disconnect the battery to avoid an electric shock while working. Then insert a flathead screwdriver into your ignition switch.

Now you can begin hammering the screwdriver. Tap the hammer so that it pushes the screwdriver in about as far as the key would normally go. Be careful not to damage the area surrounding of the ignition key as you work. 

You’ll know you have reached the ignition lock cylinder pins when your screwdriver can no longer go deeper. At this point, there’s a high chance the pins are broken. Turn the screwdriver in the same direction you turn your key.

If you've broken the pins, your car should start. If you did not manage to break the pins, continue hammering, and try turning the screwdriver again. 

Keep in mind that this technique may not work in more modern models of the Chrysler Town and Country with advanced programmed ignitions. 

Starting Your Car Without The Key Fob

 Car remote key and ignition start stop button. They are frequently touched and should be wiped down and disinfected often amid the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.The following methods can be used to open a keyless car when the battery in your fob is dying, or you've lost the key fob:

Place Key Fob Near The Start Button

If the battery in your key fob is dying, you might not be able to start your car, but you might not be able to open the door. 

Since you need to first open the door, hold the fob near the door handle. There might be a tiny bit of life left in the fob’s battery, which can be enough to unlock the door.

Also check for a mechanical key that could be hidden inside the key fob. Open the back cover of the fob to access this key, remove it and open the door. 

After opening the door, place the key fob on top of the start button. There’s a passive radio frequency chip inside the key fob. The sensors in the ignition will capture the radio frequency signal, and your car will start.

Contact Your Car Dealer

If you’ve lost your key fob, there’s nothing much you can do about the situation. Contact an authorized car dealer, or purchase a new key fob online.

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Drawbacks Of Starting Your Car Without A Key

If you have never tried to start your car without a key, you might be better off contacting your mechanic and getting professional help.

When trying to start your car without a key, there are several serious problems you might encounter, including:


If you don’t have the skills to carry out even the tiniest car repairs, you might injure yourself while trying to start your car without the key. Attempting to hot-wire a car is dangerous and could result in electric shock.

You could also injure your hands or eyes while working around the dashboard or engine. 

Harming Your Car

If you're not familiar with vehicles and car parts, you could damage the ignition or the wiring while trying to start your car. Hammering the screwdriver when it's inside the ignition switch can cause severe damage. 

All of these attempts can cost you more than you anticipated. No matter how dire the situation may seem, it might be a good idea to be patient and call a professional.

Legal Concerns

Attempting to start a car you have borrowed or leased can land you in other kinds of problems.

If you damage the car in the process, it might just be the beginning of legal issues. Furthermore, your insurance is unlikely to compensate you if you hurt the car while trying to start it without a key. 

Cost To Replace A Key Or Key Fob

Car remote control by smart key, Hand holding smart key to lock doors of white car

The cost to replace a lost key for your Chrysler Town and County ranges between $125 and $425. This price depends on the year of manufacture and the type of key required.  

Other factors include your location, the time of day you need the key, and if you prefer to retain your current ignition or obtain a new one. 

The cost of labor to replace a damaged ignition switch ranges from $122 to $172, while the parts cost around $72.

In Closing

Losing your key fob or key can prevent you from starting your car. This can be very frustrating, especially if you don't have a spare key.

However, there are alternative methods to starting your car, which can be worthwhile to learn, in case of emergencies.

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