Is The Jaguar XF Good In Snow?

If you drive in regions where snow and ice are common, you will want to know how well your prospective new vehicle handles in adverse weather conditions. While navigating in this kind of climate is easier if you have practice and a good skill level, it can be made much less treacherous if you have a better equipped vehicle to handle it. Should you be considering a Jaguar XF and want to know how well it does in snow, we can help. We researched this popular sedan from numerous professional sources, so you will know for certain.

The Jaguar XF will handle well in snow, provided the snow isn't very deep. Equipping your Jaguar XF will help traverse snowy roads, as will enabling the XF's Winter Mode. 

Now that we know how well a Jaguar XF performs in the snow, we'll take a look at some tips to make driving in snowy conditions a safer experience. You might also be curious about the problems the Jaguar XF has or what Winter Mode does in this car. Does the Jaguar XF have four-wheel drive? How does the all-wheel drive work in the XF? For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered. 

Blue Jaguar XF sedan driven during test drives. Is The Jaguar XF Good In Snow

Tips for driving safely in the snow

Most of us don't enjoy driving in slick conditions. In fact, it's highly advised to stay off the roadways whenever conditions begin to get treacherous. However, we don't always have that luxury. So if you have to get out in the snowy weather with your vehicle, here are some tips to help keep you and your passengers safe.

Be prepared

Always be prepared. Get your vehicle equipped with snow tires or all-weather tires at the very least. Have blankets, a first aid kit, a flashlight, and a fully charged cell phone at the ready before you begin your drive. Know your route, and plan it well.

Clear vehicle of snow and ice

If you are driving off in a vehicle that has been parked out in the elements, you'll want to take the time to clear it off. Remove all traces of snow and/or ice from each window.

Using a long-handled brush, remove the snow from the hood of the car, as well as the roof. This will keep it from blowing up onto your windshield when you're driving. It also prevents snow and ice from being dumped onto other vehicles that might be in motion behind you.

Pay careful attention to the wheels and wheel wells. Snow, ice, and mud will become compacted, reducing the ability for you to make a safe turn. 

Young woman cleaning snow off her car in backyard.Is The Jaguar XF Good In Snow

Drive slowly

Don't be in a rush. Drive slowly and deliberately. Just because there is a maximum speed limit, doesn't mean you have to maintain it. Drive as fast as the conditions allow, and don't be afraid to drive much slower than you would on clear days. 

Brake early

When possible, plan your braking ahead of time. Slowly pump your brakes, instead of mashing them. Sudden braking on slick roads will lead to skidding and sliding. If you do find yourself sliding, remember to turn into the slide, not away from it. 

Avoid distractions

Don't use your phone, so you can keep both hands on the wheel. Avoid messing with your stereo or infotainment system. Delegate this responsibility to a passenger, if possible. If you need navigation assistance, have it planned out in advance, and have your voice navigation system turned on, so you don't need to take your eyes off the road to look at your digital map.

Is the Jaguar XF 4 wheel drive?  

The Jaguar XF is not a four-wheel drive vehicle. Older models are all mostly rear-wheel drives, with a few of them having all-wheel drive as an upgrade option. 

Newer model Jaguar XFs come equipped with all-wheel drive as a standard feature. This makes for a better, safer ride in snowy and rainy conditions. 

How does Jaguar XF AWD work?  

The Dynamic All-wheel Drive of the Jaguar XF works a bit differently than the all-wheel drive in many passenger vehicles. While most have a front-wheel drive system that reverts to the all-wheel drive when needed, the XF is configured differently.

With the XF, the vehicle will be powered by a rear-wheel drive configuration. Upon sensing that the front wheels need more power or traction, the Dynamic All-wheel Drive kicks in, adjusting the torque and speed to optimal levels.

Unlike four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive is automatic. A four-wheel drive configuration relies on the judgment of the driver to make all four wheels get powered. With any all-wheel drive, the onboard computer senses when each individual wheel needs additional power or traction and takes care of it without the driver needing to do anything.

dirty awd car with mud markings all over

What does winter mode do in a Jaguar?

This handy feature can be activated by the push of a button. It will make navigating snowy and icy roads a lot easier, helping you get to your destination safely.

Winter mode will pre-load a set amount of torque to the front wheels, giving it more front traction. While activated, winter mode keeps the torque at a ratio of 30/70 between the front and rear wheels.

Remember that winter mode is not a substitute for safe and alert driving, nor does it mean you and your Jaguar XF are accident proof on the snowy roads. This feature will make it easier and safer to drive, if used properly. But being alert and following safety tips for driving in slick conditions will make you the safest.

The winter road is reflected in the car's rear-view mirror

What goes wrong with Jaguar XF?

Since its release in 2009, the Jaguar XF has seemed to encounter more than its fair share of mechanical issues. These defects have ranged from the most minor of problems to the more serious. While the design of the XF has gotten better and with fewer reported bugs over the most recent model years, there are still a number of consumer complaints that had to be addressed.

While this list doesn't cover every issue that the Jaguar XF has suffered from, it will address the most common ones that consumers have experienced:

Faulty hose clamps

While a minor problem, bad hose clamps can lead to major issues if the hoses become unattached. Consumers had to replace the clamps, as the ones that came with the car fit too loose. This led to vital fluids leaking from the XF, creating problems with the engine stalling and oil leaking out.

Alloy wheel defects

A defect in the design caused the alloy wheels to crack without any explanation.

Bad airbags

Consumers reported that both the driver's side and passenger side airbags didn't deploy upon impact. 

Faulty windshield wipers

The factory-issued windshield wiper blades were reported to wear out prematurely, leading to early replacements. 

Noisy suspension

Drivers reported that the XF had a lot of creaks and groans when driven over bumps. 

Faulty electrical system

The electrical system for the Jaguar XF has the most consumer complaints. These range from radio lights shorting out to shifter knobs getting stuck to the fuel system being cut off from the engine. 

Leaks in fuel system

A defect in the fuel flange would create some substantial leakage issues for the Jaguar XF. While it isn't a real expensive issue to remedy, it's an important one to address. This problem would get worse over time, resulting in the loss of more and more fuel.

Blue Jaguar XF sedan drives on a handling track during test drives

In closing

The Jaguar XF remains a popular luxury car for those wanting a mid-sized sedan. The lower price point makes it more favorable with many consumers, as it can be had for a lower MSRP than its counterparts at Audi or BMW. For those drivers who need a luxury car to perform well in the snow, the XF has both an all-wheel drive system and a winter mode feature that make navigating winter weather an easier and safer experience. Drive safely!

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