Mitsubishi Outlander Beeping While Driving – Why And What To Do

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a compact crossover SUV with a stunning design and cutting-edge features. You probably noticed beeping from time to time while driving and wondered what it was. You came to the right post as we thoroughly discuss the cause of the beeping sound of your Mitsubishi Outlander.

The Mitsubishi Outlander has Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle [PHEV] Technology and advanced safety features as a driver's aid. It contains Lane Change Assist and Blind Spot Warning functions to assist drivers in driving safely.

The beeping sound you hear while driving is a warning sign that tells you it is not safe to change lanes.

Would you like to know more about the safety system, and do you have other concerns about your vehicle? If you want to know more about Mitsubishi Outlander, continue reading this post because we searched the net for all the necessary information.

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Why Does Your Mitsubishi Outlander Beep While Driving?

The Lane Change Assist [LCA] will blink and show a warning light on the side mirror, alerting you if another vehicle is in the next lane with the same speed as yours and you are changing lanes. If the Turn Signal is on, the Blind Spot Warning [BSW] will beep three times to alert you that it is not safe to change lanes.

How To Turn Off The Beep On My Mitsubishi Outlander

If you are uncomfortable with the beeping and you do not want to hear it, here is the procedure on how to turn off the warning beep sound:

  • On the dashboard menu switch, long press "select" or short press "menu" until the sound option appears.
  • On the "speaker" page, select off.
  • Cycle back to the main page, then select return.

How Safe Is The Mitsubishi Outlander?

blue Mitsubishi Outlander, front view

The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander has Advanced Driver AsSystem or ADAS, which is a cutting-edge technology to impart preventive protection and reduce collision chances.

The new Outlander has Active Blind Spot Assist [ABSA], which applies brakes after warning the driver to avoid a collision. It detects other vehicles in the surrounding area.

This ADAS technology also has Rear Automatic Emergency or Rear AEB, which detects any objects behind the vehicle. AEB emits an audible warning, which will send attempts to stop the car behind, reducing possible accidents.

Mitsubishi Outlander Makes Whining Noise

The reason for the whining noise could be from the engine compartment. You can determine the cause under certain conditions while you hear the noise.

Does The Noise Change During Engine Speed?

If the noise changes during engine acceleration, the cause could be an accessory anchored to the engine like a radio. Try to shut it off and see if the whining noise stops.

Power Steering

If the power steering gets low fluid, it whines a lot. Check the fluid level and fill it up immediately up to the factory fill line.

Bad Alternator

The alternator makes high pitched whining sound once it's going bad.

Serpentine Belt

Suppose the serpentine belt is already worn out. In that case, it causes high pitch whine and immediately happens from the initial start-up of the engine and stays whining during accelerating.

Water Pump

The water pump makes a squeaking sound if it gets bad. Its sound is a much deeper whine than a bad accelerator sound.

Does It Happen When You Power Up The Engine?

If the whining noise happens while you start up the engine and stays constant, the cause could be something else. Here are the common reasons why your vehicle makes noise while accelerating:


Radio can cause noise and interfere with the start-up. Start troubleshooting with the radio. Turn it off and see if the whining stops.

Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt starts to glaze and stretch once it goes wrong. It no longer grips the accessories that are turning up. Replace it if necessary.

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An unaligned starter will cause a loud whining noise. Check if the starter is not aligned with the flexplate or flywheel.


Check the transmission fluid's color and metal content. You will need a technician if you see flecks of metal.

Mitsubishi Outlander Shakes When Accelerating

side view of gray Mitsubishi Outlander LS. Fast moving car on the street. Vehicle driving along the street in city with blurred background.

Shaking while accelerating in Outlander should never be ignored. There are a few reasons why your vehicle does that.

Misfire During Vehicle Speed

The misfired engine is one of the most common reasons a vehicle shakes during acceleration. The ignition system has coil packs, spark plugs, and plug wires. For old car models, you will see coil and distributor instead of coil packs.

If one of these system components fails to provide the spark, the engine will misfire. Check the engine light and the codes. You will most likely get a random misfire or cylinder misfire.

Inner CV Joint

If the inner CV joint has damage, you will notice the shaking at any speed. However, you will most likely feel it during turning and hard acceleration.

Motor Mount

You will feel a vibration upon letting off the gas during acceleration. The motor mount connects the Outlander's motor to the chassis. It also absorbs an essential amount of vibration.

The vehicle will shake once the motor mount goes out. If the motor mount has damage, the engine will roll around under the hood, and you will hear the clunking sound.

Brake Caliper

If your Outlander has brake calipers and one gets stuck, your vehicle will shake as you accelerate. Depending on which side of the caliper is stuck, you will feel the steering wheel pull to the left or right.

Lug Nuts

If the lug nuts are loose, the vibration and shaking are worst at a certain speed. If this is the case, check your vehicle immediately.

Poor Wheel Alignment or Tire Balance

Your vehicle will shake if the tires aren't balanced or the wheels aren't aligned. Check the status of your wheels and tires before driving.

Bad Driveshaft

If the driveshaft gets bent, the universal joint goes bad. You will feel the shaking at a certain speed, and the vibrating stops if you push through accelerating.

Why does my Mitsubishi Outlander keep cutting off while driving?

There are instances the Outlander engine stops while driving. There could be an underlying problem that needs a quick solution. You need to figure out the primary cause. Here are the factors why your vehicle's engine suddenly stops in the middle of the road:

Pressure Regulator

Ensure that the fuel pressure regulates well and the pressure regulator functions correctly.


Too many car parts are connected to the engine, like the pump. If the pump is faulty, the engine's motor will stop.

Pressure Sensor

If the permission emitted from the pressure sensor is faulty, the entire system will be off, and your vehicle will stall while you are driving.

Fuel Pump

It is necessary to check the fuel pump. Your engine will not work if it does not receive enough fuel.


Check the wiring if they are all connected to the engine parts. Your Outlander will be in trouble if the body does not receive enough electric current.

Neiman Contactor

The anti-theft mechanism of your Outlander can block the steering wheel to protect the vehicle from thieves.

Once you figure out the cause of the breakdown, it will be easier for you to determine how to resolve the issue. We advise that you thoroughly check your vehicle before driving.

What Are The Known Issues Of Outlander?

New Mitsubishi Asx (outlander sport) car interior.

There are three known issues with Mitsubishi Outlander in the past:

Electrical Issues

Back in 2017, Outlander had random electrical issues. Bluetooth was faulty; some passengers could not hear phone calls and couldn't hear music from speakers. It was also challenging to connect smartphones to navigation apps.

Safety Issues

There were issues about safety airbags with the 2014 Outlander when the airbag light kept appearing and said the drivers needed service even without an accident.

Engine Problems

Some drivers complained about the 2018 Outlander, saying the engines stalled out while switching from reverse to drive. They had to restart the vehicle to move.


Mitsubishi Outlander's beep sound is to assist drivers in preventing accidents and collisions. However, it could be troublesome to hear beeps and noises without knowing what the noises are.

Learning your vehicle's different sounds can help you a lot while on the road. If you want to learn more about vehicle noises, read through these posts:

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